BJP welcomes five JD-U MLAs to party

Made a mistake leaving BJP in 2016, says Joykisan at the reception ceremony at state BJP head office located at Nityaipat Chuthek, Imphal.

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The Manipur Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday gave a warm welcome to the five Janata Dal-United (JD-U) MLAs and their office bearers by organising a reception ceremony at state BJP head office located at Nityaipat Chuthek, Imphal. 

Addressing the reception, Chief Minister N Biren Singh said that during the campaign for the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election held earlier this year, the BJP claimed that it would win 40 seats. The calculation of seats was done after counting the JD-U MLAs, but there were some misunderstandings while giving party tickets. However, the BJP is going to reach 40 seats now, he added.

Appreciating the five JD-U MLAs for unconditionally merging with the BJP, Biren said that from now on the newly merged MLAs along with the office bearers of JD(U) and workers will be considered as ‘Karya kartas’ of BJP and will work together for the development of the party.

The chief minister asserted that with the coming of the BJP-led government in Manipur, various developments have been witnessed by the people. And in continuation of the developmental works brought by the present government, a community mall having 3-4 floors will be constructed at Lamphel near Shankar Talkies where all the communities of the state can vend for their business. With the construction of the community mall the issue of street vendors could be solved at maximum, he added.

Apart from construction of community malls, the government will take necessary steps to evict the illegal encroachers of Lamphel area to conserve 300-400 acres of water bodies, Biren said. With the conservation of water bodies at Lamphel area, flash floods occurring at Uripok area and Imphal area could be prevented, Biren said, adding that people will witness a drastic change at Lamphel area within three-four months.


The chief minister also appealed to the people of the state for supporting works taken up by the government so as to better the economic condition of the state.

Regarding drug related issues, the CM said rooting out drugs will be difficult without the support of the public and appealed to the people and the local bodies to cooperate with the initiatives taken by the government under ‘war on drugs 2.0’.

State BJP president A Sharda Devi said that with the coming of the BJP-led government in 2017, various and unique developments have been witnessed by the state. The government’s ‘Go to Hills’, ‘Go to Village’, ‘Health Card’ and other schemes have been benefiting the people with the coming of the BJP-led government, she added.

The BJP has been working with the motto “Party with a difference” and hence, under the motto, central leaders have been frequently visiting the state in order to be aware of the ground reality instead of bringing development just on paper, the BJP president said.

Sharda appreciated the 5 JD(U) MLAs and other office bearers and workers on joining the BJP party. She urged the new members to work with cooperation in order to strengthen the BJP political party.

The newly joined five JD(U) MLAs namely, Kh Joykisan of Thangmeiband constituency, Thangjam Arunkumar of Wangkhei constituency, Achab Uddin of Jiribam constituency, Ngursanglur Sanate of Tipaimukh constituency and LM Khaute of Churachandpur constituency were felicitated by chief minister,N Biren Singh and state BJP president A Sharda Devi with stolls, party cap and fresh lotus.


Speaking on the occasion, MLA Kh Joykisan said that it was a mistake leaving the BJP after he was elected from BJP ticket in 2016 by-election, adding that he left the party due to some misunderstanding with the leaders.

After being elected as the people's representative in the 2022 Manipur Legislative Assembly election, he was called by the BJP party central leaders to return to the party, he informed. As it was the right time to save the territorial integrity of Manipur with political power and with the same reason, he, along with the JD(U) MLAs, unanimously decided to join the BJP, Joykisan added.

“We joined the BJP party unconditionally and to work as a warrior of BJP,” he added.

Joykisan said JD(U) MLA Abdul Nasir, who is yet to merge with the BJP, is out of station as he is engaged in the health check-up of his father.

Joykisan assured that the JD(U) MLAs who joined the BJP will work to bring development of the party under the leadership of chief minister N Biren Singh and state BJP president A Sharda Devi.


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