BJP rule in Centre will not affect Congress government in state: O Ibobi

O Ibobi said that there will be a political change after the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election.

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Former Manipur chief minister O Ibobi on Wednesday said that a BJP rule at the Centre will not give any disadvantages for a Congress ruled state, during a congress political conference held at Khekman Community Hall at Lilong assembly constituency.

In the political conference organised by Lilong Block Congress Committee, O Ibobi said that there will be a political change after the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election. Mentioning that the BJP ruled central government will not be disadvantageous for a congress ruled state government, he assured that a congress ruled state is just as entitled with the same benefits as a BJP ruled state.

Appealing to the public to elect intending candidate from Indian National Congress (INC) Sayed Anwar Hussain as MLA of Lilong assembly constituency, the former CM accused that the current MLA of Lilong of being out of touch with the Lilong Public, and neglecting the needs of the Lilong public.

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Alleging that the State BJP government has no original projects for the development of the public, he accused the BJP party for claiming the achievements and initiatives of the previous congress rule.

Speaking on the occasion, intending candidate Sayed Anwar Hussain promised that he will be proactive in taking up developmental projects including, ensuring availability of drinking water facilities, implementing ‘Housing for All’ scheme, building a Fire Sub-Station, and establishing self-help groups for women. Assuring that he will develop the education sector of the area, he also mentioned that he will establish a Higher Secondary School for the minority women of Lilong, and upgrade the Lilong Haoreibi College to a PG level institution.

Stating that he will provide the public with unfiltered and uncorrupted Local Area Development Funds, he appealed to the public to elect him, for the sake of development in Lilong assembly constituency.

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Calling CM Biren’s BJP rule as ‘government of photos’, working member of CWC and former deputy CM Gaikhangam, accused the ruling government of being hypocrites who deny responsibilities.

President of MPCC N Loken also said that the BJP rule is sub-par when compared to congress rule, and assured that the congress government will take over the BJP government with the upcoming legislative election.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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