B Gamnom Killing: TSA Sadar Hills appeals former ATSUM leader to take break from ‘fast unto death’ stir

TSA Sadar Hills has appealed to Kakai Singsit to take a break from his stir during the festive season.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

Updated 26 Dec 2021, 9:47 pm

Former ATSUM leader Kakai Singsit (PHOTO: IFP)
Former ATSUM leader Kakai Singsit (PHOTO: IFP)


The Thadou Students’ Association Sadar Hills has appealed to former ATSUM leader Kakai Singsit to take a break from his ‘Fast Unto Death’ strike during the festive season while many have shown solidarity to his move.

The student body said that though everyone could not join Kakai Singsit in his ‘Fast Unto Death’ stir, it has touched and move every heart that most of the people could no longer celebrate Christmas with peace of mind tough it (Christmas) is considered one of the biggest and significant festivals for the Christian community.

People understand the cause of Kakai’s extreme form of agitation and they morally support him while some churches have also prayed for him during the Christmas worship service, TSA said.


The student body also said that the movement of Kakai would also become an awakening call for the people especially among the tribal people though the government seems to take his movement very lightly till today.

TSA further said that Kakai’s decision to take the extreme form of agitation is the right tool to fight such incompetency of the government and the concerned authority for which it gains more support day by day.
Considering it’s impact on the festive season, TSA Sadar Hills has appealed to Kakai Singsit to take a break from his stir during this festive season.

Kakai Singsit began his "Fast Unto Death" stir on December 20 demanding justice for his three family members put behind the bar allegedly for the crime they did not commit or even aware of it.
Meanwhile, many people and civil society organisations of the district also visited the family to exhibit solidarity and join Kakai Singsit for the day in his stir.

Dr Lamtinthang Haokip and his wife Regina also visited Kakai Singsit and his family while showing solidarity in their fight for justice.

Haokip said they did not come for Christmas but because of an incident that occurred on October 12 where four villagers, including a minor boy, was killed in an indiscriminate firing in B Gamnom village in Kangpokpi district.


The government failed to initiate any move to nab the real culprits but arrested three innocent drug users who habitually loitered around Motbung areas and detained them undemocratically and illegally at Sajiwa jail.

Haokip appealed to the state government to release the trio if there is no political conspiracy as their innocence has been proven with evidence while questioning whether the law of the land permitted them to arrest and detain any innocent individual. He also appealed to all people of Manipur to come forward and stand for justice.

Kakai Singsit said he is emotional as he recalls the past Christmas. He alleged that the three innocent trios were made to forcefully confess to having been involved in the B Gamnom firing which they are not completely even aware of and this pains him.

Kakai continued to wonder as to why the local MLA even today failed to show solidarity to his family adding that he had committed to serving his people and assured to help them when in trouble but his commitment has become a mockery for our family now.

Thadou Students’ Association Sadar Hills led by its President Tolminthang Misao and Secretary Lalboi Lhouvum also join Kakai Singsit today on the significant day of Christmas to show solidarity and stand for justice.


First published:26 Dec 2021, 9:33 pm


B Gamnom Killingfast unto deathtsa sadar hillsatsum leader

Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur


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