B Gamnom Killing: Sit-in-protest held at Motbung

The womenfolk and protesters at Motbung model village shouted, “We Want Justice” and demanded the unconditional release of the three persons.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

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As part of the protests demanding unconditional release of the three individuals arrested in connection with B Gamnom killing, a sit-in-protest at Motbung model village raised allegations that the police account over the arrest is fake.

Hundreds of people mostly women across Motbung and its adjoining areas, including the family of the arrested persons and their relatives took part in the protest organised under the aegis of Motbung Women Union, Motbung Youth Club, and Phoipi Youth Club.

During the protest, one Kakai Singsit, a relative of the arrested, alleged that one Mangsat Haokip, who was in Sajiwa jail since August 11 in connection with a drug case, has also been framed to put the three arrested persons behind bars.

“The police had claimed that the three persons under the command of alleged vice chairman of KNF-N Mangsat Haokip of N Boljang village Kangpokpi district, were involved in an indiscriminate firing at B Gamnom village on October 12 and killing three civilians which landed the innocent trio behind the bar, but the fact is that they have no connection whatsoever with Mangsat Haokip and they are even not aware of who he is,” he said.

The fact is that Mangsat Haokip whom the police purported to be the kingpin behind the B Gamnom killing, is a resident of K Munnom in the Motbung area after shifting from his previous village N Boljang, he further said.  

Mangsat was arrested on August 7 along with two others by a team of Imphal West Narcotics Cell led by SI M Sunzu Luwang with 25.279 Kg. of opium and put behind the bar since August 11, he added.  

“Mangsat Haokip whom the police said to have commanded the trio in connection with B Gamnom Killing is the same Mangsat Haokip arrested in connection with a drug case and put behind the bar since August 11. The facts are proven as the details provided by the police who framed him to be the commander of the trio is the same with the details available in the arrest memo of him in connection with the drugs case and the details available in his and his wife’s Aadhar card as well,” he further said.

According to the police, Mangsat who was lodged at Sawija Jail since August 11 is the kingpin behind the killing and the innocent trio are working under him, and he gave them weapons, he continued

“How can a person inside a tight security jail, and never allowed to venture out provide weapons to someone outside to commit a crime?” Kakai questioned.

Mangsat Haokip has no connection with B Gamnom killing, rather he has been framed as well as the three persons, he further alleged.

According to the affidavit of Mangsat Haokip's wife K Haokip submitted to the Oath Commissioner (Judicial) Manipur, Imphal, her husband neither has any connection with the KNF-N nor with the B Gamnom killing.

She affirmed that they had shifted from N Boljang village to K Munnom village, Motbung in December 2020 while stating that her husband Mangsat Haokip has been in judicial custody since August 11,   2021, in connection with FIR No.105(8)2021 LPS, u/s 18(b)/29/60(3) ND and PS Act.

The womenfolk and protesters at Motbung model village shouted, “We Want Justice” and demanded the unconditional release of the three persons.

Advisor Motbung Women Union Chongbem Lhouvum appealed to the state government and the authority concerned to release the three, considering their innocence and the grievances and hardships faced by the families on humanitarian grounds.

Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur

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