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Awareness programme on border trade begins in Jiribam

An awareness programme at Jiribam stressed upon the importance of the Indo-Myanmar trade in employing qualified unemployed youths of Manipur.

ByJiribam Correspondent

Updated on 6 Dec 2021, 3:43 am

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The Indo-Myanmar Border Traders’ Union (IMBTU) Babupara, Imphal on Sunday commenced a two-day Awareness Programme on Indo-Myanmar Border Trade, Act East Policy and Asean Countries at Multi Utility Complex Hall, Jiribam district.

The event was attended by retired associate professor of Nehru College, Cachar Assam Th Manikumar Singh; president of Indo-Myanmar Border Traders’ Union Watham Nabachandra; Jiribam branch manager of State Bank of India Thangthianven; Jiribam branch manager of Manipur State Co-Operative Bank Ayekpam Thoibi and Jiribam branch manager of Punjab National Bank MT Haokip.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest of the event Th Manikumar said that the youth of the state should keep an open mind for professions apart from government jobs, and condemned the youths for wasting time on the search only for government jobs.

Stressing on the urgency of the employment issue with the arrival of the Jiri-Imphal railway service, president of the event Watham Nabachandra said that if the youth fail to be proactive, there will not be a vacancy left for porters. He said the importance of the Indo-Myanmar trade in employing the qualified unemployed youths of the state.

The first day of the two-days awareness programme concluded with advisor of IMBTU Yumnamcha Dilip Kumar’s speech on ‘Background history of import and export trade in Manipur’.


Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam district, Manipur

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