Asian Highway Expansion: Manipur civil bodies serve ultimatum to government, threaten to impose total shutdown

A five-day ultimatum has been served to the Manipur government over the Asian Highway expansion issue and threatened to impose a 48-hour total shutdown in Kangpokpi district.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

Updated on 3 Dec 2021, 9:40 pm




Several organisations in Manipur on Thursday served a five-day ultimatum to the state government over the issue concerning the expansion of Asian Highway and threatened to impose a 48-hour total shutdown in Kangpokpi district if the state government failed to respond within the stipulated time.

The ultimatum was jointly served by Sadar Hills Chiefs' Association (SAHILCA), Kangpokpi District Chiefs Joint Coordination Committee on Land Matters (KDCJCCLM), and Asian Highway Land Affected Villages Chiefs/Chairmen Association (AHLAVCCA).

In a press conference held at Saparmeina, SAHILCA speaker Lunthang Haokip said that a joint meeting of SAHILCA, KDCJCCLM, and AHLAVCCA deliberated over the state government's attitude concerning the Asian Highway expansion from Gamgiphai to Kalapahar and considered it as a step-motherly treatment upon the affected victims.

He said that the people of Kangpokpi are delighted to see the works being carried out for development in the district, but the state government so far did not initiate an appreciable measure for the expansion of the Asian Highway by resolving the surrounding issues.

“We already had more than five meetings and discussed the various issues with the government representatives but no concrete solution has been brought in by the Government till date. Rather, it is following a delaying policy while ignoring the sentiment of the people,” he said.

“We have repeatedly urged the state government to give compensation accordingly and start the highway expansion at the earliest but nothing has been initiated till today,” he added. An appointment with the chief minister to discuss the issues was sought once again but he failed to give any further apportionment, he further said.

Ultimately, it was decided in today's joint meeting to serve an ultimatum to the state government till December 7 and impose a 48-hour total shutdown from midnight of December 7 if the state fails to respond. 

Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur

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