A helping hand to Phalee pig farmers

Pig farmers of Phalee village in Ukhrul district were provided disinfectants to prevent outbreak of livestock diseases.

ByRicky Angkang

Updated 9 Aug 2022, 1:51 pm

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The Manipur Progressive Piggery Farmers Association (MAPPFA) on Monday reached out to the pig farmers of Phalee village located in the western side of Ukhrul district and provided them disinfectants to prevent outbreak of livestock diseases. 

The visiting MAPPFA members distributed sodium hypochlorite, lime and bleaching powder to the pig farmers of the village who had reportedly lost several pigs due to the outbreak of an unknown disease. The team also sprayed disinfectants in their bid to prevent further spread and outbreak of diseases.

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Informing the Imphal Free Press on Tuesday evening, chairman village development council of Phalee Eleazar Raingam expressed his gratitude to the MAPPFA members for reaching out to the village farmers and educating them on various fronts to combat and prevent outbreak of disease which was reported among the livestock. 


Starting from June till the first week of August, altogether 160 pigs had already succumbed to the unknown disease, he lamented. 

"We acknowledge and thank the helping hand extended by the team to the village out of their concern towards us when we need it the most,” he said.

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The team visited the village on Monday and interacted with the pig farmers apart from providing sodium hypochlorite, lime and bleaching powder to prevent livestock disease, he said. The items distributed were solely meant as a remedial measure to prevent outbreak of disease in the future, he added.  

Following the outbreak, the field assistant deputed at Phalee Veterinary office along with the two attendants had duly administered antibiotics to around 200 pigs. However, it was reportedly not effective in preventing the disease as many continued to die.


The infected pigs showed symptoms like high fever, difficulty in breathing, bodily weaknesses and loss of appetite. Several livestock had fallen to unknown diseases in Manipur.

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Ricky Angkang

Ricky Angkang

IFP Correspondent, Ukhrul, Manipur


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