2,536 arrested in drug cases since 2017: Manipur CM Biren

Manipur Assembly Session: Manipur police personnel were provided training to avoid loopholes in drug-related cases, Chief Minister N Biren informed the House.

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Updated 30 Jul 2022, 4:33 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)

As many as 2,536 people have been arrested in drug-related cases in the state since 2017 till date, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh said on Friday

The chief minister informed the house that of the total 2,536 persons arrested in relation to drug cases, a 1,743 cases have been registered; 2,158 persons have been taken into judicial remand; 1,029 cases are pending; 14 accused have been convicted; and 17 final report cases and 697 cases have been charge-sheeted.

The Leader of the House was responding to a starred question raised by Opposition MLA Th Lokeshwar Singh on Friday.

Biren also said that in the effort to avoid loopholes during confiscation of drugs and related cases, the government has been providing training to the concerned police personnel by a team of technical experts from outside the state.

From 2017 till date, the state government has seized 193.9 kg of Heroin Powder; Brown Sugar-2690.6 Kg; Opium 1626.5 Kg and 225 ltrs; WY Tablet-1,00,85,472 No and 542.3 Kg, Spasmo Proxivon (SP)-11,08,320 Tablets and 22.6 Kg; Ganja-7785.4 Kg; Meta Amphetamine - 20 kg;  Nitrosun (N-10)-38,133 tablets; Cough Syrup 86,477 bottles; ICE drug-16 kg; Ephedrine/Pseudo-Ephedrine-49,998 tablets, he said.


Ketamine powder/Injection-15,587 bottles and 2.2 kg; Alphawin Tablet -30,800 tablet; Simplex C+ 17,806 tablet; Ammonium Chloride - 3.3 kg and 5 bottles; Tramadol/Tramazac Capsules- 1,24,803 Capsules; Crystal Meth-49.3 kg; Marijuana-106.8 kg; Opium and Lime (mix)-20 kg; Morphinated Solution-857.7 litres; Residue of Brown Sugar - 90 kg; Poppy Seeds 13 kg; Opium Alkaloid-461.8 kg and 136 litres; Remnants of Opium-26.9 kg and Poppy Straws-3,250 kg were also seized, he added.

Biren further said that with some loopholes, some were released on bail. However, under PIT ND and PS Act, 1988 which is similar to NSA, 11 persons, including one Myanmarese, were jailed for one year.

Biren said to speed up drug related cases the government has set up a special court and to avoid loopholes in such cases during drug seizures a technical expert team has been providing training to the concerned state police personnel.

As a part of the preventive measures taken by the government, screening of police personnel has been started as several security personnel, including the state police, have started involving in drug-related cases, he said.

Biren assured the House that the government will not tolerate any individuals who are involved in drug related cases and the government will give necessary punishment for those individuals under law.


Opposition MLA Th Lokeshwor suggested that the government should take measures to prevent drug related cases. He suggested that if the drug peddlers who were arrested are published in a government website with full details along with photographs and if the convicted persons are given severe penalties, then the issue of drugs could be decreased.

Responding to the suggestion of the opposition MLA, Biren said he will consider the suggestion with the concerned officials to make the “war on drugs” more effective.

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