Significance of Imoinu Eratpa Festival for people of Manipur

Why and how is Imoinu Eratpa Festival celebrated in Manipur, the joy and peace that it brings to every household. Know more about the traditional festival of lights of the Meitei community in Manipur.

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Updated on 15 Jan 2022, 6:09 am

(Photo: IFP)

(Photo: IFP)


Imoinu Eratpa Festival 2022, a religious festival of lights which falls on 12th of Wakching (Meitei lunar calendar) of every year, was celebrated widely in various parts of the state on January 14. The festival is dedicated to goddess ‘Imoinu Ahongbi’ and celebrated especially by the Meitei community who follow the traditional faith called Sanamahi.

Significance of Imoinu Eratpa Festival

The festival brings great wealth and prosperity for the people. It also ushers in peace and all positive vibes for a great life. This is because goddess Imoinu or Emoinu is considered as the goddess of wealth, prosperity, home, hearth, peace, wisdom, vitality and all resources.

How is Imoinu Eratpa Festival celebrated in Manipur?

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh, while extending greetings to the people on the occasion, said Imoinu Iratpa is celebrated with traditional gaiety and religious fervour on the 12th day of the Manipur lunar calendar.

The day was fixed on the 12th of Wakching after a decision was reached with the Meetei people (forefathers) and those who have settled in Cachar district in Assam and Myanmar, said Ningombam Ibohal Meetei, president, Ningombam Angouton Memorial Trust.

“Seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish are offered to Ima Imoinu, the goddess of wealth and prosperity on this day to seek blessings of peace and prosperity in the year ahead,” Biren said.

“The festival has been celebrated to worship goddess Imoinu since time immemorial,” Ningombam Ibohal Meetei said.

During the festival, people offer rice, vegetables and fruits to the goddess. Similarly, the Meitei community also offer rice, vegetables, fish (mostly ‘Sareng’ or Aallago Attu) to their respective hearths in the kitchen.

The streets are decorated with lights and are lit up in the night to welcome the goddess.

This year in Imphal, the Ningombam Angouton Memorial Trust in collaboration with Meeitei Shanglen Ngak Shenba Lup observed the 13th Ima Imoinu Irat Thouni Thouram-2022 at Wangkhei Thambalkhong Meeitei Marup, Meeitei Lampak, Imphal East.


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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