Teachers Day 2022: Nongmaithem Gautam Singh from Manipur conferred NAT 2022

President Droupadi Murmu honoured the finest teachers from across the country with NAT2022, as the nation observed Teachers Day on September 5, and urged all teachers to encourage the habit of asking questions and expressing doubts in the students, while speaking at the occasion.

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Updated 6 Sept 2022, 2:13 pm

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

On the occasion of Teachers' Day 2022, Nongmaithem Gautam Singh, a primary teacher at Eastern Ideal High School, Manipur was conferred with National Awards to Teachers 2022 (NAT 2022) for his innovative experiments for joyful learning.

Union Minister of State for Education and External Affairs RK Ranjan Singh took to Twitter on Monday and said Gautam Singh has been honoured for his innovation experiments for joyful learning like use of ICT, Blogs and Websites, YouTube channels, etc.

"Shri Nongmaithem Gautam Singh, a primary teacher at Eastern Ideal High School from Manipur has been conferred with #NAT2022. He has promoted innovation experiments for joyful learning like use of ICT, Blogs and Websites, YouTube channels etc." Ranjan tweeted on Monday.

Nongmaithem Gautam Singh was among the 45 finest teachers from across the country conferred with NAT2022.

President Droupadi Murmu honoured honoured the teachers with the NAT 2022 award at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.


Speaking on the occasion, the President said on the strength of the guidance of her family and teachers, she became the first daughter of her village to attend college.

Recalling that her teachers not only taught her but also gave her love and inspiration, she said she always feels indebted to her teachers for whatever she has achieved in life.

The President said that science, research and innovation are the basis of development in today's knowledge economy. The foundation stone for further strengthening India's position in these areas will be built through school education.

She said that, in her view, the development of original talent in science, literature, or the social sciences can be more effective through the mother tongue.

It is our mothers who teach us the art of living in our early lives. That is why mother tongue is helpful in developing natural talent.

After the mother, the teachers carry forward our education in our lives. If teachers also teach in their mother tongue, then students can develop their talent with ease. That is why in the National Education Policy 2020, emphasise has been laid on the use of Indian languages for school education and higher education.

The President said that it is the responsibility of teachers to generate interest in science and research among their students. Good teachers can make complex principles easy to explain with the help of living examples that exist in nature. She quoted a famous saying about teachers and said “the mediocre teacher tells; the good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; and the great teacher inspires.” She said that an ideal teacher has all four qualities. Such ideal teachers build a nation in the true sense by building the lives of the students.


The President urged teachers to encourage the habit of asking questions and expressing doubts in the students. She said that by answering more and more questions and solving doubts, their knowledge would also increase. A good teacher is always enthusiastic about learning something new, she added.

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Eastern Ideal High SchoolNongmaithem Gautam Singh

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