Protest over lack of faculties

Students of Azad Higher Secondary School, Yairipok Tulihal, Imphal East staged a sit-in protest at the school gate on Tuesday.

ByThoubal Correspondent

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Students of Azad Higher Secondary School, Yairipok Tulihal, Imphal East on Tuesday staged a sit-in protest, at the school gate, protesting the transfer of Physics teacher allegedly without any substitution despite the shortage of staff.

Speaking at the event, president of the students union Mk Samin Khan said the students of the higher secondary school and All Manipur Muslim Students Union (AMMSU) strongly condemned the joint secretary of education’s order for the transfer of Physics teacher M Jeeten from the school without any substitution, despite the shortage of teaching staffs from the past few months.

Mentioning that the only 28 teaching staff is barely sufficient for the 700 students, he questioned whether the authorities concerned if the Azad Higher Secondary School had been left out of the ‘School Phagathansi Mission’ (Let’s Improve Schools Mission).

Condemning the unforeseen transfer of teachers after the long halt in regular classes during the pandemic, he speculated if the authorities concerned have any hidden agenda behind the transfer order. Demanding the authorities to either return the transferred teacher to the school or fill the vacant post within 24 hours, he continued that if the demand is not met AMMSU, Yairipok branch will submit a memorandum to the state Education minister.

It can also be mentioned that the students of Azad Higher Secondary School have been demanding the authorities concerned to fill up several vacant posts of sweeper, chowkidar and teachers for Physics, Manipuri, Home Science, and the school infrastructure, including desks, benches, laboratories and equipment, among others.

Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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