Farmer's daughter among Manipur HSLC exam 2022 toppers

Top achiever in Manipur HSLC exam 2022 Huidrom Menaka, whose parents are both farmers, stressed on self-study in preparing for examinations

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated 9 Jul 2022, 5:54 am

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


At a time when tuition culture has engulfed the state, one of the third position holders of the Manipur HLSC Examination 2022, Huidrom Menaka, on Friday stated that tuition is not a must if students devoted themselves to self-study.

Huidrom Menaka is the last of two children born to Huidrom Shyamo and Huidrom ongbi Jamuna, both famers residing at Keirak Khongnang Makhong, Imphal.

Menaka studied at Southern Valley Academy of Keirak till her fifth standard. Till her seventh standard, she studied at Amutombi Divine Life English School, Wabagai later on got admitted at Eureka Academy, Thounaojam, from where she appeared the class 10 examination.

Crediting her success to her teachers and parents, she said that she never expected to be in the top three positions though she always believed that she will be among the top 10.

"The Covid pandemic did pose a hurdle in my studies. However, teachers of both school and tuition dedicated their time to make the online classes effective for the students. Covid made us learn that smartphones can be wisely used for benefits of the students," she said.


Highlighting her future plans, Menaka stated that she will continue her studies till the 12th standard in science stream in Manipur. After completing 12th standard, she said that she will go for further studies outside and prepare for appearing in the civil services examination conducted by UPSC.

She further stated that she wants to become a public servant and wants to work for welfare of the public wholeheartedly.

She also opined that many of the public servants forgetting about the welfare of the people and indulging in acts for their own benefits might be due to their lack of seriousness in the profession and joining the profession just for the sake of clearing the examinations.

Meanwhile, expressing joy over a student from his constituency securing the third position, MLA of Wabagai constituency, Usham Deben has announced monthly scholarship of Rs 3,000 to assist Menaka in her studies till the 12th standard.

The MLA also handed over a financial assistance of Rs 1,00,000 to Menaka as an encouragement for her achievement.

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Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

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