IFP scores high in Climate Change reporting

10 media persons selected for 3rd media fellowship on climate change

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Updated 27 Jun 2022, 8:36 am

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)

Professor NH Ravindranath of the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore has commended Imphal Free Press for giving extensive coverage to Climate Change issues and mentioned the recent June 20 edition wherein eight reports out of 10 news-items in the front page were related to climate change.

The professor also appreciated the Manipur government for taking up initiatives to address environment-related issues seriously and said he had never seen such a huge gathering of journalists in a function relating to Climate Change.

Ravindranth stated this during a Sub-editor’s Meet on Climate Change reporting organised by Media Resource Centre in collaboration with the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change on Saturday at the premises of the Directorate.

“Comparing to other big states, small states like Manipur, Sikkim and Meghalaya are taking a key role by starting new programmes and policies to reduce environment-related issues. I hope other big states which are yet to take up such policies and programmes would surely begin like small North Eastern states do.”

The professor also said the Government of India is also putting best efforts to reduce carbon emission by promoting solar energies, e-vehicles etc. He suggested that mitigation is a global and long-term solution while adaptation is immediate and should be concerned by local people.


Hence, Manipur should prepare a “state adaptation plan”. The state needs to formulate state climate policy, state energy policy, state solar or renewable energy policy, urban waste management policy, transport policy, state climate resilient agricultural policy, water policy, health policy etc.

Additional chief secretary of Environment and Climate Change MH Khan said environment issues can be dealt with successfully only when there is a disciplined government and public.

As a part of the programme, award of the 3rd state level media fellowship on Climate Change Reporting 2022-2023 was presented to 10 media persons working in different local media houses. Certificate of Completion was also distributed to recipients of the 2nd state level media fellowship on Climate Change Reporting 2021-2022.

Addressing the function as chief guest, MH Khan said that the government has taken up projects related to addressing climate change issues in the state. The state action plan on climate change is on the verge of completion. Once it is being done, the state government will also focus on framing a state adaptation policy, he said.

The state government has taken up Loktak Restoration and Livelihood Project, Watershed Management Project in hill districts, and Water Treatment Plant was also constructed at Heirangoithong. The government will take up all necessary steps to strictly ban single use plastic from July 1 onwards which state cabinet took decision earlier, he said.

The professor said that deforestation and land encroachment are two major factors which causes artificial flooding in the valley districts of Manipur. People should adopt proper land use planning before doing any construction work. There is great responsibility for the people to prevent environmental degradation.  The government alone cannot fight the global phenomena of climate change.


Selected media fellows for the 3rd State Level Media Fellowship on Climate Change Reporting 2022-2023 are Robinson Wahengbam of Sanaleibak; Yumkhaibam Gyaneshor Singh of ISTV; Yaiphaba Kharibam of TOM TV; Mingyashin Shaiza of Sangai Express; Phurailatpam Keny Devi of Imphal Free Press; Huidrom Ronibala Devi of Naharolgi Thoudang; Oinam Mission of Poknapham; Francis Songate of AIR News, Akoijam Tompok of Impact TV and S Roshimala Devi Jiribam Correspondent of IS COM.
Director of Environment and Climate Change, Y Nabachandra Singh was also present as president of the function besides a host of senior editors, sub-editors and reporters of different media organizations, including from the districts.

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