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Tennoson Pheiray

IFP Correspondent, UKHRUL

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From whose guns the bullets were fired?

Posted on 1 Sept 2020

In a public rally organised by the United Naga Council (UNC) on August 30, 2014, Mayopam and Ramkashing were allegedly shot by security personnel after the rally spiralled out of control following a confrontation that took place between demonstrators and the security.

There are 218 returnees, of which 150 are females and 68 are males (PHOTO: IFP)

Combat Covid-19: Peh village in Manipur shows the way

Posted on 12 Jun 2020

The quarantine centre at Kharar Ngayi is divided into east and west zones. The east zone is allotted to returnees from red zone and the west zone is allotted to returnees from orange and green zones.

(Representational Image-Edward Jenner-Pexels)

How a lady street vendor helped COVID-19 recovered girl reach home

Posted on 2 Jun 2020

During these days of COVID-19 pandemic, there are stories of warriors and heroes and unsung heroes. Laibi, a street vendor in Imphal, is one among the several unsung heroes who took the trouble to take Somichon Chithung home in her humble auto.

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