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Law in Motion: Cyber Crimes 1

Posted on 26 Aug 2021

Our ability to exploit and use the technological advancements to our betterment depends on a new set of skills and willingness to learn. The more we are open to new ideas and innovations, the better adapted we are. The better adapted we are, the better are our chances of survival and success on the world.

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Law in Motion: Non-Cognizable Offences (Non-FIR Cases)

Posted on 18 Jul 2021

I think I have tried to deal with most queries and doubts about the FIR from the point of view of an ordinary person and a police officer too. Addressing each aspect and all intricacies is beyond the scope of the current series. However, before turning to the aspect of “Conduct of Investigation”, it would be better to have a look at ‘non-cognizable offences’.

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Law in Motion: FIRs- Miscellaneous

Posted on 26 Jun 2021

Police cannot take back an FIR - it can be done only in the courts. The complainant/victim may appear in the court and express the intention to compound the offence, either to the judge or to the lawyer of opposing party or to the court officials.

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Law in Motion: Arrest

Posted on 9 Apr 2021

The police has power to arrest as do the magistrates, but arrest should be used as a preventive and temporary measure, only to enable the courts to decide the culpability, post trials by courts.

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Law In Motion: Classification of Offences

Posted on 6 Mar 2021

The logic behind the classification of offences as cognizable is that police needs to act immediately, either to prevent greater harm coming to the society or the victim or to prevent the accused/suspect from escaping and prejudicing the course of justice.

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