Achingliu Kamei

Achingliu Kamei

The author teaches in ARSD College, Delhi University. Some of her poems have been published in Caravan, international journal Setu and other publications

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The flower of the sacred Chetibu Kaji (Sacred Wild Pear tree) at Makhel, 2019 (Photo By Achingliu Pamei)

The Sacred Flower

Posted on 22 Nov 2020

The Chetibu Kaji, the Sacred Wild Pear tree, is said to be the oldest tree in the history of the Nagas. It is said that once all the Nagas lived at Makhel under the shade of the sacred tree.

Amur falcons in Tamenglong, Manipur (PHOTO IFP)


Posted on 15 Nov 2020

'The shadow of the sun is getting longer The nights getting longer, the fire in the hearth burning brighter'

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