Ukhrul plans to speed up Covid-19 vaccination with help of church leaders, civil organisations
Keeping in view the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, participants at a consultative meeting resolved to speed up COVID-19 vaccination with active involvement of church leaders and civil voluntary organisations.

ByUkhrul Correspondent

Updated on 7 Jul 2021, 4:48 am

(Photo: IFP)

(Photo: IFP)


Manipur's Ukhrul district has decided to take the help of church leaders and civil organisations to speed up COVID-19 vaccination in the district.

The decision was taken during a one-day consultative meeting on COVID-19 vaccination held at the mini conference hall of old district hospital Khamphasom, Ukhrul on Tuesday.

Keeping in view the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the participants at the meeting resolved to speed up vaccinations through a collective effort with active involvement of church leaders and civil voluntary organisations.

Deputy director, Family Welfare Dr Gaipu Longme; surveillance medical officer, WHO Dr D Apao Remai; and state programme manager, National Health Mission, Manipur Irengbam Rajeev along with Dr Lucy Duidang and Dr A Jujurani attended the event as resource persons. It also witnessed the attendance of a medical team led by chief medical officer, Ukhrul Dr Kapangring, church leaders and representatives of civil bodies besides state representatives Arjun and Kiran.

DPM Rammayo Chiphang highlighted the programme and the purpose of the consultative meeting while Dr Kapangring delivered the welcome and introductory address.

The meeting resolved that there is a need for a collective effort in handling the pandemic, and that not only the Health department but all sections of the society should come together and promote vaccination to overcome the disease in the district.

It further resolved to organise more awareness camps while urging church leaders and representatives from the CVOs to propose areas where such camps are needed, and coordinate with the medical department for sending suitable resource persons.

To strengthen awareness and steer clear from myths and misconceptions surrounding the vaccination, a WhatsApp link was also created for all the participants so that further information is disseminated to other groups.

Besides highlighting the shortage of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials on Covid vaccinations, the need to share and generate the required information in the local dialect (Tangkhul) was also proposed during the meeting. Airing information through radio was suggested to the state team.

The shortage of manpower in regard to vaccination staff in the district along with the shortage of computer assistants for verifying beneficiaries was also highlighted to the state representatives.

It also acknowledged the need to allow more mobility and awareness funds as there is an urgent need for more mobility support for vaccination teams. And keeping in view of the need to organise more outreach camps for awareness and vaccinations, it resolved to seek more funds since the paucity of finance has become a problem for the DIO and team to streamline the campaign.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from district tuberculosis officer Dr Achan Hungyo.  
Meanwhile, Ukhrul district reported three positive cases on Tuesday while nine patients were discharged today taking the total number of positive cases to 55, according to DSO Ukhrul.


First published:7 Jul 2021, 4:48 am


Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur

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