My encounter with COVID-19: How I defeated the deadly virus

Do not panic, Coronavirus is treatable provided we accept the reality and treat them on time

ByNgaranmi Shimray

Updated 20 Jun 2021, 9:02 am

Representational Image (PHOTO: Pixabay)
Representational Image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

Let us remember, whether we like it or not Covid is here to live with us until a fool proof vaccine is developed.

Now what’s next?

Being a Covid-19 survivor myself I’ve some experience to share with everyone of us here. If you’ve any symptoms like coughing, fever, diarrhoea, etc, take it as Covid unless proven otherwise.



It’s a very crucial stage where and when one decides to maintain Covid protocol immediately hereafter. In my case it was during lockdown that I got contracted and I immediately isolated myself in a solitary room with some basic amenities required, to be rightly called Home Quarantine/Home Isolation/Self Isolation.


As we all know it’s very simple and easy for me. I did a lot of home remedies (like natural herbs, steaming, eating healthy food especially served hot,even light exercise etc) while I was constantly in touch with my doctor friends. Thankfully,  I do not have comorbidity so it was much easier to fight and recover fast without even needing oxygen and visiting the hospital while I monitored myself every parameter at home.


Besides natural home remedies like drinking lemon, ginger and turmeric with honey and steaming twice a day, I took the following medicines prescribed by qualified doctors.
1. Tablet vitamin c (limcee)
2. Tablet vitamin Zincovit
3. Paracetamol for fever
4. Ivermectin (antiparasitic drug)
5. Levofloxacin(antibiotic)

Emotional support:


This is of paramount importance to defeat the deadly Wuhan virus. Even though I remained strong and positive throughout this fight , I attribute the psychological battle and it’s success over the virus to my family and close friends who stood by me as shields in letter and spirit. Half of the battle is won if you have strong social support and remain physically and mentally fit.

I Am not a physician nor an expert in fighting against Covid-19. Rather, I am a victim of Coronavirus and am sharing my personal views on how effectively I fought a fight by overcoming the deadly virus which I feel I should share with all. We can overcome this dreaded virus with minimum care by behaving responsibly like avoiding spreading through meeting/interacting with others and the first line of defence is masking.

Timely diagnosis and treatment is of utmost importance and this can save our lives. Home isolation followed by proper medication via consultation on the phone may be ideal only for mild or asymptomatic patients. One should know when he/she should call for SOS by visiting the hospital.

Considering severity of the virus and causing fatalities in millions across the globe, I consider my attack as simple and mild since I did everything on time. However, joint and muscle pain, besides loss of taste and appetite were something I’ve never ever experienced in my whole life and it would've been terrible if prompt medication was not initiated.

Do not panic, Coronavirus is treatable provided we accept the reality and treat them on time (No social stigma attached to it).

Bottomline is, catch them early and eliminate them. Let us respect and observe Covid SOP. In the end, we’re nothing without GOD!



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Ngaranmi Shimray

Ngaranmi Shimray

New Delhi


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