DGP LM Khaute takes stock of construction work for oxygen plant in Churachandpur

The DGP asked the contractor to utilise more manpower on a need basis to speed up the ongoing construction of the oxygen concentration plant.

ByChurachandpur Correspondent

Updated on 8 May 2021, 4:43 pm



DGP LM Khaute visited Churachandpur district on Saturday to take stock of the prevailing situation, including the ongoing construction of the oxygen concentration plant located at the premises of the district hospital amid the surging COVID-19 positive cases in the state.

The DGP was accompanied by the DC and his staff, the SP and her officials and CMO and medical superintendent of the district hospital.

The oxygen concentration plant which was proposed to be finished within ten days during the meeting of the District Disaster Management Authority on May 4 was the centre point of the DGP’s visit.

Khaute asked the contractor to utilise more manpower on a need basis so that the plant will be completed at least within 15 days as the COVID-19 cases are piling up.

The oxygen plant comes in the forefront as certain news reports stated that there is a short supply of medical use oxygen in Churachandpur district, particularly at the isolation ward of Churachandpur District Hospital. Today, it was clarified by the medical superintendent of District Hospital who said that Churachandpur today received 15 cylinders of oxygen and five concentrators, bringing the total to 44 cylinders and 13 oxygen concentrators which will be enough for immediate needs before the oxygen plant is ready.

The DGP team visited the pipe installation for the oxygen supply, and also visited the Siamsin Covid-19 Isolation Centre at Youth Hostel, Hiangtam Lamka which is an initiative by SSPP general headquarters, Lamka under the office of COVID-19 awareness and enforcement committee of Churachandpur assembly constituency.

The team wound up their tour at the Covid Care Centre to be set up at the Churachandpur Government College. It will have rooms for 200 patients.

As per government's decision, each assembly constituency segment will require a Community Home Isolation Centre (CHIC). GM high school was earmarked for Saikot assembly constituency and it will serve as a Covid Care Centre with a capacity of 100 patients.

Respective Sadbhavna Mandap for Henglep and Singat assembly constituency each with a capacity for 50 patients; Youth Hostel for Churachandpur with 30 capacity for Churachandpur assembly constituency which will all be run by civil bodies in consultation with the local MLA were identified.  

There will be a Covid Care Centre run by the government at Churachandpur Government College with a capacity for 200 patients and another at GNM Nursing College with capacity of 125 in addition to GM high school which will also serve as a community home isolation centre with a capacity of 100.


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First published:8 May 2021, 4:42 pm


Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur district, Manipur

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