UG cadre arrested in Thoubal
The arrested cadre has been handed over to Heirok Police Station for further necessary legal action

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 25 Apr 2021, 7:40 pm

Representational Image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

Representational Image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

Thoubal District Police arrested one active cadre of proscribed UG organisation on Sunday from Inganglok Village, Heirok.

According to police sources, after receiving a tip-off about the presence of some UG cadres in and around Inganglok village, a combined team of Thoubal Commando Unit and 18 AR immediately rushed at the location and conducted random frisking and checking near Nongpok Ningthou Panthoibi Temple area.

During the operation, one unknown person was seen coming towards Heirok from Machi Village side in a suspicious behaviour and he was detained for verification. Later, he was found to be an active member of a proscribed UG group. He was identified as Sinam Premkumar Meetei alias Lemba, 28, son of (Late) S Ibomcha Meetei alias Techa Meetei of Salungpham Mayai Leikai. Presently he is holding the rank of sergeant of the UG group.

On further verification, he was found to have joined the organisation in August, 2010 through one Tomba of Lamding of the same organisation. He revealed that he had gone through 45 days basic military training from Tongmuna Burma, JHQ Training Centre, the source said.

The cadre was arrested from the spot at 2:25 pm by observing formalities and handed over to Heirok Police Station for further necessary legal action, it added.

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First published:25 Apr 2021, 6:58 pm


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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