Union Health Ministry asks states to begin COVID-19 vaccination at workplaces
The vaccine will be available for people aged 45 years and above and no outsiders, including family members, will be allowed.

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Updated on 8 Apr 2021, 1:57 pm



The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday asked states to prepare to launch COVID-19 vaccination at workplaces, both public and private, which has about 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries from April 11.

The vaccine will be available for people aged 45 years and above and no outsiders, including family members, will be allowed the vaccines, the ministry stated.

A letter from Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan to chief secretary said "A substantial proportion of population aged 45 years and above are in the organised sector of the economy and is involved in formal occupation in offices (government and private) or manufacturing and services."

"With support of the state Governments/UT administration, the efforts have been to consistently make the vaccination drive more pragmatic and also more acceptable and purposeful to the beneficiaries. In order to increase the access to vaccine to these populations, COVID-19 vaccination sessions may be organised at Work Places (both public and private) with about 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries, by tagging these work places with an existing Covid Vaccination Center (CVC)," the letter read.

To support states in this initiative, guidelines have been prepared to support the state and District Programme Managers with the requisite information and guide them on organising vaccination sessions at such work places, the letter added.

The ministry has asked officials to start consultations with private or public sector employers and management to prepare for the launch of ‘Work Place Vaccination’.

Meanwhile, the Covid ground situation is grim as the number of new positive cases is increasing, a doctor in Mumbai said, according to reports.

"The situation at the ground level is very grim. The number of cases has been increasing for the last, almost four weeks," NDTV quoted Dr Hemant Deshmukh, dean of KEM Hospital, as saying.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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