Manipur: 20 cadres of proscribed organisations surrender with arms to government

Chief Minister N Biren Singh said with the coming of the BJP-led coalition government, about 80 militants had already surrendered to the government.

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Updated on 10 Mar 2021, 7:23 pm



A total of 20 cadres from four different proscribed organisations surrendered with arms before Chief Minister N Biren Singh during a homecoming ceremony held at the Banquet hall of 1st Battalion Manipur Rifles, Imphal on Tuesday.

Of the total number of surrendered cadres, 16 are from Thadou People’s Liberation Army (TPLA) including its chairman, one each from PLA and PREPAK (Pro) and two from another proscribed organisation.

Speaking on the sidelines of the occasion, the chief minister told the media that it was a matter of satisfaction that the militants who surrendered to the government will be protected. Coming back to the mainstream, they can join in the development and peace process of the government in both state and Centre, he said.

CM Biren said those who are involved in underground organisations can reach a peaceful solution through political dialogue. Other cadres of proscribed underground organisations can also come forward before the government for a peaceful Manipur, he added.

The cadres who surrendered during the homecoming ceremony today handed over 15 arms and 75 assorted ammunition including one AK-56 Rifle, one M15 Rifle, one MK 33 Rifle, one Uzi SMG, one lethod gun, one Glock 19 pistols, six 9 mm pistols, two 0.32 pistols and one 0.22 pistol. The arms and ammunition were laid down before the chief minister.

Under the revised schemes, benefits given to them include a one-time financial grant of Rs 4 lakh to each cadre, which is to be kept in a bank in their respective names as a fixed deposit for a period of three years, he said. Incentives for surrendered weapons have also been provided, he further said. The surrendered militants will stay in a rehabilitation camp for three years during which they will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs 6,000 during the period, he added.

The chief minister said with the coming of the BJP-led coalition government, about 80 militants had already surrendered to the government. Today’s surrender of 20 militants along with arms is very important, Biren added.

Biren handed over financial benefits in the form of cheques to the surrendered militants under the ‘Revised Scheme for Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation of Militants in the Northeast States, 2018’ of the MHA.

Cabinet ministers, MLAs, high ranking police officials and others also took part at the ceremony.

First published:9 Mar 2021, 4:37 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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