Brown sugar manufacturing units busted; three held in Manipur's Thoubal district

Thoubal District police have successfully busted two brown sugar factories at Lilong Nungei area and arrested 3 individuals involved in the case

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 9 Mar 2021, 4:23 pm

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Thoubal district police have successfully busted two brown sugar manufacturing units at Lilong Nungei area in Manipur and arrested three individuals involved in the case, Superintendent of Police Thoubal S Ibomcha said on Monday.

SP Ibomcha said at a press briefing held at Thoubal Police Station that at about 8.45 pm on Sunday, acting on information of manufacturing of Heroin/brown Sugar at Lilong Nungei area, teams of commando Unit Thoubal, Thoubal Police station and Lilong Police station rushed to the spot and conducted a house search at the houses of Md Maneruddin, 49, son of Late Md Najeruddin of Lilong Nungei Khunou Mamang leikai and Md Manergul, 53, son of Late Md Najeruddin of the same locality.

The search operation team was led by Sachidananda Soibam (MPS), Additional SP(Ops) Thoubal, Inspector Md Riaj Khan, officer in-charge of Lilong police station, inspector N Tikendra Meetei, Officer In-Charge of  Commando Unit Thoubal, Sub Inspector  S lbomcha Singh, second OC of Thoubal PS under the commard and overall supervision of S Ibomcha (MPS), Superiniendent of Police, Thoubal District.

During the house search, the SP said that at around 10.50 pm, the team busted two Heroin  Brown Sugar Laboratories which have been running in the houses of above two persons following the seizure of Heroin Brown Sugar powder (refined) weighing 565 grams, 1104.98 kg of Heroin Brown Sugar, 5 kg. of opium, 131 litres of Morphinated Liquid and other items.

SP said that from the house of Md Maneruddin, the police team could seize Heroin Brown Sugar powder (refined) weighing 505 grams,Opium-5 kg, Heroin Brown Sugar- 1051.25 kg, around 131 Liters of Morphinated Liquid, Four bottles of 1 kg capacity each of Ammonium Chloride, One Lime bag marked as Star Brand Lime 9.85 kgs,one pair of pressing boards,Two Iron Clamps,Two LPG Cylinders,Two Gas Stoves, Three plastic tubs, Four plastic Brites, Onc Aluminium Tub,Two Auminium pots and Other items.

Further, from the house of Md. Manergul, Heroin Brown Sugar. 53./ 20 kg. one pair of pressing boards, one plastic tub, one plastic Brite and Rs 61,400 in cash were also seized, the SP informed.

The police team also seized four vehicles which were suspectcd to be used in transportation of drugs. These included one Bajaj Discover, registration  number Nil, One DIO Soooter black in colour bearing registration number  MNO1AH 5988, one Active 5G metallic Blue in colour, registration number-NIL and Kamaki X3 red in colour, registration number NIL, the SP mentioned.

The SP also said that during the drive, three persons have been arrested and they were identified as Md. Yunush Khan , 22, son of Md. Maniruddin of Nungei Mamang Leikai, Bogimayum Sher Shaha, 23, son of B Sheraj Ahamad of Uchiwa Haotabi Makha Leikai and Md Manergul, 53, son of Late Md Najeruddin of Lilong Nungei Khunou Mamang Leikai.

The SP mentioned that at least four persons who are involved in the drug manufacturing are still at large. They have been identified as Md Akbar Khan, 51, son of  Md Chaoba of Thoubal Moijing Wangmataba. He is the Supplier af Opium, an ex-Head Constable who was dismissed from his service on October 28, 2020 for involving in drug case.

The others are Md. Maneruddin,49,son of Late Md.Najeruddin of Lilong Nungei Khunou Mamang Leikai, Md. Anish Khan,19,son of Md. Maneruddin of Lilong Nungei Khunou Mamang Leikai and Md. Mustofa, 19, son of Md Manergul of Lilong Nungei Khunou Mamang Leikai, the SP said. he said that police will arrest them at the eariest. A regular case under ND and PS Act has been taken up at Lilong PS, the SP added. 

Stating that without the support of public, police can't seize drugs or do nothing, the SP appealed to the public:  "Please support police to eliminate drugs from the society. Let us make a drug free society".


First published:8 Mar 2021, 7:07 am


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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