Three detained as police continue liquor drive at different areas of Thoubal

The liquor drive was launched at Yairipok Bazar area in Thoubal district

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Updated on 8 Feb 2021, 5:36 pm

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A team of Thoubal Police Station launched liquor drive at Yairipok Bazar area on Monday at 4:45 pm, and three persons were picked up for selling liquors and 60 litre of DIC liquor were seized from their possession.

According to police sources, the liquor sellers have been identified as Khetrimayum Shyamjai, 56, son of late Ibochou; Khetrimayum Thoiba, 65, son of late Ibochou; and Khetrimayum Tenden Singh, 40, son of Iboyaima. They all are from Yairipok Bisnunaha. The seized DIC liquor and the picked up persons were handed over to Yairipok PS for further necessary legal action.

Similarly, while conducting liquor drive at Heirok Part-III area by a team of Heirok Police Station seized  5 litre of DIC liquor  from one seller namely Laishram Amu, 43, son of late Beikul of Heirok Part-III Champrathong on Monday at around 6 pm. The individual and seized items were handed over to Excise Station, Thoubal.

On the other hand, at around 6:30 pm at Ukhongsang Mamang Leika,  a team of Nongpok Sekmai Police Station detected 10 litre of DIC liquor and picked up one seller namely Thokchom Kiran, 43, son of Maimu  of Ukhongsang Mamang Leikai from his vendor.

Thoubal police also conducted liquor drive at Athokpam Makha area on Monday at around 6:30 pm and the team picked up one DIC liquor seller namely Yumnam Khoiju, 19, of Athokpam Makha. Two liquor customers namely Maibam Raja, 50, of Thoubal Kshetrileikai and Puyam Sanajaoba, 40, of Thoubal Kshetrileikai were also picked up and they all were handed over to Thoubal PS along with 21 litre of DIC liquor, the source added.

First published:8 Feb 2021, 5:36 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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