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Online educational services in West Khasi Hills district

Pick and Nurture Pvt. Limited offers distance learning services to class IX, X, XI and XII students under the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBoSE).


Updated on 10 Jun 2020, 7:27 pm

Representational image (PHOTO: Pexels)

Representational image (PHOTO: Pexels)

As schools remained closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pick and Nurture Pvt. Limited has stepped forward to offer online educational services to the students of West Khasi Hills district.

Pick and Nurture Pvt. Limited, an educational training provider for an individual group of students or a government sponsored program to train the students for their academic excellence, offers distance learning services to class IX, X, XI and XII students under the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBoSE).

The services offered include customized public learning platform with a secured login for the teachers, students and administrators; tutorial and examination sets for Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for students of IX, X, X I and XII.

It also offers NEET and IIT/JEE preparation for class XI and Class XII.

Towards completion of the curriculum, the company offers a paperless secured online classroom besides instant collaboration between teacher and students outside the classroom. It also provides for online group discussions during class hours.

The company will also provide different online examinations and assignments for Board studies, NEET, IIT/JEE.

This will be done through relevant study materials including videos, assignments, lectures, documents etc.

“This online study material will help students to understand the subject matter in detail and the descriptive sessions will give them a feel of normal classes", the academic head of the company, Goldenstar Nonglong said on Wednesday.

He also said that hard copies of the course materials will be provided to the students enrolled for NEET and IIT/JEE and that students will get the academic calendars a month in advance.

He also urged those who are interested in availing of these services to contact him at Nongstoiñ for further details.




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