‘Academic council of MUC must think for students’ future’

The issue of admission to MA Music and MA Dance course in MUC escalates

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Updated on 21 Nov 2020, 3:07 pm

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The issue of admission to MA Music and MA Dance in Manipur University of Culture (MUC)has escalated to the extent of questioning whether the teachers in MUC are from UGC’s recognised institutes.

Speaking to the media at JN Dance Academy on Saturday, KIMACS secretary Laishram Sanjit said that students, who passed out from institutes that have been claimed as unrecognised by UGC, are getting admission in other states and questioned why not in MUC.

“Academic council of MUC should solve the issue. However, the council is not making any efforts,” he alleged adding that the academic council of MUC should think for students, who will waste many years studying again for a recognised certificate, and their future.

Sanjit further claimed that even the teachers of MUC had passed out from such institutes that are being alleged as unrecognised by UGC.

“Those teachers had done PhD or research after getting a diploma or post-diploma from those institutes and general studies from other institutes. As the issue pertains to the norms of UGC and unrecognised certificates by UGC, then even many teachers of MUC should be terminated or suspended from respective posts,” he stated.

Secretary of All Manipur Music Association Arambam Ravindra said “as per norms of UGC for MUC BA studies, there is no limit but from other institutes, the student’s age is limited to 35 years. For MUC MA, the student should take a special performing art and that special art should be taken for studying in MUC MA.”

Many students have completed graduation, diploma and post-diploma from the institutes that have been claimed as being unrecognised by UGC. If it is sticking to UGC norms, then no students will get admission, he added.

JN Dance Academy Students Union, Government Dance College Students Association, KIMACS and All Manipur Music Association representatives were present during the press meet.

First published:21 Nov 2020, 3:07 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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