Abdul Nasir's worker injured in scuffle during election campaign

The fight broke out between workers of the former MLA and locals of Laifrakpam

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 6 Oct 2020, 3:04 am

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A worker of former Lilong MLA Abdul Nasir sustained injuries when a scuffle broke out between workers of the former MLA and locals of Laifrakpam, during an election campaign for the by-election to be held on November 7.

The victim has been identified as 55-year-old Mutum Nilachandra.

The incident occurred around 2 pm on Monday when Nasir and his workers were banned to enter Laifrakpam by the locals saying that the former MLA is boycotted in the area. Consequently, the workers and locals started arguing which ended up in physical attack among each others. Later, SP of Thoubal District Police, S Ibomcha and additional SP reached the spot and controlled the situation.

Speaking to media persons, the former MLA said that such an incident is obvious to happen during election campaign.

“There are people who support me and there are some who do not. Though some of the locals have boycotted me, many locals of Laifrakpam have welcomed me and I would say the election campaign was quite successful today,” said Nasir.

On the other side, the locals who boycotted Nasir have told the media persons that the former MLA had verbally abused one of the locals of Laifrakpam in connection with the PDS rice distribution in the month of May. Nasir has to clarify on the reason why he was rude to the villagers or he will be boycotted forever, said the locals.

First published:6 Oct 2020, 3:04 am


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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