Three-day cleanliness drive at Wangbal in Thoubal

The cleanliness drive was organised by the Educational Gym Club Wangbal part II.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 2 Sep 2020, 2:39 am

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A three-day cleanliness drive was launched on Tuesday at Wangbal  Part II Thongjao area under Thoubal district in Manipur. The drive is organised by the Educational Gym Club Wangbal part II.

The cleanliness drive is being conducted to maintain a neat and clean locality. It also seeks to bring a healthy environment by removing all the filth and wastes which are deposited at the said area. The club members will perform the drive by maintaining SOP guidelines strictly, club president Y Ibotombi.

Ibotombi also warned that all the unnecessary felling of trees and any inhumane act of torturing any kinds of animals will be strictly prohibited within the jurisdiction covered by the EGC Wangbal.

The club is also planning to conduct a mass tree sapling plantation drive also by joining hands with Joint Co Ordination Committee on Wildlife and Biodiversity, Manipur, he informed. 

First published:2 Sep 2020, 2:39 am


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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