Civil bodies demand removal of Moreh police commandos

Personnel of Moreh Police Commando were caught with banned Myanmar products by Assam Rifles at Bongyang on Saturday.

ByIFP Bureau

Updated on 26 May 2020, 9:44 am

Banned WIN-kingsize cigarette (PHOTO: Facebook)

Banned WIN-kingsize cigarette (PHOTO: Facebook)

The Kuki Students' Organisation (KSO) Moreh Block has demanded the removal of personnel of Moreh Police Commando from Moreh on learning that they were caught with banned Myanmar products by Assam Rifles at Bongyang on Saturday.

The KSO stated in a release that it is ridiculous the police commandos who are supposed to check such illegal influx of banned products from Myanmar became the transporters. They were later handed over to Tengnoupal police; however the matter was hushed up without disclosing to the public, it said. 

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the Indo-Myanmar border has been sealed, it said.

CVOs and district administration has been toiling day and night, educating the general public about the preventive measures on the possible infiltration to safeguard Moreh public from the possible exposure to the deadly virus, it said.

It is now clear those Moreh police commandos are the threat to Moreh residents, the release stated, adding they kept the lives of innocent public at risk by covertly practicing cross border trade during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. It is high time to remove police commandos from Moreh, the KSO demanded.

The organisation urges Tengnoupal district police officers not to hush up and conceal the incident, the release stated. Instead, the identities of the involved commando personals, arrested consignment and vehicles details to should be disclosed to public, it added.

Meanwhile, the Kuki Women Union (KWU) and Human Rights (HR) Moreh stated that the public had been facing acute shortage of food items and therefore resort to any means to import food items. Whereas, they were arrested by security forces and their articles destroyed leaving the helpless without food. The border seal and prohibition of importing goods from Myanmar seems only for the helpless public but not for the Police Commandos.

Meanwhile, Kuki Women Union & Human Rights Moreh (KWU & HR) said that they will not remain a silent spectator and therefore demanded that all irresponsible and careless officers and commando personnel is immediately terminated. The Commandos should be immediately removed from Moreh without delay as they could bring in more harm than peace, said a release.

The public of Moreh said they are fed up of Police Commandos at Moreh who are never satisfied with the handsome salary given by the Government, it said. It is to be noted that, such illegal business had been going on for many months, it said. As such, even if the erring Commando personals are replaced with new personals, the incoming personals will do the same, as none of the Commandos of Manipur are satisfied with their salary and that illegal trade is their secret profession, it added

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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