Manipur gears up for Ningol Chakouba Fish Fair, 90,000 kg fish to go on sale

The Fishery minister announced prices of fish to be sold at the Fish Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition on November 5

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Manipur Fishery Minister S Rajen Singh on Wednesday announced that 90,000 kg of fish will be on sale at the Fish Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition 2021 to be held in Imphal as a part of the Ningol Chakouba festival of the Meetei community in the state.

The Fish Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition will be held on November 5 at Mapal Kangjeibung at the western side of Johnstone Higher Secondary School in Imphal.

The minister also announced the prices of the fish to be made available during the Fish Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition. “All fishes will be of local product,” he said.

1. Pengba and Khabak below 300 g weight will be available at Rs. 450/ Kg, 300 Kg above at Rs, 650/Kg,

2. Ngaton at Rs 470/Kg, Catla (below 1Kg) at Rs. 210/Kg, Rs 270/Kg (2 Kg and above), Rs 350/Kg (5 Kg and above)

3. Rohu at Rs. 210 (below 1Kg), Rs 280/Kg (1Kg and above), Rs.350 (2Kg and above)

4. Common Carp at Rs. 200/Kg (below 1 Kg), Rs. 250 (1Kg and above), Rs. 280 (2Kg and above)

5. Grass carp at Rs. 210 (below 2Kg), Rs. 280/Kg (2Kg and above), Rs. 310/ Kg (3Kg and above)’ Rs. 350/kg (above 5Kg and above)

6. Silver Carp at Rs. 150/Kg (below 3Kg), Rs. 180/Kg (3Kg and above).

7. Ngahei (pangasius), Tunghanbi (Tilapia), Ukabi (Anabas) and Porong (Snakehead fish) will also be available at a reasonable price this year, the minister said.

The minister said Sareng (Wallago attu), which has local significance, will be produced from next year.

“Indigenous fishes will also be produced and research in underway. Biofloc Fish Farming has been introduced in the state and Fish farmers have been trained,” he added.

Director, Fishery department, H Balkrishna Singh, cooperative fish farmers and officers of fishery department also attended the occasion.


First published:28 Oct 2021, 4:54 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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