MSF foundation day observed in Jiribam

A one-minute silence was observed to pay respects to the deceased, former leaders of the organisation.

ByJiribam Correspondent

Updated on 13 Oct 2021, 2:50 pm

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The 23rd foundation day of Manipur Students' Federation (MSF) was observed by MSF district committee, JIRIBAM at PWD guest house, Babupara in Jiribam district on Wednesday.   

The occasion was attended by president All Jiribam United Clubs Association (AJUCA) M Maipaksana Mangang; president Manipur Students' Federation (MSF) district Committee, Jiribam Atom Rajiv Meetei; general secretary All Jiribam Meira Paibi (AJMP) Th Jamini Devi; founder president, (MSF) district committee, Jiribam Shyamkumar Mutum and AMWOVA Jiribam district president A Rasia Chanu as chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.

Speaking as the chief guest, M Maipaksana Mangang expressed that COVID-19 cases are still prevalent in Manipur as per the daily reports.

However, positive cases in the district have been reduced to zero due to concerted efforts of the general public, district administration, medical department and different student bodies, he said.  

Atom Rajiv Meetei who attended as the president said that to assist the students who aspire to enrol in masters’ courses, the organisation has been putting efforts so that post graduate courses may be opened at Jiri College, Jiribam district, he further said. However, challenges have come up due the shortages of faculties at the college although the organisation is working to make sure that the courses are opened, he added.     

He said that five vehicles are kept reserved for carrying out activities to strengthen the organisation. MSF had been making many sacrifices to fulfil its ideals, he added.   

He further announced that after holding deliberations in an executive meeting, MSF branches for Municipal area and GP level were opened with the overall goal to strengthen the organisation.

The chief guest lit the ceremonial lamp to start the programme followed by a song performed by O Merica and her team. A one-minute silence was observed to pay respects to the deceased, former leaders of the organisation. 

Former MSF office bearers and media persons were provided meira paibis gifts as a part of the occasion.

First published:13 Oct 2021, 2:50 pm


Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam district, Manipur

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