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By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | May 28
The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has termed Centre’s decision to ban the sale of cattle for slaughter as a show of contempt of the minority Muslim and tribal communities residing in the country.
Addressing the media in this regards, Wabagai MLA Md Fajur Rahim, said India is a secular state, which is home to different indigenous population with diverse culture and tradition.
However, the decision of the BJP led NDA government has stained the sanctity of secularism by imposing bias rules in favour of a particular section while disregarding the sentiments of several others, he said.
The act is nothing but an act of dictator, opined the MLA.
The MLA explained that there are certain food items enjoyed by other groups but considered as a taboo for the Muslim religion. But, the Muslims never criticise on food habits of other community.
Further lamenting the government’s decision to ban slaughter of cows on the eve of Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslims across the globe, the MLA termed it as a deliberate act of insult to Islam.
He also demanded answers from Muslim and tribal leaders in the BJP whether they are satisfied with the ban imposed by the BJP led NDA government.
Fajur Rahim maintained that the Congress party will confront any act of oppression carried out by the BJP government at any cost.
He appealed to all the Christians, Muslims and other sections residing in the state to join hands in uprooting the party that has no respect for other tradition and culture.
Meibon Phaomei, former deputy Mayor of Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) said the decision of the NDA government to ban slaughter of cattle is a direct act of challenge to the minority communities residing in the country.
He appealed to the minority communities living in the state to confront together the act of the BJP which according to him is an infringement on the right of the people.
“We have always respected the Hindus and never complained on their culture and tradition. But, the BJP has offended the sentiments of the tribal,” he said.
He questioned why the tribal leaders in BJP have remained silent with regard to the issue.
The tribal will not bend to the highhandedness of the BJP, said Phaomei before threatening to launch massive form of agitation against the BJP rule.

Oue Bureau
IMPHAL | May 28
A ministerial team led by minister, Health & Family Welfare L Jayantakumar Singh inspected various healthcare facilities in and around Senapati district. The team which includes TD & Fisheries, minister N Kayisii and PHED minister, L Dikho, was on a two-day inspection tour to assess the condition and status of several healthcare centres.
As a part of the tour, which started early Saturday morning, the ministerial team first visited the Senapati District Hospital and inspected every section of the hospital.
While interacting with the doctors, staff and local leaders present at the hospital, Jayantakumar stated that the district hospital has all the basic healthcare facilities to be the best in the state.
 He however expressed his concern on the condition of the expensive equipment and machines lying unused and untouched inside the hospital. He appealed to the doctors and staff to work with full sincerity and dedication and also to properly utilize all the basic facilities being provided to the hospital.
 The minister further assured that the government will provide all the basic needs required for the hospital. He asked the doctors and staff to come up and fulfil what the government has expected from them. He also informed that the hospital will soon have a Trauma Centre, Burn-care Centre and Water Supply Scheme.
While speaking to the hospital staff and the locals of the area, N. Kayisii, Minister, Tribal Affairs & Hills stated that Senapati District Hospital is one of the valuable gifts that the government has given to the people of the district. He stated that the doctors and staff of the hospital and the people of the district at large should bear a sense of responsibility to properly utilize whatever facility the government has provided to the district.
Later in the afternoon, the ministerial team also inspected the status of construction of the Nursing College at Tatomei near Maram Bazar and the Primary Health Sub-Centre at Sholitokhu, Mao-Maram Block, where the ministerial team was warmly received by the villagers with presentation of local produce.
On the second day of the tour, the team visited PHCs at Maram and Tadubi, where they were received warmly by the staff and locals. The highlight of the tour was the visit at Mao CHC, which recently got the best CHC National Award, where the ministerial team had a grand reception by numerous staff of the health centre.
The team appreciated the warm gesture of the staff and also applauded the management of the CHC for its neat and clean environment. Reacting on the demand from the staff of the CHC, Health Minister assured that he will try his best to upgrade Mao CHC to a Sub-divisional Hospital. The inspection tour within Senapati District was concluded with the inspection of the PHSC at Pinanamei near Mao.
Later in the evening, the ministerial team along with H Dingo Singh, parliamentary secretary and MLA Sekmai AC, visited PHSC at Kanglatombi, PHC Sekamai and Khurkhul.

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | May 28
A man along with his first wife was caught by the public while he was trying to cremate the body of his second wife this morning at a crematorium located at the river bank of New Lambulane, Checkon Imphal East.
The deceased was identified as Thounaojam Shanti Devi, 38 daughter of Th Lala Singh of Mayang Imphal Ani Longbi and currently staying in a brick firm at Patsoi. The husband who is suspected to have murdered the second wife is identified as RK Modusana, 43 son of RK Gunisana Singh of Singjamei currently staying at a rented house at Sagolband Soyam Leirak. The first wife is identified as Oinam Shanta Devi, 44 daughter of O Yaima of Singjamei.
The deceased is with a new born baby of 25-day-old and  also has a five-year-old daughter born before she was married to Modusana.
From the statement of their family members and the husband, Shanti was found hanging at their room today early morning at around 1 am.
The husband and the two wives were staying together at Soyam Leirak.
Imphal West police rushed to the rented house owned by Soyam Chandramani when they got the news. However, the dead body was not found there.
When the police enquired they came to know that the husband and the first wife have taken the dead body away for cremation.
At around 8 am, locals of New Lambulane caught them while they were trying to cremate the dead body at a crematorium located near TYC ground.
Later police came to the spot and detained the husband and the first wife and took them to Lamphel Police Station for interrogation.
In the meantime a team of forensic experts and district magistrate visited the spot and inquest the dead body.
Later the dead body was taken to RIMS morgue for post-mortem and a case has been registered at the Lamphel Police Station.

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | May 28
Petrol pumps of the state started implementing ‘No helmet, no petrol’ system from today following an order passed by the state government on May 24.
The rule was implemented for safety of two wheeler users, as wearing helmet reduces the chances of getting serious head injuries during a crash.
Though the safety rule is implemented, many two wheeler riders who do not use helmet were seen filling petrol in the petrol pumps, as there was no proper measure taken up by the authority concerned.  
According to studies by experts, the risk of getting a head injured during crash is 4.35 times higher when helmet is not used.
Speaking to the Imphal Free Press, Kusum Service Station manager, Thangjam Tomba said that such rule will be more effective if it is followed strictly in all the petrol outlets of the state.
In the state out of 100 two wheeler users only 20 use helmet so mass awareness is needed to let the public know about their safety during accident if they use helmet, he added.
“Many people without helmet mostly the locals try to fill petrol using force and threats, during which we face problems,” said Tomba.
Pointing out that since the new rule is for the safety of the public, he appealed to the public to wear helmet while riding two wheelers.
Imphal West Traffic Police DSP, Rattana Ngasepam told IFP over the phone that they are planning to set up a monitoring cell with the help of the district police to make the ‘No helmet, no petrol’ rule more effective.
If a customer without helmet tries to fill petrol using force, the respective petrol pump can complain to the police with photo proof so that action can be taken for violating the rule, she added.
Rattana continued that such rule was recently imposed by the government to discourage the people riding two wheelers without helmet, mostly for the safety as uses of helmet reduces the chances of dead during a crash.
The DSP further added that the traffic police department along with the transport department is also working hard to keep proper parking place in greater Imphal areas.

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | May 28
Manipur women Meira paibis have been at the forefront on so many social issues. They have been working relentlessly towards the realisation of social emancipation in so many ways, observed Prof Ksh Bimola on the 19th Meira Paibi day observation.  
Speaking as the chief guest of the function at Khurai Tharo Devi lampak today, Prof Bimola said the day is observed to pay tribute to Sinam ongbi Piyari, who led down her life on May 28, 1980.
Prof Bimola continued that the situation in Manipur has changed a lot since the days of 1980, the time when Meira Paibi movement was at a different stage. She pointed out that the shadow of AFSPA is still lurking in the state and there is rise in atrocities against women. There has also been escalation of drug abuse amongst the youth and drug smuggling activity for easy profit by a section of the society without considering its harmful effects, she added.
She also noted that misunderstanding between the different ethnic groups of the state is another unpleasant reality of today’s Manipur.  Even with the changes that have been witnessed in the present day, the Meira Paibi must however carry forward the struggle for justice and work at the grass root level for a meaningful change, she added.
Longjam Memchoubi, president of Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi who was also the president of the function stated that AFSPA must be lifted from the state to bring peace.
As a part of the observation, a public rally was staged starting from THAU ground, Thangmeiband passing through Dinko road, Hatta road, Lamlong which culminated at Khurai Tharo lampak.
Slogans like “Repeal Armed Forces Specials power Act” and “save the right of women” resonated throughout the rally. Floral tributes on the statue of ‘Meira paibee singi meetam’ were paid by the dignitaries and the public as part of the observation.

From Our Correspondent
Rebutting Manipur Chief Minister’s statement on Anti-Terrorism Day, in terming the Suspension of Operations agreement between the Kuki underground groups and the governments ‘a failure’, the Kuki Inpi Manipur, apex body of the Kuki community, expressed discontentment over the chief minister’s statement.
Political affairs chairman of Kuki Inpi Manipur, Sominthang Doungel said that the Kuki Inpi has moralistic hope over BJP coalition government in Manipur led by N Biren Singh to resolve the aged political issue of the Kukis through dialogue with the Kuki militant groups UPF and KNO.
He also said that the Kuki Inpi Manipur and the Kuki community as a whole have been consistently supporting tripartite SoO agreement between Government of India, Government of Manipur and UPF and KNO with a mood that the militant groups through dialogue can only ensure self-determination for the Kuki people.
However, the statement of the chief minister on Anti-terrorism Day seems to reflect the reaction of the Government of Manipur only to confine the Kuki armed groups to their designated camps while the political issue remains unresolved, he asserted.
Doungel pointed out that there has been an instance of killing of police commandos recently by the Naga militant groups NSCN (IM), constant ambush against security forces by non SoO groups in the state and IED blasts almost every week in Moreh, which the state government should rather look into these violent acts for the safety and security of the people of Manipur.
He further said that the chief minister seems to overlook the larger threat faced by civilians and undermine the Kuki militant groups under SoO while adding that the Kuki armed groups under SoO have not been engaged in any ambush or killing against security forces after signing the SoO agreement.
The political affairs chairman said that no remarkable political solution has been achieved by the Kukis after the signing the SoO pact. In fact, they have been living under pathetic condition in their respective designated camps deprived of basic necessities like drinking water, medical aid, ration and stipends to meet day to day necessities.
He also said that despite of such shortfall the Kuki militant groups on the other hand continue to live under these pathetic conditions in the designated camps with the hope that their leaders would one day restore the Kuki’s right to self-administration within the Indian Union.
Underlining the essence of the Kuki people, it is imperative for the Government of Manipur and more particularly the chief minister to reconsider their stand on the Kuki militant groups and rather expedite the political dialogue with UPF and KNO before the militants choose to go back to the jungles, said Doungel.
‘We cannot afford to lose peace and harmony in the hills that have been achieved because of the SoO agreement with the Kuki militant groups’, he added.

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