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Rh. Raising, convenor of steering committee which is the highest decision making body of NSCN (IM), said that the “Framework Agreement recognises the sovereign right of the Nagas”.

Rh. Raising said this while speaking in the “Joint Council Meeting on Indian and Burmese Colonialism” on October 6, according to NSCM (IM). His speech was made available to media houses this evening.

According to Rh. Raising, the ‘Framework Agreement’ “has recognised the unique identity” and the history of the Nagas. “It has also recognised the territory of the Nagas by stating that Nagas are the owner of their land. It is also mutually agreed upon that integration of all Naga territories is the legitimate right of the Nagas”, he maintained.

Bringing an honourable and acceptable solution to both parties, co-existence of the two entities and share sovereignty of the two entities are mutually agreed, Rh Raising said.

“We can assure you that the ‘Framework Agreement’ will be our political wall that protects our land, our identity, our rights, our culture, our history and our future from all impending dangers of hostile raging waves roaring against the Nagas on the one hand and it will also be a strong durable bridge between India and Nagalim on the other,” the speech read. 

“And that Nagas will decide their future by themselves, not by others anymore. Hebron will be the Centre of Naga politics, government, culture, civilisation and the seat of their high command”, the NSCN (IM) leader’s speech added.   

According to the convenor of the steering committee,  the era of building the infrastructures of a social system for creation of a positive social environment, scientific education system for production of generations of scientists in different fields, material and spiritual developments of our land and people, building industries for massive productions, marketing, trade and commerce for generation of revenues and others for making our country a land of peace and progress and a society of higher order has come.

“It is now the time of building the damaged psychology of our people; it is the time of building relationship with our neighbours, it is the time of reconciliation with India, it is the time to go to the house of the Lord and praise and worship the Creator of Nagalim,” Rh. Raising added.

The NSCN (IM) leader continued that the “waves of Indian and Burmese colonialism in Nagalim have been covertly or overtly wrecking the land, the mind and the culture of the Nagas without ceasing”. The Indian and the Burmese states have already established their political out posts in Nagalim in the guise of development and security threat, Rh. Raising added.

According to Rh. Raising, the forces of colonialism are rampant everywhere in Nagalim. “They are: the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, the Nepalese from Nepal, the Kukis from Burmese Chin state, the Chakmas from Chittagong hills, Bangladesh, tea gardeners from Bihar and Odisha and various business communities from Indian sub-continent. If we do not take strong political and legal steps to check them today, our children will face insurmountable problem from them tomorrow,” the NSCN (IM) leader added.

According to the NSCN (IM) leader, “Indianisation of Nagalim through import voters” from Indian mainland by the Naga politicians is a matter to be viewed seriously. He added that “status and money-monger politicians don’t care for the future of their people”.

Rh. Raising also said that “colonization of Nagalim” through Indian political parties is another established policy of the government of India. “The Nagas of Congress party, BJP party or other parties are consciously or unconsciously the agents of Indian colonial policy. Hypnotized or drunk with the deception of tempting political bait of the enemies they become advocates for the wrong cause of the aggressors. It is so because all Indian political parties are Delhi oriented which always stands diametrically opposed to the concept of Naga nation,” he added.

“We hope all the rational Nagas understand the reality that the Nagas are now placed in a safe and secure position by the Framework Agreement,” the convenor of the highest decision making body of NSCN (IM) added. 

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IMPHAL | Oct 8

Chief minister, N. Biren today assured that the state would soon witness good road networks under the “Emergency Work” this year as provided in the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) works manual as a one-time measure and as an immediate step.

This was announced by N. Biren while addressing a press conference held today at the CM secretariat.  He maintained that several potholes had been mended and repaired however, incessant rain and floods over the past few months has resulted the damaged of such repaired roads.

Soon after the withdrawal of monsoon in the State, the PWD has started repairing works of various roads across the State, he added.

To ensure that quality is being maintained while constructing of roads, N. Biren said that a Whatsapp group has been created with chief minister, chief engineer PWD and other officials of the department as its members.

He pointed out that if one suspects that quality is being compromised in repairing the roads, then people can lodge their complaint/grievances to the grievance cell or anti-corruption cell or directly to the chief engineer (PWD).

Further N. Biren emphasised that in the last six months of the new government, the government has tried its level best to fulfil several basic requirements and aspirations of the people of the State. The government gave its priority to have good road communications connecting to the district headquarters and other parts of the state, he added.

He continued that the government welcomes any positive criticism or suggestions to have better governance and development in the State. A ‘Bhoomi Puja’ would be performed for the construction of two new bridges above the Barak river and Makru river at Barak on  October 12.

On the occasion, he would be inspecting the road conditions of the National Highway, he added.

Stating the significance of ‘Imphal Evenings’ in the trouble-torn State like Manipur, N. Biren said that a review meeting was conducted for the regulation of road traffic, electrification, vehicles parking etc. in consultation with the traffic police and other departments for the smooth functioning.

Seeking people’s co-operation and support to make ‘Imphal Evenings’ successful, he appealed to the people to avoid throwing garbage on road and not litter around the area. N. Biren expressed his happiness that people have civic sense towards making clean city.

Chief secretary, R.R Rashmi, additional chief secretary, J. Suresh Babu, chief engineer, Kh. Temba and officials of PWD attended the press conference.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 00:00

Re-poll ordered in 29 polling stations

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Oct 8

The state election commission has ordered for fresh poll in altogether 29 polling stations after declaring the poll conducted in these polling stations on October 7 as null and void.

The 5th general Panchayat election held on Saturday was marred with stray incidents of poll related violence. Five people including two minor, a candidate were reportedly injured in clash between voters besides reports of confiscation of ballot boxes.

An election notice issued by the secretary state election commission, Radharani Mutum, the date of re-poll has been fixed tomorrow and the polling will begin from 8 am and conclude at 4pm.

In Imphal East district re-poll was ordered in altogether 22 polling stations in Keirao Bitra and Porompat for zilla parishad member, pradhan and gram Panchayat members.

In Keirao Bitra re-poll has ordered in eight polling stations namely 15/17/8-Urup Awang Leikai L.P School, 15/19/1-Youth Popular Club, 15/19/2-Youth Popular Club (Maning Leikai), 16/20/8-Poiroukhongjin Tulihal Girls Primary School, 16/20/9-Jati Girls L.P. School (E/W), 16/20/10-Jati Girls L.P. School (W/W), 16/20/11-Poiroukhong Junior High School, 16/20/12-Poiroutongba J.B School.

In Porompat fresh poll is ordered in 7/18/1-Khabeisoi Primary School (S/W), 7/18/2-Khabeisoi Primary School, 7/18/3 Khabeisoi Primary School (N/W), 7/18/4-Gandhi Memorial Primary School (S/W), 7/18/5-Arapti L.P. School, 7/18/6-Khomidok Gandhi Memorial Primary School(E/W), 7/18/7-Khomidok Gandhi Memorial Primary School (W/W), 7/18/8-Thangjam Khunou Primary School, 7/18/9-Abusidik Junior High School, 7/18/10 Kairang Lital Makhong Primary School, 7/18/11-Progressive Youth Association Club, 7/18/11-Kairang Muslim Awang Leikai, 7/18/12-Kairang Awang Leikai L.P School (Loubuk Mapal), 28 7/19/2 Heingang Kairang United LP School and 29 11/4/4-Gouranagar LPS.

In Thoubal re-poll will be held in 8/20/7-Sangaiyumpham Karanchi Primary School (new building), 8/20/10- Sangaiyumpham L.P. Madrassa (Govt.), 8/20/11 MECCA school Cherapur Mathak Leikai, Sangaiyumpham and 2/3/16-Moirang Sangol L.P. School in Lilong.

It said that re-poll for 2/3/16-Moirang Sangol L.P. School in Lilong will be conducted at 2/3/16-Irong Khunou Primary Madrasa.

In Moirang of Bishnupur district re-poll was ordered in 8/4/2- Thangalawai Sabal Primary School.

The order further said that re-poll for zilla parishad member will be held in Wangoi in two polling stations namely 12/7/6-Tarahei Konjil Primary Madrassa (W/W) and 11/6/9 Irom Meijrao Primary School (W/W).

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Oct 8

Citing unfair means used in the polling of Gram Panchayat, election agent of one of the pradhans polling for Sapam Leirak Gram Panchayat, Imphal West (5/14/7) today urged that re-poll should be done for the said area.

Salam Ranjan, election agent for intending pradhan candidate, Thiyam Loken Singh alleged that some miscreants have misbehaved with him creating trouble during yesterday’s polling. The miscreants did not allowed to have free and fair, he added.

He said that there are 555 voters in the Gram Panchayat and turn-out was 521 voters (97 percent) which are irrational and questionable. He demanded that election authrities should see how true the turn-out was.

Further Ranjan said that the younger brother of another intending candidate, Thokchom Bishwarjit who is attached with Imphal West police commando came in his uniform and service gun and caste his vote creating another trouble. He urged that the home department should look into this matter too.

He also cited returning officer (RO), Daulat Khan has been biased to the request for re-poll of Sapam Leirak Gram Panchayat election. Ranjan said that a complaint was sent to the respective deputy commissioners (DC) through the RO but the latter had neglected the area and was not allowed to make a re-poll.

Ranjan urged that appropriate action should be taken up against the RO so such unwanted incident does not happen again in the future.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 00:00

ATSUM demands opening of TRI office

IMPHAL | Oct 8

The All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) strongly condemned the locking of the tribal research institute (TRI) office by a student organisation for their misgiving over appointment and functioning of a Tribal department.

A statement issued by information and publicity secretary of ATSUM, Mikah Kamei, said whatever student body’s grievances and misgiving must be addressed to the government or take legal course.

The issues of the current problems over appointment of deputy director TRI has been explained to the public through print media on August 23, 2017 and ATSUM stand by that statement, it said.

The unwanted action of shutting down of TRI office and character assassination of a senior tribal IAS officer is condemned in the strongest term, it said.

Stating that the tribal offices and officers must not be targeted for lack of employment by some vested individual, ATSUM also questioned the rational of perpetrating group, AMSU.

It is very unfortunate that the TRI offices which was locked on October 6 right under the nose of the government is yet to broke opened despite instant appraisal to the government for initiation of action, it lamented.

Nowhere in any department has such incident occurred without the interference of the government except TRI wherein the rules of law is being given to an organisation, it contended.

Taking serious notes on this present issue, ATSUM draws the attention of the government and AMSU and do the needful to open the locked doors before 12 noon of October 9, failing which it warned to take its own course of action.

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From Our Correspondent

UKHRUL | Oct 8

Executive Council of the Student’s Union of Pettigrew College (SUPC) told media that the student’s union will intensify its agitation from October 11 onwards, for which the college will be shut down indefinitely.

The decision was made in a press conference led by its general secretary, Phuiya Shimrah in presence of social and cultural secretary, Rathanmi Malung, secretary of boys common room, Khayui Kasom and secretary of girls common room, Soreichon Lungleng.

The general secretary stated that the student’s union had submitted a memorandum to the education minister, government of Manipur in September, for kind intervention and for immediate address to the ongoing issue. However, no response has been made so far, he claimed.

It may be mentioned that the student’s union have been demanding for immediate removal of present principal of the college due to administration failure. Classes for maths, physics and chemistry have not been effective due to shortage of teachers and irregularities. The memorandum also includes regular conduct of classes. In spite of the assurance given by the local MLA, there has been improper functioning of the college administration.

The general secretary stated that as nothing positive result has yielded, the agitation is compelled to carry out and the authority concerned would be responsible for any untoward incident.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Oct 8

Revenue minister, Karam Shyam said that the true essence of happiness is knowing one’s own atma (soul). He made the statement in a seminar on “Happiness forever” held today at Asha Hall, North AOC.

He said that money, power and success do not make a person wholly happy, but finding one’s soul will make a person happy. The endeavour to serve people and the attempt to change the wrongs in the system helps in finding solace, he added. 

Shyam said as a politician, life is full of stress and challenges yet determination to do something good for the society is a fulfilling experience. The minister also suggested that using the best use of time is another formula to find solace in modern busy life schedule.

The spiritual seminar was organised by Brahma Kumaris of Kwakeithel Moirang Purel Leikai in an aim to disseminate peace and happiness in all walks of life.

Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Kamlesh, senior rajyoga teacher of Mumbai gave a presentation on the theme “happiness forever”. She said that no one is born happy in this world, and that mental happiness is the best happiness.

She said if one wants to attain happiness, one needs to have daily meditation, the art of forgiveness and appreciation.

A mass meditation for three minutes was performed under the guidance of Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Kamlesh during the seminar.

The function was attended by vice-president of BJP Manipur Pradesh, Jyotin Waikhom, senior purchase manager Achroma of American MNC, Deepak Rohra and in-charge of Brahma Kumaris, Manipur, Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Nilima attended the function as guests of honour.

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IMPHAL | Oct 8

The Mid-day Meal Workers’ Union, Manipur today demanded that their nine months pending honorarium be disbursed on or before October 21 as a gift for Ningol Chakouba.

President of the union, Y. Indrani Devi told reporters at Manipur Press Club that their pending honorarium of nine months be given and that it will be taken as gifts for Ningol Chakouba, which is one of the biggest Manipuri festivals.

She said that Manipur is the only state which has not got honorarium and has no increment of wages.

A memorandum was submitted to the chief minister, N. Biren Singh, education minister, Th. Radheshyam and education director on July 31 but have not got any positive response, she said.

Another memorandum was also sent to the prime minister, Narendra Modi on October 6 demanding payment of honorarium and proper treatment of charter of demands submitted to the state government, she added.

Indrani said that a service for just one day ‘Ussop’ (feast) is also Rs. 500 and we get only a meagre amount of Rs.1000 for a month, and that is not fair enough working as a government employee, she lamented.

The memorandum submitted to the state officials also demands for the increment of the pay and to extend workers’ status to the mid-day meal workers, to build proper kitchen set, storage, water facility and others in schools, to cover social security benefits facilities to the workers, implement ESI and PF among others.

The president said that if it is not disbursed by October 21, they will take part in the national dharna which will be carried out on November 9 and 10.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 00:00

Bomb blast at Nagamapal

IMPHAL | Oct 8

A bomb suspected to be IED exploded this evening at around 6, at Nagamapal Phougaishangbam Leikai Imphal. The blast occurred at the back side of a building, which is under the name one John from Keishampat. No one was injured in the blast.

The impact of the blast damaged the right side window of a Hyundai Santro Xing car, bearing registration number MN04A-4516 of silver colour. The said car was driven by one Umananda Loitongbam, (46) son of L. Sukumar of Khagempalli Panthak. He was driving towards Khuyathong when the blast occurred.

Some army personnel who happened to be present at Nagamapal area, after checking the blast cite opined that the bomb was planted on the footpath of Naga river just beside the building.

Though the blast site is under the jurisdiction of city police no police personnel came to the spot for investigation at the time of filing this report.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 00:00

Speaker impostor arrested

IMPHAL | Oct 8

A person was arrested by a team of Cyber Crime Police Station (CCPS) for impersonating himself as speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly, government of Manipur.

The person was identified as Khwairakpam Robin Singh (35), son of Kh. Sanajaoba Singh of Awang Sekmai Makha Leikai, Imphal West district. Incriminating articles were seized from his possession. Investigation revealed that he made a call to SP (CID-CB) on September 22 and identified himself as the speaker. A case has been registered at CCPS and investigation is going on.

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