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“Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

By T. PriyokumarToday, it is a cool morning,I wish and long for the fresh air outside,Anyway, it is a new Monday. Come, o daughter of Zeus,Or, are you a descendant of Athena,Yes, you are a red rose, fresh. Last week, a few days back,I saw you, a red rose,I saw the green sepals opening. And yesterday, an Easter Sunday,I Saw a self, a loveliest of the lovelies,Your beauty, red petals guarding a virgin. Today, I saw two roses, blooming,Just past their prime,And your time will come. Lord, O lord, guide us all,In the name of your true son, lord Jesus,Lord, Christ the Jesus of Nazareth. And all of us, on earth, lord,We are naught and nothing

“Reality and Visionary”

By T. PriyokumarIn the realm of reality,Few fools, foolhardy,Rules over the mass of visionaries. But the vision of the visionaries,Are cockeyed, because,The technicians are blundering.

An Evening Dream

By Takhellambam PriyokumarThe day is closing, slowly,Vijayavada sky above,I hear a sound, like,A drone, that of a small aircraft. It is ‘winter’ time, friends,But, here, unlike at home,The air is warm,Almost like summer at home. Many a time,Between frequent intervals,I stepped out, down the verandah,‘did, to watch the night sky. I saw the lovely multitudes,Stars, more precious than diamonds,Sometimes, stunningly beautiful,And, Sometimes, slightly blurred. Yes, of course,Diamonds are precious,On earth, they are, and,Children of stars, are they. But, when the moon is,Is in full glory, in the night sky,The stars are missing,Blurred an


By Tayenjam Bijoykumar SinghI am a duplicate of the original,Leading a counterfeit life,Surrounded by mannequins. I live on synthetic rice.Plastic egg is my delicacy.In my garden paper flowers bloom. My life history is a long concocted story.My robotic companion showers me with artificial love.Her simulated smile greets me every morning. Imitations flood the markets.Dummies in the make-believe worldRejoice at the computer-generated sale performance. But in the so called fake encountersDeaths are real, so too are the anguishAnd tears of the bereaved families. My silicone heart remains unmoved.

“A Child From Heaven”

By Takhellambam Priyokumar   A staar, fallen, A star, from above, Through the night, From the sky, yes!   A cross, and a star, And so many crosses, Like the night sky of stars, How many crosses, in heaven?   A star, fallen, From above, the sky, A child is born on earth, Oh Lord, you are the greatest!!

Headless Youths And Lighted Candles

By Tayenjam Bijoykumar Singh   In the evening in a corner of the accursed land, Where everything goes the other way around, A medium, soothsayer of doubtful integrity, Her head covered with white cloth, Squatted on her haunches in front of a secluded shrine.   She kept ringing the hand-held bell in her right hand. She swayed her body backwards and forwards.  She invoked the Almighty to communicate with her.   In a shrill voice she related the oracles of the Almighty.   Ah, you, simpleton of a person, listen to me. I see youths, the future pillars of the land. Ah, I see their bodies sans their heads. Yes, I see torsos of


By Gaisinrei Kamei Mom you are the part of God, You are the part of Love, You are the part of our strength;

Medilane helpline number launched

IMPHAL| Apr 26 Medilane, the only health care and consultancy services in the state, with an aim towards making healthcare information be easily accessible to the public has launched ‘Medilane helpline number # 011-30-50-6123’ at Manipur Press Club today.

Melodious Mangka

By Khogen Khoibam ‘Pena is like my friend. Pena accompanies me when I am lonely’

A Chat with Meiraba – the little Champ

Manipur the ‘power house of sports’; the youngest shuttler of the state Maisnam Meiraba Luwang has resonated the epithet with his sterling performances having played at international tournaments outside the country. The twelve year old boy has won the heart of all Manipuris.

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