Copy of Appreciation with a future hope to the newly BJP led government

27 April 2017


It is worthy in appreciation to the newly BJP led coalition government for their rapid action which carried out today in the state and the several promises

to bring a change and development in the state. The public eye-witness among the action plans which may be gestured are:

i) The ongoing progressive action to keep the imphal city clean and then other towns in the state so that Manipur may be renown as a clean place in the world,

ii) Immediate satisfactory visit of the Ministers and MLA. to the spot of flood area, distribution of several relief materials to the inundated families and the immediate cleaning of drains and rivers

iii) The suspension of economic blockade, Prevention of the VDF’s strike by a rapid dialogue with the agitators, without inviting the innumerable bands and strikes in the state,

iv) The Minister/MLA visit the landslide area of Sararakhong, Ukhrul District and immediate monetary helps handed over to the victim families without delaying time, as “Action First, Table Work Second”, not like the 2007 hailstorm which damaged paddy rice, who, the then noble government started the unavoidable table work first for several months and later paid nothing to the ill-fated families till date, particularly to the Aimol area in Chandel District

v) The visit of Chief Minister and other Minister/MLA to the Hill Districts, as a part of ‘Go to Hills’.

vi) The declaration of allocation of more fund for hills developmental work in the state as per topography, but let it not be like the BRGF 2009-10 final Bill of Chandel District which was not paid to the beneficiaries till date, in spite of lawsuit to the Manipur High Court,

vii) The plan for one job each family,

viii) The declaration of people’s day (15th 0f every month) to meet CM, for sharing of people’s opinions.

ix) The most hopeful desire of Manipur people is a change in Manipur: corruption free, band and strike not to be frequently happened,

x) The declaration of Imphal-Jiri National Highway construction to be completed in this year,

xi) The vision of equal development both in the hills and valley,

 A great hope for the smallest and minority tribal groups

As a part of equal development in the Hills and Valley, and indiscrimination between the Major and Minor Scheduled Tribe particularly of the hills, appeal to the only one hopeful new BJP. led government, I on behalf of the smallest scheduled tribes appeal viz.

i) MIL: The languages of less than 5000 population to be recognized as MIL so that they may learn their own respective languages instead of Alternative English as other major tribes like Thadou-Kuki, Tangkhul, Paite, Anal etc. have. The languages of minor tribes which needed to be recognized by the state government equally, though neglected by the previous government, are Aimol, Chiru, Koireng, Kharam, Purum, Moyon, Monsang, Lamkang, Chothe, Thangal, Tarao etc. in humanitarian ground.

ii) AIR. Imphal Program for the minor tribes: Every minor tribes are needed to give a chance of one day program in a week by lengthening the present duration of 15 minutes only of Chingrol gi seirol to 60 min for about 20 scheduled tribes. For example: one week for the program of Aimol, Chiru, Kharam, Koireng, Kom and Purum as a set may be called KomRem or Riam; the program of Anal, Maring, Lamkang, Moyon, Monsang, Chothe, and Tarao, and for the Vaiphei, Gangte, Zou, Simte, Mizo, Mate, Ralte and so on.

iii) MLA. Nomination: The Minority Scheduled Tribes, who has less population and impossible to contest in the election of MLA. are needed to nominate one member for two or three minor tribes in alternate system in order to reach equal development.

Let’s appreciate those who do a good action and let’s support as long as the government who practice as they promise for the welfare of the state. “Word without action is dead”, as “so faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead”.

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