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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

AR conducts veterinary camp

IMPHAL | Sept 6

A veterinary camp was organised under joint aegis of Wildlife Institute of India, Manipur Forest department and 39 Assam Rifles of HQ IGAR (South) today, said a release of IGAR (South).

It said that free health check-up of livestock and pets were organised and free medicines were administered to the affected animals.

It further said that Dr. Vikramjit of Wildlife Institute of India explained the locals about the common ailments suffered by the animals and its household remedies and were also educated about threat of communicable diseases to animals and its prevention.

Around 116 villagers from the remote area of Tokpaching and adjacent villages were benefited because of the camp and a total of 128 livestock were treated and administered vaccination during this camp, it added.

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IMPHAL | Sept 6

The Eastern Himalayan People’s Convention on protection of indigenous people and natural resources was held today at the hall of Classic Grande.

The convention was organised by various organisations of north eastern states.

Addressing the keynote address, north east dialogue forum member, U. Jenison brought out the issues that hit the north eastern region and its resultant violation of rights of the indigenous community.

He said that other than mining of natural resources, there are issues with construction of mega dams. Proposal for the construction of more than 256 dams across the region are pouring in. People should not forget that the prime minister has given a title ‘power house’ to the North East, Jenison added.

He further said the region is already under the draconian law of AFSPA, 1958 which may be impossible to repeal because in all the developmental projects and the project sites, there are large number of military deployed. This may result in severe violation of human rights of the people behind the act, and the people have experienced mass killings and rape before. 

Speaking to media person, convenor of north east dialogue forum, U. Nobokishore said the eastern part of Himalaya has one of the best qualities of natural resources. In order to extract those resources many companies have come and working on it.

He said companies like Jubilant and Asian Oilfield service limited (AOSL) have been trying to extract the natural resources without considering the people’s right over land, forest water and others. AOSL is aiming to complete the 2D exploration work by 2019. During their exploration, it is found that many parts of the north eastern state have various types of precious, natural resources like Uranium, Petroleum, and many other rare minerals.

Nobokishore further said the impact of Uranium mining could last for more than 80,000 years. It can bring health hazards to the people of the entire north eastern states for thousands of years.

The meeting was also organised to discuss the remedy and protection of indigenous people from the onslaught of merciless companies who do not think for the people’s right other than profit and resources, he added. These firms should avoid continuing the geological survey of natural resources without the consent of native people of north east. If they continue their survey, then it will be taken as a violation of human rights, Nobokishore asserted.

He said the report for the convention will be sent to state governments of the north eastern states, central government, ONGC, United Nation and other concerned authorities.

The resolution of the convention stated that it recognises indigenous people’s self-determined rights over their land and resources in accordance with the provisions of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007.

The convention also resolved to stand against all mega dam projects in North East and to urge the Government of India to revoke all MOUs and rescind all plans to build mega dams all over the rivers of Eastern Himalayas, such as the 1500 megawatt (MW) Tipaimukh Dam and 190 MW Pabram Dam over the Barak River, the 2000 MW Lower Subansiri Dam, the 2700 Lower Demwe Hydroelectric Project, dams in Tawang etc.

The resolution made demands to stop the commissioning plan of Mapithel dam and release water from Mapithel dam reservoir.

It also made demands to rescind all plans of the Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) to commercially mine uranium in Meghalaya including exploratory mining by AMD and stop all mining plans like Chromium and limestone mining in Manipur, Assam etc. It further resolved to urge upon the UCIL and other companies to withdraw from Meghalaya and north eastern states.

It further demanded that the central government should stop all oil explorations and drilling across north east states and to revoke all contracts and licenses awarded to oil companies like Jubilant Oil and Gas Private Limited, the Oil India Limited, the Asian Oilfields, CANARO and others for failing to respect rights of indigenous people.

The resolution demanded that policies like the North East Hydrocarbon Vision, 2030, the Manipur Hydro Power Policy, 2012, Indian Oilfield Act, 1948 and others that facilitate extensive corporation, privatization and exploitation of indigenous peoples land and territories should be revealed.

India’s Act East Policy should also stop causing harm and destruction of peoples land and resources and violation of their human rights, it added. 

It also urged the international financial institutions to respect indigenous peoples’ human rights and to stop financing projects whose intention is to plunder land and resources in the region. Militarisation on indigenous people’s land should be stopped and emergency legislations like the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 must be repealed.

 The resolution also mentioned that central government should fully implement the UN declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007 in all development related decision making processes.

The convention also resolved to forge stronger unity amongst the indigenous peoples of Eastern Himalayas, and to strive collectively to defend the land and resources from all corporate expansion, privatization and exploitation of our land and resources and undermining of indigenous people’s rights in the region.

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Need for govt legitimacy

If only the ways of the government were above board, questions such as moral legitimacy of governance would not have been so very complicated or controversial. While we must add the new BJP-led coalition government in the state, under the stewardship of N. Biren Singh, is showing plenty of promise towards this commitment, it must be added it is sowing the seeds for future collapse of this vital legitimacy because of the manner it seems bent on breaking the law with regards to the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. It is a legitimate strategy for the political party to break down the opposition which on the ground has more seats than itself in the Assembly, but this must be done legitimately. Get MLAs to leave the Congress if it must, but it cannot blatantly disregard the Anti-Defection Law, as it is doing now. Those who have defected must be disqualified and by-elections held in the constituencies they vacate. If the BJP can win these seats back, then by constitutional norms, they can claim the mandate of the voters in these constituencies. As of now, these voters voted for another party, and this mandate cannot be allowed to be hijacked through defections. This is has been the bane of the Manipur Government in the past, and this legacy must be done away with. Had past government authorities kept to the limits of laid-down official norms and propriety, Things would be a lot different now. It is such an irony that today even murders however foul, and if the killers belonged to an underground organization, and if the victim is a government official, in a roundabout way, these crimes as well as the criminals have come to be given some legitimacy in the eyes of the public, even if by default on account of the government’s own reputation of misdeeds. In such a misplaced sense of legitimacy the presumption often also is, abhorrent as the violence may be, the victims too have come to be seen as only unlucky to be at the receiving end of a poetic justice at work. This is the nature of moral vacuum created by the guardians of the government. This is also why the campaign to bring about a comprehensive resolution to the conflict that the state is immersed in has to begin within this space first. The challenge before the new government must be to fill up this moral vacuum if it is serious about resolving the increasingly chaotic state of affairs in this beleaguered land. For whatever monstrous visage insurgency may have taken in the present times, the initial seeds that sowed it is still undiminished and would ensure insurgency re-germinates again and again even if the present crop has abandon all ideologies and ultimately doomed itself to self-destruction and annihilation.

No doubt about it that beyond corruption, incompetence and moral degeneration of the government establishment which without doubt have aggravated the issue, there are other deeper historical and identity issues that fuel the engine sustaining insurgency. The fact is, while everybody would join in to condemn corruption that has contaminated the soul of the government so thoroughly, and an equal number would also in their hearts bitterly curse the mutants that insurgencies have become in recent times, many of them would still fall within the mental constituency that share the same identity insecurities and a sense of historical incongruence they suffer as part of the larger Indian nationhood as it is generally understood. Hence, beyond the immediate challenge of bringing the law and order within the grip of the establishment, for any judicious roadmap to lasting peace, there is also the absolute need to address and engage these deeper concerns meaningfully and with empathy. Most unfortunately for us all, the failure of the government in meeting either of these expectations has always been stark.

The now ousted Ibobi government had been around for 15 years, having completed successfully three full Assembly terms. Fifteen years is enough time for any government to have shown results in the regard. Ibobi ought to have considered the last of the three terms as his legacy years building and strengthening democratic institutions, and with it his own reputation. Alas this did not happen to everybody’s loss, and he must now be realizing with regret, to his utter political disadvantage. He is now even faced with the prospect of criminal prosecution for corruption as news of the vigilace department against the Manipur Development Society, MDS, in the past few days indicate. Without doubts, there were progresses in some fields during his time. The establishment of the JNIMS and broadening of Imphal streets, though for those who lost land in the process it must have been painful, probably are the least controversial. On the other end of the scale is the creation of seven new districts. Whether this too will prove to be for the benefit or detriment of the people will only be known in the years ahead. Probably if the bitter politics involved can successfully be moderated, maybe their benefits will ultimately outshine the perceived threats they were supposed to pose. However, even if they do prove to be so, these will hardly compensate for the moral degeneration and legitimacy corrosion the past government has partaken so mindlessly. The past government cannot rid itself of the scar of having left Manipur as a savage and amoral political jungle. But politics being the amoral game of power and rhetoric, political fortunes often is determined more by playing with the anxieties and insecurities of the people. We hope the new government also does not end up falling to the same intoxicating temptations power and lucre.

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IMPHAL | Sept 6

A pre-recruitment training programme for the youth of Manipur was conducted by 18 Assam Rifles of 26 Sector Assam Rifles at Chandel from September 1, said a release by IGAR (South). 

It said, the training programme will be conducted for duration of four weeks with an objective to encourage and enable the youths of Manipur in joining security forces. A total of 52 candidates from Chandel and its surrounding districts registered their application in order to join security forces.

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From Our Correspondent

UKHRUL | Sept 6

A district level competition on New India Movement ‘Swachh Sankalp Se Swachh Siddhi’ was jointly organised by Ukhrul PHE Division, PHED Manipur and BJP Youth Front (BJYM) Ukhrul at DRDA Hall, Mini Secretariat Complex, Ukhrul.

The programme was attended by deputy commissioner of Kamjong district, Zuringla Kengoo as chief guest, while deputy commissioner of Ukhrul district, Harmit Singh Pahuja was the guest of honour.

An essay competition was organised on the topic ‘What can I do for a clean India’, in which 47 school students from Class VIII to Class XII participated in the competition. The event also witnessed 32 students participating in the painting competition under the theme ‘Clean India of my dreams’ for students of Class I to Class V.

Moreover, there were 12 entries in the short film competition for duration of 2-3 minutes on the theme ‘My contribution towards making clean India’. Altogether, 22 schools participated in the competition.

AE PHE Division, Ukhrul, Themreishang Marei said that the results of the competitions will be declared on September 8 and the cash prizes with merit certificates will be given on October 2.

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Awareness programme on prevention of deafness

From Our Correspondent


Under National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD) in Churachandpur district, an awareness and screening on prevention and control of deafness was held today at Saidan JB School, Churachandpur.

During the programme, district nodal officer of NPPCD, Dr. Jire Pudiate told the student to take care of their ears. He said that one should never insert any instrument or object in their ears, never let water go inside the ears and always stay away from extra loud sounds.

The level of hearing of the school students was checked through an audio machine by audiologist from NPPCD, Margaret Mangte.

This awareness and screening programme under NPPCD was an important activity under Information Education Communication (IEC), which is to be organised in every districts.

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Army pre- recruitment programme

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Khuga Battalion and Aina Battalion under 27 Sectors Assam Rifles, Tuibong organised army pre-recruitment registration programme by providing  free coaching, boarding and lodging to interesting youths  of New Lamka.

The recruitment drive was organised by 6th Sikhs light infantry of Khuga Battalion by using MITRA (Mobile office), where 48 youths registered for the pre-recruitment training today.

A motivational seminar for the youths of the area was also organised by Aina Battalion at St. John Vinney Junior School of Santing village where Lt. Col. ST. Bhutia made a motivational speech in front of 100 school students, 98 Youths and eight teachers of the schools.

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

PREPAK members arrested

IMPHAL | Sept 6

Under the command of SDPO of Moreh, Lawrence K. Munluo, a combined team of Moreh Police Station and 11 AR, led by OC H. Chaoba Singh arrested three alleged self-styled corporals of PREPAK (PRO) from Sunrise Ground, Moreh today around 7:15 am, said a release by SDPO Moreh.

The arrested PREPAK members were identified as Waikhom Bidyananda alias Tampakpuba (25), son of W. Iboyai Singh of Thoubal Mayai Leikai, Kongrailatpam Bisharup alias First (24), son of K. Ramananda Sharma of Uripok Haobam Dewan Leikai and Pebam Kokngang alias Kathokpa (23), son of (Late) P. Ningthempishak of Nambol Tera Makhong.

The insurgents were coming out from B-2 Camp, Taka, Myanmar to commit prejudicial activities at Moreh.  A case has been registered at Moreh Police Station, it added.

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

SEAHRA to hold debating competition

IMPHAL | Sept 6

South East Asia Human Rights Association (SEAHRA) has notified that the debating competition in regards to the memorial ceremony of Hijam Irabot will be held on September 30 at Lamyanba Sanglen.

A release said that the competition which was supposed to be organised by Sapam Robinhood committee will be taken over by SEAHRA, due to some inconvenience faced by the former. If anyone had earlier provided donations for the competition or in the interest of Sapam Robinhood, it will be returned. Those who provided cash and other equipment for the competition will be acknowledged through the media, it added.

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From A Correspondent

THOUBAL | Sept 6

The alumni of Wangjing High School, Class X batch of the year 1990 celebrated Teachers’ day today at the hall of the school and took blessings from the former teachers as well as from teachers who were working presently.

One of the alumni, S. Jayadeva expressed that 27 years after studying in the tenth class in 1990, it was very fortunate of them that they were able to touch the feet of teachers and pay respects, and receive some of their priceless blessings. He further said the relationship made of love which existed once between the teachers and students still exists today. He further expressed his wishes to celebrate Teachers’ day in the coming years ahead. 

The teachers who attended in the ceremony stated many facts regarding the role of a teacher in a society.

On the occasion, a customary shawl was presented to each of the teachers. As a part of the celebrations, floral tributes were paid to the photos of four teachers who had deceased.   

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