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Lamyanba Irabot competitions

IMPHAL | Sept 12

Organising Committee Lamyanba Irabot Observation Month which is formed by Socialist Students’s Union of Manipur (SSUM) in association with Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU) and Struggle Committee Manipur (SCM), will be organising a singing and march past competition as a part of month long celebration of Lamyanba Irabot’s birth anniversary.

The singing competition will be held on September 21 at G.M hall and the march past competition will be held on September 26 at THAU ground, Thangmeiband said a release. The forms for the competition will be free and can be obtained from the office of Socialist Student’s Union or from the website, or the facebook page Socialist Student’s Union of Manipur – SSUM. Further details can be obtained from the numbers +917085798386 and +917085798353, it added.

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IMPHAL | Sept 12

The proscribed Maoist Communist Party Manipur said the ideas introduced by the colonial masters in Manipur are being further amplified by some paid scholars on matters regarding the ban of liquor and drugs are being falsely propagated to the people. 

A release signed by coordinator, standing committee, Maoist Communist Party, Kyonghan Mangang said a group of individuals who are considered well learned by the public have also jumped into the bandwagon without doing any deeper research and have started advocating the same.

The big question is who is putting a ban on liquor in Manipur, it questioned. Is it banned by the Manipur excise department or by the police personnel who are going rounds every evening at Pologround Maning and collecting money during Holi festival, it asked? 

These intoxicants are available at the streets everywhere because they are not banned by anyone in Manipur, it said. The prevailing issues on liquor in Manipur are not caused by the inability to ban them but they are actually caused by not banning them at all, the release added.         

Further highlighting the history of Nisha Bandh, it said the movement resulted out of the several cases where male members of the community instead of earning money, spent all family resources on drinks and committed domestic violence on women and children.

The mothers being were worst affected by abuses of alcohol, started banning intoxicants to save the community, it said adding the movement lacked proper organisation, and at the beginning of 1980, the Nisha Bandh movement changed its direction towards the Meira Paibi movement due to oppressions of Indian colonial forces.    

Manipur was simply declared as a dry state in 1991 by the state government but it had never initiated any proper actions to implement it, it alleged. The Manipur liquor Prohibition act 1991 still lies today as an act that was never really implemented, it continued.

If liquor should be banned successfully, then the Manipur Liquor Prohibition Act 1991 should be amended and made stronger to meet with the changing times and start giving stringent punishments to the guilty, it said.

Except for the few prohibitions voluntary made by the CVOs, the State government has not put up tangible form of prohibition till today, it further alleged. As for the claims made by the police of arresting vendors, there are no clear information on what form of punishment was given except photos being splashed across the pages of newspapers, it continued. 

There are places in world where a pharmacist can be thrown to prison for eight years for selling illicit drugs, it said. However, in Manipur, the Indian army and sons of former CMs had been caught with drugs but they are roaming free without receiving any form of punishments, it said.

How can anyone, considering the given circumstances, express that the measures to prohibit illicit alcohol and drugs have failed, it said. It should be banned first, and the argument can be made about the results later, it added.

The release appealed to the people to not to fall into the half-baked argument made by self-acclaimed intellectuals and paid scholars that measures to prohibit liquor have all failed. One should rather ask them how it would be possible to ban alcohol when it is not really banned at all, it continued.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 00:00

Tamenglong protest against shortage of doctor

From Our Correspondent


In protest against the transferred of two doctors from district hospital Tamenglong despite of acute shortage of doctors in district, civil voluntary organisations (CVOs) of Tamenglong today burnt the effigies of minister of Health, Family welfare, Law and legislative, Art and culture, L. Jayanta Kumar and Health director of Manipur.

The civil voluntary organisations also formed a Joint Action Forum (JAF) of Tamenglong today after series of meeting. The forum today organised health awareness programme at main market shed of the district. During the awareness programme all shops and vehicles movement were shut down. It was also announced to close down all government offices in the district headquarters from today midnight.

The CVOs of Tamenglong earlier served ultimatum setting 72 hours to chief minister of Manipur for immediate fulfilment of the charter of demands. However, no response has been made. The joint meeting was held yesterday and decided to organise awareness programme today and launch series of agitation.

The charter of demands included, passing a ‘stay order’ of the transfer of doctors and specialists of Tamenglong District Hospital until a replacement for the same is made, to fulfil the guidelines laid down in the Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) for a District Hospital in which at least 20 doctors, 45 paramedical staff, 12 administrative staff, five staff in Operation Theatre, four staff in Blood Storage Unit and three staff in Post Mortem Unit.

Another demand was for replacement and upgrade of all equipment and infrastructural facilities that are outdated and redundant.

In the meantime, the forum issued a press statement signed by convener of JAF, Atana, in which the forum strongly condemned the transferred of two doctors and stated that the transferred order is insensitive, discriminatory and inhuman.

The present BJP led government have been following the policy of subjugating and suppressing to annihilate the people of Tamenglong by neglecting to address issues of the people especially in health sector, said the statement.

It further stated that the Tamenglong district hospital has been understaffed with only 37 beds and 11 doctors against 20 doctors needed including 13 specialists and seven MOs as per Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS).

Moreover, blood storage unit, post-partum unit and operation unit have practically rendered no service. Practically there is no equipment or facilities to give service on imaging equipment and accessories. Also, there is no practical cardiopulmonary, labour and neo natal, ENT, dental equipment to provide minimal standard of service, it added.

The statement also mentioned that a baby was born still on September 10 as the pregnant mother who was referred to Imphal for delivery had already crossed nine months. The incident happened within 10 days of the issued order of utilisation of Gynae MO to Nungba CHC. There are numerous such incidents that went unreported.

JAF has demanded to provide health care facilities at a standard as per the IPHS ranging from man power to doctors, along with modern equipment and accessories and all the facilities prescribed under the IPHS.

It further stated that the government of Manipur should take sole responsibility and pay adequate compensation for the deceased baby and take swift measures to fulfil the demand. The forum is compelled to launch strong agitation and any untoward incident that might occur will be solely held responsible by the government, it added.

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From Our Correspondent


A grand reception programme was organised for chief minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh at Hiangtam Lamka public ground today where he visited.

The chief minister and his entourage walked from Churachandpur police station till the venue of the reception programme, where they were welcomed by different tribes and community leaders of the district.  The CM was traditionally welcomed with the famous bamboo dance ‘Suktuah lam’.

The chief minister, accompanied by his deputy and cabinet ministers were accorded a warm welcome by agriculture minister, V. Hangkhanlian and other MLAs of the district including Vungzagin Valte, GS. Haupu, Chaltonlien Amo and TT. Haokip.

The  ADCC  team led by its chairman Khaipao Haokip and district administration led by  DC Shyam  Lal  Poonia and SP Rakesh Balwal were also present during the reception.

Hangkhanlian delivered the welcome speech thanking the CM for his visit to Churachandpur. At the same time, he also highlighted the shortfalls in roads and means of communications, issue of supply of drinking water, the need for having a campus of Manipur University in the district, upgradation of the district hospital to a medical college, upgradation of PHED/PHC and government schools and need for utilisation of building that are lying vacant and others.

Addressing the mammoth gathering at Hiangtam Lamka public ground, the chief minister said the request made by the people of the district through his cabinet colleague Hangkhanlian will be taken into due consideration, adding that the government has already planned for a medical college in Churachandpur. However, an approval from Medical Council of India and central government is awaited, he added.

In regards to the issue of drinking water, Biren Singh said that the state government had sent a proposal of Rs. 159 crore to NLCPR to provide piped drinking water to the people of Churachandpur district and adjoining villages by using the water of Khuga Dam.

The state government is putting in efforts on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of providing piped drinking water to all the people of the country by 2022.

The water supply plant at Songtal being developed an estimated cost of Rs 4.8 crore is nearing completion and another plant is also being taken up under PHED Zone-III of the district at an estimated cost of Rs. 6.2 crore, said Biren.

The government would also take up rain water harvesting schemes as a means to resolve the problem of water scarcity, he added.

About MU campus in Churachandpur, the CM said that he has been in touch with the vice-chancellor of MU and is hopeful of having one soon in the district though assurance cannot be given as of now.

Regarding infrastructure development, the CM said that there is Rs. 58 crores for the backward Henglep sub-division and development works will be implemented after rainy season.

Under ‘Act East Policy’, the border village of Behiang will be the second gateway after Moreh town and for which good road is a must and the state government has earmarked Rs.30 crore for the project, said the chief minister.

He further said that the first trip of MSRT bus to Pherzawl district had to return back due to landslide, promising that that kind of sad news will not be heard soon. Rs.386 crore will be used for development of Churachandpur and Pherzawl district, he added.

Biren also said that ADCC affiliated department will also be upgraded at the tune of Rs.300 crore which will be particularly for Churachandpur and Pherzawl district. He added that government will give top priority to the hills and there is a need to have a topographic need base policy.

The chief minister today asked the people to think in terms of oneness and said that peace and development in Churachandpur have impressed the top leaders in the Centre including the Prime Minister.

He further said that under his government a state mission was envisaged where ‘Skill Mission’ was formed which can be on computer, carpentry, fashion designing or others. The government will give financial help for the skill development for which the applicant has to furnish their particulars, qualification, skills and other requirements. The mission is a part of his government’s ‘vision for the hills’, he added.

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Beyond Zero Sum Games

The logics of conflict, it is often said, can hardly be with justice adjudicated by ordinary law. The exception called for is also evident in the popular saying that everything is fair in love and war, for in the end, presumably it is only winning that matters. Call it the law of the jungle, but it is a fact that the history of life itself has been a long winding tale about winners. Only the fittest have survived to tell the tale. It also has not always meant the biggest and the strongest survived. The extinction of the dinosaurs as well as the falls of invincible empires in recorded history all are testimony. Who knows, in the end, it may just be uncomplicated one-cell creatures, and viruses that prove to be the fittest. For close to 60 million years, humans have been at the top of life’s chart but in evolutionary terms, 60 million years is negligibly short. In Bill Bryson’s easy to grasp scale in his bestseller: A Brief History of Nearly Everything, if the entire history of the earth were to be represented by the stretch between fingertip to fingertip of a man of average height with outstretched arms, then the single average stroke of a medium-grain nail-file on a nail would be enough to wipe off the entire human history. 60 million years is that very insignificant.

It is rather oxymoronic, but the fact also is, this insignificant and short 60 million years is also extremely significant and long. Indeed, 60 million years is virtually unimaginable to the human mind. Forget about the 60 million years, even the last 12,000 years since the last minor Ice Age receded and the race of human civilizations was flagged off, has been an extremely long time. Forget also the 12,000 years, but the last century and the one we live in are from our point view extremely significant and long. Humans have chosen to believe they are an exception. The human drama too is no longer only about the survival of the fittest genes. If this were so, there would have been no place for refined emotions such as compassion, empathy, sympathy, love etc. Consequently, as in the animal world, handicapped children would have had very little chances of survival. The phenomenon of adoption, (or the transfer of parental affection to non-offsprings) known for perhaps as long as human civilization, and now a raging benevolent fashion, thanks to celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sushmita Sen etc and before them Paul Newman and many more, for instance is totally contrary to the law of natural selection, where each living thing is supposedly in a perpetual competition to propagate its own genes. Maybe in evolutionary terms, these qualities are deviants that will lower the defences of humans in the survival of species struggle. All the same, let us admit it, humans are different, and that this species has gone beyond the principles of natural selection. Call it strength or weakness, but this is also what makes humans stand out. Hence our objection to the survival of the fittest theory as an inevitability, or of the argument that war calls for exceptions in law that go against the tradition of liberal humanism.

There are obviously many who disagree, especially those who think in terms of deadly conflicts as resolutions to disagreements and disputes. They also generally think in terms of what is now popularly referred to as the “zero sum game”. From this perspective, in a competitive environment, one competitor’s gain has to be the other competitor’s loss. The offshoot of this vision is also another rather sinister war game: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Such players push their “friends” to be the enemy of their enemy as well. Maybe the “zero sum game” is unavoidable in a straight equation where there are only two players. But when there are many more players than just two, things get a lot more complicated, and the “zero sum game” often becomes unproductive. American mathematician and economics Nobel Prize winning genius, John Nash, said as much in his biography by Sylvia Nasar titled “A Beautiful Mind”, now a major Hollywood movie. Individual players in any multi-players game, do not function as isolated, independent units, but conform to a larger pattern or ethics on the acknowledgement and restraint that “I think that he thinks that I think that he thinks…” Breaking this unseen bond, even between rivals, whichever player it is that resorts to it, has never proven productive for anybody. This principle of economic rivalry can very well shed some valuable light on why the strategy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, so repulsively rampant in Manipur, is resulting in so much chaos and disillusionment. Anybody listening?

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Candidates selected for fisheries training

IMPHAL | Sept 12

As per a notification from the director of Fisheries, 40 candidates have been selected for undergoing one year certificate course in Inland Fisheries Development and Management at Lamphel for the academic session 2017-18 which will commence from September 15.

A release said all the selected candidates are to report for their joining in the said training course at 10:30 a.m on Friday, September 15 to the fishery officer, fishery research and training centre, Sanakeithel.

Selected candidates who failed to join the training course on or before September 29 will be treated as not interested and their selection will stand cancelled without any further notice, it said, adding out of the annual total seat capacity of 40 for the course, four, two, three and 31 seats have been shortlisted for the States of Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur, respectively.

The release further informed that 30,000 fish fingerlings comprising of Rohu, Catla, Mrigal and Exotic carps (Grass Carp and Silver Carp) will be released tomorrow at Kangla Park in front of P.W.D. and Imphal Municipal Corporation for stock enhancement as well as beautification of the water body.

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Insurgents nabbed

IMPHAL | Sept 12

A combined team of Thoubal district police commandos and 39 Assam Rifles conducted frisking and checking at Kakching Lamkai area and arrested an alleged active member of UNLF on September 10, said a statement released by PRO, Manipur police department.

According to the statement, the individual has been identified as Laishram Romio alias Boinao Singh (23) son of L. Anand Singh of Moreh Ward Number 7.

On the same day, a team of Imphal East district police commandos arrested an alleged self-styled captain of UNLF organisation from Keibi Kumuda area, Tata Magic parking, it said.

The individual has been identified as Sapam Shantikumar Singh alias Manaotonmacha (44) son of (L) S. Mani Singh of Keibi Kumuda Maning Leikai, it said adding that incriminating articles were seized from his possession and initial investigation revealed that he was involved in extortion of money from the general public, private firms, government offices, contractors, Panchayat candidates for raising their party fund

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Ccpur talent hunt concludes

From Our Correspondent


Talent hunt competition that was started on August 22, concluded today. Many young boys and girls from the district participated in the competition of different genres of music and dance held at Young Mizo Association (YMA) hall located at Hmuia Veng, Lamka.

The talent hunt was organised by team CT Lian and it was held alongside a mega trade fair which was also held for the same period. After nine rounds of elimination, the contestants were judged through votes by audiences.

The winning group of the of the talent hunt ‘The Obvious’ received a cash prize of Rs. 20,000 and a citation, while the first runners up group ‘Leo’ received Rs. 10,000 and a citation and second runners up 'Kevin' received Rs. 6000 and a citation. A consolation price was also given to the young and upcoming dancer Lianmung, who got a citation and a complimentary T-Shirt.

The director of the show, CT. Lian Guite told media that the idea is to have a recreational platform for the youth. He continued that his team is indebted to Dalmia Cement and Excel Diagnostic Center, Lamka, for sponsoring the trophy and cash prizes and made the programme a success.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 00:00

Last date extended for principal post

IMPHAL | Sept 12

Manipur Public Service Commission has resolved to extend the last date for submission of application form for the post of principals of government colleges upto office hours of September 25 in a meeting held yesterday in view of the delay in dissemination of information relating to format of application for the post and time taken by colleges for verification of the information and documents submitted by the applicants am also issue of No Objection Certificate by the government, said a release signed by MPSC secretary, Gyan Prakash.     

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 00:00

Khuga Battalion Mission UJALA

IMPHAL | Sept 12

Khuga Battalion launched ‘MISSION UJALA’ for people living in the far flung areas near Indo-Myanmar border having very limited access to development schemes, said a release of PIB Defence, Imphal.

It said the border villages namely, Zoukhunou, Hiangtam Khunou and C Lanchah are in very remote areas and have no connection or access to electricity.  The company posts located in the villages undertook a special drive under ‘MISSION UJALA’ and provided the villages with electricity for four hours in the night from own limited resources, it added. 

It further said that the villagers have benefitted a lot as it helps them charge their electronics devices like mobiles and also helps their children to do studies in the night.

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