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Drug sellers nabbed

IMPHAL | Aug 11

A combined team of  Narcotics and Affairs of Border police station and Bishnupur district police commandos arrested two drug sellers from Phougakchao Ikhai Bazar area, Bishnupur district who were coming on a Honda Activa bearing registration number MN 02B 4740 yesterday, said a statement issued by PRO, police department, Manipur.

The statement said that the two individuals have been identified as Nehminthang Haokip (29) son of Henlal Haokip of S. Gangpijang village, Churchandpur district and Satkholun Haokip (25) son of Lamthang of S. Gangpijang village, Churchandpur.

On checking the Honda Activa, 2000 Amphetamine (WY) tablet was found inside the tool box. Accordingly, the detected drug and the alleged Honda Activa were seized from the possession of accused Nehminthang Haokip, it said adding that the value of the seized drug in local market is approximately, Rs. two lakhs.

On the same day, a team of Narcotics and Affairs of Border police stat arrested one drug seller identified as Md. Amjad Khan alias Ethemba (32) son of Md. Sahiruddin of Keirao Napting Sabal Leikai from Hatta in front of Orient Hotel, Imphal East district.

It further said that 1400 Spasmo Proxyvon capsules and 200 Amphetamine (WY) tablets were seized from his possession and added that the value of the seized drug in local market is approximately, Rs. 50,000.

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Saturday, 12 August 2017 00:00

Dharna against Nagaland Governor

KOHIMA | Aug 11 (NNN)

Taking a sharp dig on Nagaland Governor, PB Acharya for dismissing Dr. Shürhozelie’s Government and installing TR Zeliang’s unconstitutional Government in the state, the Naga People’s Front under the banner of Youth Wing today began its four-day sit in protest in front of the Raj Bhavan, Kohima.

Demanding that the Centre recall back the Governor immediately, hundreds of NPF youths gheraoed the Raj Bhavan and asked for dismissal of the unconstitutional Zeliang government.

The agitators strongly voiced that if the Indian government considers Naga people as its citizen, the right form of Constitution should be made functional to run the Nagaland government.

Angered with the way the Governor “hijacked the mandated Shürhozelie’s Government”, the youths further warned that if the Centre do not recall back the Governor, the youths would be “compelled to seek other ways and means to chase him out.”

“The Governor being the Custodian of the Indian Constitution in the state should protect the state but instead, he is breaking every norm of the precious Constitution”, the youths expressed.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA, Yitachu maintained that the Governor who earlier talked about corruption in various department has “lost his integrity and principle and is indulging himself in the mother of all corruption by installing an unconstitutional government.”

“In no state, we expect a Governor like PB Acharya who is supposed to be the guardian of the law of the state to snatch away the rights of the people in this manner”, Yitachu said.

Yitachu also said that if the Indian Government really has concern for the fate of the Naga people then it should send some better person as the Governor of the state who can abide and function according to the Indian Constitution.

The MLA also reiterated that if the octogenarian Governor thinks Naga people will not raise their rights for his unconstitutional politics then it will be his “biggest mistake and miscalculation.”

Yitachu also maintained that if the Governor thinks the Indian Constitution is not for the Naga people, we can understand him but if the Indian Constitution protects the Naga people then immediately Zeliang’s government should be dislodged.

Therefore, Yitachu strongly urged upon the Centre to recall back the present Governor and appoint a person who is well versed with the constitution and act accordingly for the welfare of the people.

Hitting hard at the Rio’s appointing as Interim President of their so-called NPF party as the biggest blow to the Naga people, he said Naga people were not foolish enough to accept such kind of self-style Interim President.

The recently launched Democratic People’s Party (DPP) is the son of Neiphiu Rio and this cannot be forgotten by any Nagas. Instead of nurturing his infant party, Rio is now trying to hijack and dismantle the whole NPF set up through his money power, Yitachu said and asked, can such kind of leadership quality take the Naga people to any greater heights?

The MLA also maintained that the younger generation cannot be underestimated by such leaders, the Naga people are well aware of the power hungry and the truthful leaders.

However, Yitachu said that no matter how hard they try to play with the NPF, Naga people will raise their voice of the NPF and the party will always speak for the Naga people.

Another NPF MLA, Tohanba also raised in the occasion that the Naga people will never accept the violation of the Indian Constitution by the Governor and the Speaker. NPF will always be there to protect the rights of the Naga people, he added.

Tohanba also pointed out that in NPF constitution there is no Interim President post and only one president is mentioned which is occupied by Dr. Shürhozelie.

The NPF working President, Huskha Yethomi in his speech urged upon the Centre that if the Indian Government wants the Naga people to live under its Constitution, Acharya should be called back. The Naga people is not against a person in the stature of Governor but it will go against any Governor who do not uphold the Constitution and protect the people with the law, Huskha said adding that if there is no law in the state, the Naga people can enter inside the Raj Bhavan and remove Acharya from the office. He also warned that before the whole Naga people run out of patience, the Governor should either dismiss the unconstitutional Zeliang’s Government or retreat himself from the Raj Bhavan.

It may be mentioned that the sit-in-dharna will end on  August 14.

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Newmai News Network


The third round of the ongoing tripartite talks between Government of India, Government of Manipur and United Naga Council (UNC) was held today at the DRDA Conference Hall, Senapati Distict Headquarters with Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary (NE), Minister of Home Affairs, Govt. of India in the chair, witnessed “fiery expressions” from the United Naga Council (UNC) team before they signed a 4-point agreed term. The talks which started at 11 am were chaired by Satyendra Garg, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India, and went on for about 4 hours.

One of the points said, “In terms of the agreement of the March 19, 2017 talks to redress the grievances of the United Naga Council (UNC) in respect of the creation of the new districts, the Government of Manipur will initiate appropriate steps in right earnest in this regard”. The agreed point of the March 19, 2017 states that “the grievances of the United Naga Council which led to the imposition of the economic blockade by them was recognized as there was non-adherence to the four Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the Government of India’s assurance on the matter. The Government of Manipur agrees to start consultation with all stakeholders to redress the same”.

UNC sources informed Newmai News Network this afternoon that, in the course of the talks today the UNC team almost walked out of the hall as they demanded from the Manipur Government representatives to “nullify” all the measures including official procedures on the new districts and the various comments of Chief Minister N Biren Singh on the issue in recent times.

The UNC sources also said that the spirit of the tripartite talks was undermined by the measures taken up by the Manipur Government on the new districts. “We have pointedly told the Manipur Government representatives about all these things,” further stated the UNC sources. The UNC leaders also told the Manipur Government representatives that they have been made a hostage of the tripartite talks and victimised by the measures taken up by the latter such as constitution of ‘Boundary Commission/Committee’, ‘assertion of the Chief Minister not to roll back the new district creation’ followed by certain official proceedings on the new districts. “We told the Manipur Government’s ministerial team that the Nagas are all prepared to resume the agitation and we have already taken the position to do so,” said the UNC sources.

Responding to the charges of the UNC, the three ministers of Manipur State Government told the UNC team that “they are participating the tripartite talks for the first time, and that, they will go back and convey things to the Chief Minister”, according to the UNC sources. The UNC team then cautioned the Manipur Government team that there will not be “any next tripartite talks” if the Manipur Government continues to have the “same attitude” as it has been doing things in the past months.

Meanwhile, the other three points of the agreement signed today are that, the “UNC appreciates the Government of Manipur for complying with the May 19, 2017 agreement of conducting the talks at the political level, while expressing resentment on some recent developments”. The next round of talks will be held in the month of September, 2017, and then, “both the State Government and the UNC agreed upon to mutually respect the agreements signed in the previous talks to avoid any provocative action till the dialogue process is taken to its logical end”.

Unlike the earlier round of talks, today’s talks were brought up to the political level with the participation of three cabinet ministers of Manipur, which includes Agriculture & Veterinary Minister V. Hangkhanlian, Tribal Affairs & Hills Minister N. Kayisii and Education & Labour and Employment Minister Th. Radheshyam. Apart from the three cabinet ministers, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Dr .J. Suresh Babu and Commissioner (Works & IPR) K. Radhakumar Singh also participated the talk from the side of the Government of Manipur. The UNC team was represented by Gaidon Kamei, President of UNC, S. Milan, General Secretary of UNC, UNC Advisor L Adani, former UNC president Paul Leo, another former UNC president Samson Remmei, UNC executive Kaikho, UNC Information Secretary Stephen, Seth Shatsang, President of All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM) and Asha Wungnam, President Naga Women Union (NWU) and few others.

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By Jiten Yumnam

Of the most ambitious and controversial mega projects in Manipur, the 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project (Loktak Project) hit news headlines in early August 2017, again for wrong reasons. Several media establishments published the non-existence of memorandum of understanding or agreement (MoU) on Loktak Project between the Government of Manipur and the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), as confirmed by the NHPC on 9 May 2017 in response to an RTI filed by Mr. Joy Haobijam of Thanga, Manipur. The arsoning of floating huts in Loktak Wetlands and the merciless brutality unleashed by the Loktak Development Authority (LDA) and the Manipur Police in November 2011 and the scandalous corruption in the cleaning of ‘Phumdi’, floating biomass in Loktak Wetlands involving the K-Pro company, also hits news headlines in recent years. 

The absence of an MoU, that should be defining the terms and conditions of the operation of the Loktak project, simply led to series of unanswered questions, especially on who should be regulating the operation of the 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project concerning its project duration, on responding to social and environmental impacts, the decommissioning period, and the rights and role of the State Government and to address the lingering grievances of the communities, challenged by the project. With the absence of a MoU, it seems the Government of Manipur is divesting its responsibility to regulate a project marred with wide social and environment impacts on its land and resources, which provides a critical livelihood source for several indigenous communities of Manipur. The NHPC seems to be conferred with a free hand to just plunder and expropriate the wetlands and other natural resources of Manipur without any monitoring, regulation and accountability mechanism.       

The construction of Loktak Multipurpose Hydro Electric Project was taken up by the Ministry of Irrigation and Power, Government of India in 1971 and was commissioned by the Government of India in 1983 with the National Hydro Electric Power Corporation (NHPC) executing the project. The Ithai Dam or barrage was constructed in the downstream of Manipur River (Imphal River) to generate 105 MW of power by and to provide Lift irrigation facilities for 24,000 hectares of land. The Ithai barrage constructed has already led to submergence of more than 80,000 acres of agriculture land .

The construction of the Ithai Dam has brought a reverse picture in economic status of Manipur from a self-sufficient to borrower’s position with a large number of agricultural lands submerged under water. Manipur continues to lose around 300 Crore rupees annually, if one calculates the annual loss of crop yield, fishing and other seasonal vegetable harvest from the land destroyed by Loktak Project in and around Loktak wetlands, over 80,000 acres of land. Manipur has incurred a loss of more than 10,000 crores of rupees since the project operation from 1983 onwards. A careful calculation of economic, social and environment impact of Loktak project is a serious and critical need of the hour.

The NHPC Company refused to concede to the demands of the community affected by Loktak HEP project in Manipur for their rehabilitation and resettlement. Many of the displaced people are forced to seek refuge in Loktak Lake, building floating huts over phumdis, floating vegetation mass formed due to seasonal fluctuation of water level of the Lake. However, the Government of Manipur unleashed a reign of state terror by burning down these floating huts in November 2011. The arsoning was carried out by Loktak Development Authority (LDA) and the Manipur Police based on the eviction notification of LDA on 11 November 2011 under the Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act, 2006.  

Loktak Lake is already designated as a Ramsar Protected Site under the Ramsar Convention and one of the key obligations of the Government is to ensure that communities depending on Loktak Wetlands are fully involved in all management process of the Lake as also endorsed by the resolution VII.8 and VIII.19 of Ramsar Convention`s Conference of contracting parties held at Costa Rica in May 1999 and at Spain in November 2002. Notwithstanding these resolutions, fishing communities of Loktak Lake are evicted and their intrinsic survival dependence on the Lake curtailed. 

The Impact of Ithai Barrage is not limited to only submergence of agriculture land and destroying peoples’ livelihood. The Ithai Barrage has been responsible for series of floods in Manipur as the NHPC in several occasion, refuse to open the sluice gates of Ithai Barrage, leading to widespread submergence of agricultural areas. Manipur already experienced more than five major floods from April till July 2017. Acknowledging the role of Ithai Barrage in the worsening flood situation in Manipur, the Chief Minister of Manipur, Mr. Biren has even requested Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India in July 2017 to remove the Ithai Barrage that blocks the Manipur River. Unleashing environmental impacts, the Ithai Barrage also led to disappearance of several indigenous fishes from Loktak Lake such as the Ngaton, Khabak, Pengba, Tharaak, Ngaaraa, Ngaatin etc. It has been observed that these fishes migrated from the Chindwin-Irrawady river system of Burma to the course of Imphal/Manipur River for breeding in the adjoining lakes and streams of Manipur valley. The production of at least Twenty Three (23) indigenous varieties of aquatic edible plants, e.g Heikak, Thaangjing, Loklei, and Pulei etc has been reduced.

The Loktak Project has contributed in militarization in Manipur as Indian paramilitary forces are deployed to protect the facilities of the project, such as Ithai, Leimatak and Ningthoukhong etc. There are several cases where military officials manning the Loktak Project facilities committed human rights violations, viz arbitrary killings and summary execution of indigenous populace of Manipur.  

The Loktak Project has become a real symbol of plunder and exploitation of the land and resources of Manipur and is also a key factor for underming food sovereignty of Manipur. The continued operation of the Loktak Project without any accountability of the NHPC and the State undermines the significance of Loktak wetlands, which is classified as a Ramsar site, a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. The Loktak project is also responsible for continued suffering of fishing communities, such as due to promulgation of the Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act, 2006.

The NHPC reaps huge profits while unleashing wide suffering to indigenous populace and undermining food sovereignty of Manipur. Further, NHPC has plans to accrue additional profits by renovating the Loktak Power Station by reaping and market carbon credits from the Clean Development Mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is also a false solution to climate change. In a clear disrespect and insult to the people of Manipur, the NHPC even claimed in the High Court of Manipur that it is not responsible for the submergence of land and devastation of Loktak Wetlands ecosystem. The indulgence of NHPC by profiteering from the destruction of land and environment and impoverishing and suppressing indigenous communities of Manipur and absolving of any responsibility constitutes a highest form of corporate unaccountability.  

The most unfortunate thing is the NHPC is also being entrusted by the Government of India to build the colossal 1500 MW Tipaimukh Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project along the Barak River and also the 60 MW Loktak Downstream Project, both of which will entail wide submergence of both agriculture and forest land in Churachandpur and Tamenglong Districts of Manipur. Such massive destructive of land will further undermine food sovereignty and foster Manipur’s dependency on outsiders. Corporate bodies like the NHPC that remained unaccountable for the sheer destruction of the land and resources in Manipur should not be allowed to operate further in Manipur.

NHPC should also stop unethical ways of reaping financial gains by seeking carbon credits from upgrading the Loktak Project operations. Such practices will only reinforce the unethical practices and the violations within. The NHPC should stop reaping profits from Manipur by destroying its wetlands and by harassing its indigenous peoples. Such process will be akin to perpetuation of violations.  NHPC should be held accountable for the violations and the disrespect of the people of Manipur. 

The Government of Manipur and the Govt of India should explain to the people of Manipur on the absence of an agreement or an accountability mechanism for 105 MW Loktak Multipurpose Hydroelectric Project. The Government of Manipur should also urge upon the NHPC to take responsibility and accountability for the sufferings unleashed on communities and for the environment devastations in Loktak wetlands. The Government of Manipur should take full responsibility by reviewing 105 MW Loktak Project and to take appropriate steps in coordination with the Government of India to decommission the Ithai Barrage at the earliest.

There is a larger question if the operation of Loktak Project with an annual loss of more than 300 Crore for Manipur is still feasible? Moreover, North East India is already power surplus and people of Manipur buy power irrespective of where it is generated. The Manipur Loktak Lake Protection Act, 2006 should also be repealed to recognize the rights and role of fishing communities in the sustainable management of Loktak wetlands. NHPC should be held accountable for the multiple violations unleashed in Manipur. A development process that inflicted suffering to the communities and that devastate their livelihood and that insisted on corporatization and perception of land and resources only as sources of profit amidst absence of any accountability mechanism for corporations and the State can never lead to sustainable development and such development processes should be rescinded.  

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Provocation lies in man’s minds

The rate of crime committed against women is alarming. More than a decade has gone by with many cases of rape in Manipur. The situation is still getting worse day by day. Every single second is buffering to hear a new rape case in the state. Probably, women from other states of India must have assumed Manipur to be quite safe for them but the situation is just the opposite.

Though dowry death and honour killing do not happen in northeast India, crime against women never stops in this part of the world. Different cases of rape which included gang rape and marital rape have been reported frequently. Rape and murder is one of the most common crimes these days. According to the report of Women Action for Development (WAD), in the last 12 years, 257 women were raped while 33 were murdered after being raped in Manipur. There had been 24 cases of rape and four cases of rape and murder in 2012, 29 cases of rape and two cases of rape and murder in 2013, 45 cases of rape and six cases of rape and murder in 2014, 33 cases of rape and eight cases of rape and murder in 2015 and 28 cases of rape and two cases of rape and murder last year. As it followed, there had been 15 cases of rape and one case of attempt to rape from January 1 to May 7 of this year.

Concerning the burning issue, the chief minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh informed the House recently about the increase in crimes against women in the state and also announced that a fast track court to strongly deal with the cases. While social welfare and cooperation minister Nemcha Kipgen asserted for zero tolerance in connection with the recent rape of a minor school girl. On the other hand, a man was shot dead last month by the proscribed outfit UNLF for raping his 12 years old niece and recently another man was again punished by shooting three rounds of bullets by the outfit but survived in a critical condition. The latter was accused almost four years ago for raping a three and half years old minor. Additionally, a person was also sentenced for five years’ imprisonment under POCSO Act 2012, for his crime of raping a minor girl five years ago. Somehow, rapists are penalised either by outlawed organisation or by accepted legal system. But much needs to be done in this aspect. Many of the rape cases are dumped or not yet exposed and some remained as miscarriage of justice by compromising through customary law. Likewise, women are suppressed persistently. Manipur also had bitter part of history wherein the powerful and the mighty ‘possessing’ any woman of his liking. The consent of the woman had no place in front of the mighty. The same kind of practice was also followed by commoners in olden days. Abducting a woman to get married forcefully was never considered a crime.

In today’s contemporary society, people have better understanding on the evils of forcing women, but still the carnal desire of men remains uncontrolled and women are still vulnerable. While women of Manipur are already unsafe even with their uncles, there are also the security forces who allegedly contribute their part in rape under the shadow of the AFSPA.

NGOs and CVOs are reaching out to the locals of remote areas of the state to give knowledge about violence against women under Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). And despite of all the efforts, most of the local womando not really understand CEDAW while reports of the programme are sent to the higher level as being successful. The menace of rape can only be ended when the men’s mentality is rehabilitated. As truly said, ‘Generally, women are told not to go out at night. In fact, if men are advised to do the same, women would definitely walk freely at night.’ It is not in the cloth that women wear, but it is in the mind of man where beastly temptation germinates.


Leader Writer:  Khogen Khoibam

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IMPHAL | Aug 11 (DIPR)

The Chief General Manager, SBI-NE Region, P.V.S.L.N. Murty called on chief minister N. Biren Singh and held a detailed meeting for expanding banking services in the state.

During the meeting held yesterday at Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Murty discussed on the opening of new bank branches to expand banking coverage and other measures to ease the difficulties faced by the people of the state especially those living in the remote areas in accessing banking facilities.

Murty further explained various schemes and modalities to extend the banking facilities to the people of the state like Customer Care Points of SBI, Bank Mitra to deliver the cash.

He also assured to take up the matter seriously in co-ordination with the state government in fulfilling the vision of chief minister, Manipur to deliver the pension benefits including the old aged pension to the beneficiaries/pensioners at their door step.

On the occasion, as a goodwill gesture to extend support to help and rehabilitate the flood victims, the State Bank of India, Local Head Office (LHO) Guwahati also donated Rs. 50 lakh to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF).

The Chief General Manager, SBI- NE, P.V.S.L.N Murty along with the officials of State Bank of India handed over the cheque to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh.

Murty mentioned that considering the extensive damage to property and personal assets due the recent flash floods occurred in different parts of Manipur, SBI decided to contribute some amount into the CMRF to help the flood victims in the State.

It is for the first time in the history of Manipur that an organisation is donating a huge amount to the tune of Rs. 50 lakh to CMRF. Mentioned may be made that State Bank of India donated Rs 1 crore to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund of Assam, to help the flood victims in Assam recently.

  1. Biren Singh expressed his heartfelt gratitude for making such contribution on behalf of the people of Manipur.
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Saturday, 12 August 2017 00:00

65th Anniversary of Mizo Zirlai Pawl

From Our Correspondent


The two days programme of the 65th Anniversary of Mizo Zirlai Pawl (Mizo Students Association), Manipur cum Meritorious Award Distribution commenced today at Chengkonpang community hall.

Meritorious awards were given to the toppers of Class X and XII in the recent examinations under BOSEM and COHSEM.

Principal secretary of Government of Manipur, Lhungmuanna Lakher was the chief guest of the programme and he said that studying is the most important step for success.

'We give awards to show our appreciation to toppers but it does not end here. We need to keep in mind to support the leaders, either in the students’ association or other good leaders. We need to follow the leader and for that we all need to know a good time management which was precisely done by the MZP leaders’, said Lhungmuanna.

The programme was also attended by principal secretary, RC Ramthanga as guest of honour and John Thangtinkhuma as functional president and it was hosted by Thari Sitkil. The main programme will be held tomorrow at 11:30 pm where minister V. Hangkhanlian will attend as chief guest.

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Police recover missing truck

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 11

Lamphel police team with the assist from Thoubal police commando and Yairipok police station has recovered truck loaded with paint which was reported missing from July 29 from Langing area.

According to the source on July 20 a complaint was filed to the Lamphel police station about the missing of paint and other material loaded tata truck along with the driver by North East Cargo Transport.

Missing report filed by the complainant further mention that on July 18 the company has hired the missing tata truck with registration number JK,02,BK,5609 from Guwahati for the transportation of 545 Paints buckets and other paint items and the truck remain traceless after reaching Langjing on 29 July.

On  August 1, investigating officer (IO) of the case, sub inspector, Satish under the supervision of Lamphel OC, with the assist from Nambol police recovered around 300 paints buckets and other items from Nambol Phojing and also seized one Xenon truck which is used in transporting the paints and arrested six persons involved in the case.

As yesterday specific information was received by the IO of the case that the missing truck is kept at Yairipok area the Lamphel police team with the help of Thoubal distict police commando and Yiripok police rushed to the spot and recovered the missing Tata truck from Yairipok Heitroipokpi area.

Till now police were unable to arrest the main accused (master mind) and the driver of the truck.

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World Bio-fuel day observed

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 11

As celebrated worldwide, word bio fuel day is also celebrated today in the state at Tribal Research Institute (TRI) hall, Chingmeirong. The programme is jointly organised by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and National Yuva Cooperative Society (NYCS) Limited.

This event is to create and awareness about non-fossil fuels (green fuels) and to put attention on the scarcity of non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels.

The inaugural function was attended by state assembly speaker Yumnam Khemchand as chief guest. Addressing the gathering, he stressed that it is the need of the hour to start using and realise the use of bio fuel which is a renewable energy from bio waste.

Using bio-fuel is the first step and would be the best step to control global warming and climate change, he said. Meanwhile he also pointed out that the increase of petroleum run vehicles in the state is not a good sign to combat global warming as it affects the environment as well. Using biofuel is the need of the hour and will only be the solution to all the effects of global warming, he added.

As part of observation of this day, state level competition for students was held on august 8 at Lamyanba Shanglen and prizes were distributed for the winners today at the function.

In the presidential speech, Professor J.M. Laishram, dean of College of Agriculture, Central Agricultural University, pointed out that there are many ways for extraction of biofuel and the currently used model is used in Brazil and USA in the form of bioethanol and biodiesel. There is no instance of using biofuel but research is on, he added.

Amit Das, regional head of National Yuva Cooperative Society Ltd (NYCS), and I.S. Konthoujam, event coordinator of NYCS attended as special guests of the occasion.

In the second session, talks on various topics like “Bioenergy in India”, “Biofuel and Biodiesel as a source of renewable energy”, and “A perspective from Earth sciences” were discussed by eminent personalities of their respective fields.

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By A Staff reporter

IMPHAL | August 11

A valedictory function of the special national training programme on “Advancement of seed testing” organised by Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Manipur was held at Institute of Cooperative Management (ICM), Lamphelpat, today.

The function was attended by Dr. N. Ranjana, director, ICM, as chief guest, Dr. Narendra Prakash, joint director, ICAR, Manipur centre, and Dr. I. Meghachandra, principal scientist (seed-testing), ICAR, Imphal.

During the function, certificates were distributed to the trainees who participated in the training programme.

Ranjana stressed the importance of seed-testing in agricultural production. She said lack of proper knowledge about seeds, soil types and various technological inputs is among the problems faced by the farmers of the state.  Meghachandra also said that the state is lacking behind in the field of agriculture. 

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