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IMPHAL | July 7

Amidst apprehension of Dengue looming large in Churachandpur a women from the district died of suspected Japanese encephalitis on Thursday.

The victim, identified Eraigaliu (47) wife of Athuina Kamei of Majhuron Loktak Project, succumbed at Shija Hospitals and Research Institute.

According to reports Eraigaliu was evacuated to Shija on the morning of July 5 around 9.30 am following intense fever. 

It has been informed that she was semi conscious when she was brought to the hospital.

Speaking to Imphal Free Press, the Medical Superintendent (MS) of Shija hospital, Jugindra Sorokhaibam, disclosed that when Eraigaliu was admitted her condition was very bad that she could not co-operate with the doctors attending on her.

Judging by the nature of her symptoms, the MS expressed his suspicion that the woman could be suffering from Japanese encephalitis.

It is learnt that a day before she was admitted to the hospital Eraigaliu reportedly had intense fever.

Eraigaliu’s blood pressure level was very low since she was brought to the hospital and never improved, added the MS.

With her condition turning critical Eraigaliu was reportedly kept under observation at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Jugindra informed that the same day when the patient was admitted her spine fluid was sent to lab for Japanese encephalitis.

The patient’s condition deteriorated and had cardiac arrest the same evening, said the MS.

She was reportedly put under ventilation with the hope to revive her but she later succumbed to her illness and was declared dead the next morning (July 6) at 9am.

According to family sources, Eraigaliu went to Delhi to visit her eldest son about a month back, but, she never complaint of any health problem after returning home.

She started complaining of headache about a few days back after returning from Neikanlong Tarung village within Thangmeiband constituency.

Eraigaliu spent about a week at Neikanlong to attend funeral ceremony of one of her brother in laws.

There she reportedly spent most the nights without any mosquito nets at Neikanlong.

After returning home at Loktak project, she started complaining of headache and when the family decided to take her to doctors she felt sick with intense fever, inform the family.

The state declared the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis on July 22 last year when 9 cases of the disease from different districts were sent for testing came back positive.

While Churachandpur district was recorded with the highest number of JE, the disease also claimed its first victim from the district on July 28.

The situation turned very alarming that the district authority had to close down all educational institutes to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The disease further spreads to several parts of the valley further deteriorating the situation.

Yet again Churachandpur district was in grip of apprehension following the death of Eraigaliu and another seven cases of suspected Dengue reported from Hengkhom village of the district.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 7, 2017

Oinam Nabakishore, IAS, the former Chief Secretary who was removed from the post to be transferred to as the Director General of the State Academy of Training, tendered his papers seeking retirement from the IAS prematurely, citing personal reason.

After his transfer, another senior IAS officer of the state cadre, R. R. Rashmi has been appointed as the new chief secretary on Thursday.

Nabakishore, in his resignation letter, stated that the reason for leaving government office was ‘personal’.  He sought take voluntary retirement on October 9, 2017. He has still service time till November 30, 2019.

“I have wished Rashmi all the best and handed over the chief secretarial office to him today. I will join my new post as director general of State Academy of Training from Monday onwards,” Nabakishore told Imphal Free Press.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 7

When government schools are performing a common entrance examination to prevent any form of favouritism, an MLA has given his recommendation letter to the principal of TG Higher Secondary school instructing him to admit a student.

There was a report that education minister Th. Radheshyam had written a recommendation letter urging the principal to accept a student and there was a protest from other guardians who cried foul in the particular approach.

The incident occurred on Wednesday. Imphal Free Press went to confirm the news and met the principal and teachers to confirm if any such recommendation came. Principal  L. Biren Singh said that the report is false and the education minister has been wrongly implicated. He did mention that a woman had come and put an envelope saying that it was a recommendation letter from a minister. He however brushed aside the dictate.

The woman who had brought the letter also arrived at the same time this reporter was interviewing the principal. She took out an envelope bearing the name of MLA of Oinam assembly constituency namely L. Radhakishore Singh, chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board and Khadi and Village Industries. The letter bore U.O. No 4/ONM/CH-KVIB & MPCB/2017 and was dated July 1.

It mentioned that one student (name withheld) from Oinam Assembly constituency has passed the necessary test and admission should be allowed to her in class XI as a special case.

Monika Loitongbam from Wangoo of Bishnupur district had procured the letter. When asked why she brought the recommendation, she alleged that two staff members of the school who were handing out forms on June 27 had recommended that the student could get into the school if a minister or MLA recommended the student. It was argued that the student did not have the eligible percentage to get into science stream. “I have no idea of a DO letter, they told me to bring it, hence I brought it,” she said. There were, however, many allegations and counter allegations between Monika and the school authorities.

A common entrance exam was held under the director of education (S) for the students to get entry into government schools on June 19. However, the first evaluation announced on June 23 was annulled. Another re-evaluation was conducted afterwards. Also, the cut off percentages for science, arts and commerce were later lowered from the first announcement.

After the cut-off percentages were lowered she can get admission in arts stream without any recommendation letter.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL| July 7

The Co-ordination Committee (CorCom), umbrella organisation of four militant groups greeted the people of Manipur on the occasion of its 6 th anniversary tomorrow.

In a message Kh. Pambei, convernor of CorCom said Corcom believes in unity of hilly and valley, which ensure the future where all are independent and prosperous. He negates the belief of the Meitei community that they cannot thrive without Indian constitution.

The CorCom is comprised of RPF, UNLF, PREPAK and PREPAK (Progressive).

Stating that Manipur can prosper only when it becomes sovereign nation the message vowed to continue its struggle for independence.

The message said at the outset of 21 st century, many nations that were colonised began to achieve independence followed by many declarations made by the United Nations to completely erase colonialism from the face of the earth, the release said. Many plans and works have been taken up for decolonisation, it said adding, as a part of the 50 th anniversary of the “Declaration on Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples,” the 65th General Assembly held on 10 December 2010 declared the ongoing period 2011 – 2020 as the “Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism.”

Contrary to all these, India has kept the neighbouring countries of WESEA including Manipur, by oppressing the countries under colonialism by sending its army and violating human rights.

The rationale behind the invasion is to swallow WESEA and to keep the indigenous communities dependent and submissive, the message alleged.

Pambei charged that India has been using multi-prong approaches including repressive laws and psychological warfare so as to force them belief that they are natural born Indians. He argued that under the present Indian system of education only history and culture of India are taught to students under the so called “One education one nation.” He lamented that only 30 percent of information about Manipur is included in the syllabus.

The overall goal of India is to break the spirit of the people who were independent and fought with the British, continued the release adding, it has succeeded so far in manipulating the trade and commerce of the region by crushing the economy by the policies introduced under India’s captive economy. Our region has been turned into a place for profit for the mega-corporate companies by suppressing the priceless resources (including human resources) e.g. the introduction of Trans-Asian Highway, mega-railway projects, oil exploration and extraction works, it added.

CorCom has expressed that people seem to have lost the will to become united to and fight off the schemes taken up by the Indian government to weaken the indigenous people through racial assimilation, obliteration of identities etc and have become submissive and yielding to India’s goals.

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Saturday, 08 July 2017 00:00

MU registrar office, finance section shut

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 7

The register office and the financial section of the Manipur University (MU) were shut down today by the students of human rights department as the university authority failed to fulfill their demand.

Addressing a press meet today at MU, a spokesperson of the students of human rights department Md. Sajat said that the human rights department offers only one year PG course.

So they have been demanding for inclusion of degree of master in human rights from 2011 for the upgradation of the department as it is one of the important subjects, he added.

The student representative continued that the university has not taken any action to their demand stating that they are waiting for approval letter from the University Grants Commission (UGC).

“While enquired we found that the UGC has already approved opening of master’s degree in human rights in the university in 2011,” said Sajat.

While they appealed to the HRD ministry to open master’s course in Human Rights in the university through e-mail that ministry replied back that a central university can open a master of a subject autonomously, he added.

Sajat continued that the subject is very important and is demanding by the students as the state has many conflicts, bad law and order situation and rights of human are not given fully.

“What is the hidden agenda behind for not opening the master of Human Rights by the university authority?” asked the student’s representative.

Sajit announced that the register office and the financial section of the university will be kept shut down until their demands are fulfilled.  

He further asked the students associations, civil society organisations and people of the state to support them in their agitation.

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Saturday, 08 July 2017 00:00

Govt blind to Manipur Pony survival

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 7

While the government is pushing for development of the state on various sectors, it continues to neglect the fate of the Manipur Pony, a threatened  and unique indigenous breed of pony.

Speaking to IFP, K Dhanachandra Sharma secretary of Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association (MHRPA) and Manipur Pony Society and manager of Manipuri pony farm said due to lack of grazing grounds ponies are coming on the streets.

Most of the ponies on streets are owned by city people, who do not have stable for the horses. The horses are only meant for sports and the owners do not get proper benefit from them. Most of the pony owners are from the lower middle class and due to lack of grazing grounds in city the owners are facing a lot of problems while rearing.

According to the Livestock Census of 2012, the total number pony is 1,101 which were 1,898 in 2003.

He further said, the most number of ponies is available in Imphal-West district followed by Imphal-east, Thoubal, Bishnupur, Tamenglong, Chandel, Senapati and Ukhrul. But in last some few years killing of ponies for meat has started in some places of Wangoi. Though the former government had drafted Manipur state pony policies for conservation of Manipur, still it is needed to take initiatives to discuss for the matter as it is not passed yet, Dhanachandra added.

In the past few years in order to motivate the pony owners pony mela were organised and also under their respective clubs Rs. 9420 were given per year for each horse by department of veterinary and animal husbandry. For this year reports have submitted to the concerned department for the honorarium, he added.

Adding Dhanachandra to IFP, in order to save the Manipur ponies proper grazing should be manage a dedicated place for each district. Also the state should consider a proper policy for conservation of ponies at the earliest. Temporary sanctuary of pony at Lamphelpat is also facing flood frequently due to construction of building at unauthorised land of the nearby area.

Government should take necessary action in order to save the sanctuary as well as ponies from fatal accident at cities, Dhanachandra claimed.

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Saturday, 08 July 2017 00:00

Commotion and road block

From Our Correspondent


Roadway at Ningthoukhong was blocked today as a part of the commotion over the issue of replacing the chief secretary of Manipur, O. Nabakishwor.

 A large crowd of street vendors, mostly womenfolk came out to the roadway at Ningthoukhong bazaar, shouting slogans against the replacement of chief secretary.  The roadway was blocked by the protestors for some time, until a team of Manipur police arrived at the scene and controlled it. The protestors however, continued their protest in a meeting.

The president of United Volunteers welfare association, Bishnupur, R.K Tombisana said regarding the protest, that the move of replacing the chief secretary with a non-Manipuri by authorities at the time when the issues related with non locals are still relevant, is a direct provocation to the people of Manipur. It is a condescending approach to keep us under the authority of outsiders, he added.

A public meeting was also held yesterday at Ningthoukhong Bazar over the same issue.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 7

Cyber Crime Police Station Manipur, to day made its first arrest on its case with the help of Imphal East district Police. The arrest was made from the area nearby Khabeisoi, Imphal East district. Under the supervision of OC of the cyber crime p.s,  Dr. Mohit Garg, IPS, the IO of the case Inspector K. Bobby Singh with the assitance of Imphal East district police arrested the accused by using cyber technology and human intelligence.

The arrested person, Md. Akbar Khan  (25) s/ o (L) Md. Anamuddin is the resident of Yairipok Ngariyan and at present he is residing at Kairang Chingya, Imphal East District

Acting on its FIR no 02 (07) 2017 CCPS, U/S 380, 452 IPC, the cyber crime Police station team recovered the stolen items(One Lenovo smart phone and 2 Airtel SIM cards) also from the accused.  

It must be noted that Cyber Crime Police station (CCPS), Manipur was inaugurated on 24-06-2017 by the Hon’ble CM, Shri N. Biren Singh. Having jurisdiction over the whole of Manipur, People may approach to CCPS for any cyber related crime. Working under CID dept, with in short span of around 10 days, it has received 10 complaints and has registered 3 FIRs on complaints ranging  from hacking of email account to the mobile phone theft. The first chargesheet of the CCPS to be filed in the court of law, very soon.

Its note worthy to mention that, CCPS has started one community policing program named EhSAS (e-Swachhta Abhiyan for Students) in which the students will be taught the safer use of social media platforms in the coming days.

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IMPHAL | July 7

A 15 years old state climber Maibam Chingkheinganba bagged gold medal in the Asian Youth Sport Climbing Championships at Singapore in male youth B speed discipline.

Chingkheinganba scaled the 15 metre high speed wall in a mere 8.26 seconds, against tough competitors from Kazakhstan, Japan and Korea to emerge at the top spot in the youth B speed category of the event announcing his arrival at the international circuit in style.

Maibam Chingkheinganba (15),  son of Maibam Kubiheiba Meitei and Mairembam Sangeeta Devi of Thangal Bazar, Dryfish market.

Chingkheinganba is the lone climber from Manipur participated in the said tournament and made the country proud after winning gold medal in the speed discipline in junior category. Currently, he is studying at Kendriya Vidyalaya Lamphelpat-1 in Class 10.

The young state climber has participated in many other international, national and state championships and come up with flying colours in such championships.

Recently, Chingkheinganba got two medals in Asian Youth Championships held at Putrajaya in Malaysia, 2015. He got first positions in the speed discipline while stood second position in the lead discipline.

Apart, Chingkheinganba start winning his medals from age of nine years in national, zone and state levels championships since 2011.

In the national championships, Chingkheinganba secured first position in the 20th national sport climbing championship-2014, Kolkata in sub junior (lead) in Sub junior category.

He stood second positions, 18th national sport climbing championship-2012, New Delhi, 19th national sport climbing championship, Bangalore in 2013, 21st national sport climbing championship, New Delhi, 2015.

In North East Zone, Chingkheinganba bagged gold medal in 15th north east zone sport climbing competition, Imphal 2013, 16th north east zone sport climbing competition, Guwahati, 2014 and 21st north east zone sport climbing competition, Agartala 2015. He got silver medals in 13th north east zone sport climbing competition, Imphal 2011 and 14th north east zone sport climbing competition, Imphal in 2012.

The young climber has been secured topped positions in the state championships. He bagged gold medals in 16th Manipur state sports climbing competition, Imphal 2014 and 17 Manipur state Sports Climbing competitions in all disciplines speed, bouldering and lead in junior category.

Further, Chingkheinganba stood first positions in first home missions school Mizoram climbing invitation tournament in speed discipline and got third positions in lead discipline in same tournament. He stood third positions in the 3rd All India open sport climbing competition, Aizawl in 2014.

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Saturday, 08 July 2017 00:00

CM inspects Khuman Lampak main stadium

IMPHAL | July 7

Chief minister, N. Biren Singh inspected Khuman Lampak Main Stadium regarding installation of flood lighting system today.

Youth Affairs and Sports minister, Letpao Haokip, top officials of Youth Affairs and Sports department and other officials concerned accompanied him during the visit.

After looking over the stadium, the CM shared his views to the Sports minister and officials on where to install the lighting system.

Biren Singh directed the officials to do proper maintenance and keep the complex neat and tidy. He also asked them to enhance security of the complex and issue identity cards to the joggers who regularly enter into the complex.

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