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IMPHAL | July 2

Flood situation in the valley worsened today. Reports said hundreds of houses and homesteads in many different areas have been inundated as more rivers breached embankments at three places in Imphal East and Thoubal district.

The water level recorded highest at Ithai barrage is 769.77 metre at 6 am today. Its high flood level is 769.32 metre. All the gates of Ithai barrage have been opened but water level is not receding.

Kongba river breached today at Kongba Nandeibam leikai and Kongba Irong spanning more than 30 feet, flooding more than 100 houses in Kongba area. The river breached banks at two different places both on the western part of the river. Relief camps have been opened at respective local clubs.

Meanwhile rivers continue to flow above danger marks.

Thoubal-Iril river breached 500 metre long at Heibong Makhong and Mayang Imphal at 7 pm yesterday. The flood affected all the agricultural farms and fish farms. MLA of Wabgai constituency, Fazur Rahim visted the affected areas and flood fighting materials were distributed at their relief camps.

At Heibong Makhong, 340 houses were affected, at Irong Cheshaba 1200 houses, and at Khelakhong 500 taking the total of affected houses to 2540.

At 3 pm Imphal river breached banks over 53 metre length at Lilong Haoreibi Awang Leikai. The river has been overflowing its banks since yesterday night even before the breach.

The water swept away three houses. Flood fighting materials have been distributed by MLA Md. Abdul Nasir of Lilong constituency.

Most of the fields, roads of Lilong area are underwater.

Many roads in the Imphal city area are also underwater due to water logging as well as river breaches for the last two days. The water level has still not receded.

Many houses in the city have been inundated and the water caused black toppings of many roads in the city area to come off adding to the people’s woes.

According to Irrigation and flood control department water level of Nambul river is still runs above danger level at 783.65 metres, Iril river at 788.175 metres, Imphal river at 787.300 metres, Thoubal river at 781.221.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 2

Titular king of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba has voiced his concern over the flood situation. He told Imphal Free Press that during the reign of his forefathers, it was mandatory to dredge the riverbed once in a year.

“This exercise was done using spates during the summer. The siltation in the river was removed and the waters flowed freely and there were less chances of flood. We have modern machinery now. This dredging of the rivers can be done easily by the government,” he added saying that the public also need to have civic sense and check construction of concrete pavement along drainage systems.

He mentioned further that the flood is artificial and almost man-made due to the encroachment of various wetlands, rampant construction of buildings in the urban areas and improper drainage.

The flood will occur, though the monsoon is yet to come and we can expect it. The flood brings devastation to the farmland, loss of property and diseases in its aftermath.

“The drains then were natural and ran freely. Now the drains are all concrete and small. Even my palace is frequently flooded with the slightest rain. The rains will fall, the government has a responsibility to check it” he said.

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IMPHAL | July 2

Chief minister N. Biren Singh said that his government would give priority to enhancing connectivity and providing piped drinking water to the public while preparing the list of tasks to be completed within a stipulated time.

While addressing the 45th Installation Ceremony of the Board of Directors (2017-18) of Rotary Club of Imphal, held at Rotary Multi-Service Centre, Mantripukhri, he opined that the recent spates of flood and landslide are the outcomes of human selfishness.

Maintaining that mother nature has become ferocious, Biren observed that reformations and changes should begin from self.

Expressing serious concern over increasing trend of indulgence in substance and alcohol abuse he stated that the present government had intensified drives against drugs and other intoxicants.

The government is planning to introduce proper rehabilitation measures to save the current generation from intoxicants, he added.

He also urged the NGOs working in this field to be diligent in checking the menace of drug and alcohol abuse.

Asserting that the new government is trying to transform the old and corrupted system of administration, the chief minister sought support and co-operation from intellectuals and members of the club.

Biren also assured that he would extend all possible help to the Rotarians to revive the popular Heart to Heart project of the club.

He said that the club has been giving humane service to the society and similarly the new government also aspires to adopt a humane approach while serving the people.

The chief minister presented Rotary awards and scholarships to different persons and students who have excelled in different fields at the function.

He also adorned outgoing president L. Manoranjan, outgoing secretary Ph. Saratchandra, incoming president Ellendra Thoudam and incoming secretary Dr. Muhindro with Rotary lapel pins.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 2

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Khumukcham Joykishan today slammed the new BJP led government accusing the later of inaugurating only unfinished programmes of former Congress government tagging it as “Launch of 100 days programme.”

Addressing a press conference at Congress Bhavan today Joykishan said no new programmes had ever been undertaken by the new government and those launched programmes are the unfinished works of the previous government. The Congress spokesperson appealed to the new government to take up new developmental works.

He further said that the Congress government left the projects unfinished due to the enforcement of election model code of conduct. How the BJP led government has been claiming that these projects were undertaken by it, he charged.

Stating that the government should consult all the 60 MLAs before taking up any new project Joykishan claimed that the MLAs were never consulted by the government.

“The BJP should keep its promises made before the election that a BJP government would complete works in 15 months that could not be taken up by Congress government during its 15 years. And instead of focusing on petty issues, the must work on long term strategy to control flood instead of indulging in distribution of relief materials” Joykishan demanded.

The previous government had made the same offer that the new government had proposed to UNC to lift economic blockade and resolve the Churachandpur issue. However, they had declined the offers. With only one meeting the government had settled the issues. This is quite surprising, he added.

“The people will soon learn the hidden agenda of the BJP government behind the settlement of the blockade and the Churachandpur issue,” the Congress leader said.

An MLA had complained to the chief secretary about alleged corruption by a councillor of the Imphal Municipal Council. But the government had failed to address the issue till now. This inaction raises questions on the sincerity of the Anti-corruption Cell, he added.

“The BJP had also promised to punish all the accused of Loktak cleaning scam before elections. But now the BJP is remaining silent after coming to power,” said Joykishan.

Vice-president K. Ranjit said the new government had included PMJSY project into their 100 days programme. Manipur is already in the fourth position during the previous government. The government makes only claims through advertisements, without doing anything

MLA Govindas Konthoujam and N. Loken also attended the press meet.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | July 2

Unidentified persons made off with tyres along with the wheel spokes of a car parked near Yumnam Eye Care at RIMS road yesterday. The thieves under cover of the incessant rain placed bricks under the car and stole all the four wheels including the fog lights of the vehicle.

The owner of the car, Sharma had placed the vehicle in front of his building since the last ten days and had been staying at Yumnam Eye Care building with his wife and daughter.

Sharma told Imphal Free Press that his employee had heard some sounds at around 2.30 am but the car (Maruti Swift) was still intact. The robbery had taken place afterwards. The loss was estimated at around Rs 60,000.

Concerned officer-in-charge of Imphal police station, Ch. Shubol said that the crime looks to be premeditated and the thieves must have been watching the vehicle for some time. He assured that the police treat every singular crime with due importance and efforts are being made to nab the culprits.

He said that the investigation will involve checking the CCTV cameras located along the road and the police are keeping vigil so that such similar crimes do not occur.

It was learnt that cases of small vehicle theft and other vandalism have also occurred in the RIMS road area.

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From A Correspondent


Out of 60 Anganwadi centres located at Heirok, Thoubal district, only 7 offices are built and the rest are abandoned. Presently at Heirok, Anganwadi workers are conducting classes at private sheds using them as classrooms.

Ironically, some Anganwadi centres built by the government have been found to be turned into houses of Anganwadi workers.

The deplorable conditions of the Anganwadi centres were discovered by a team Friends in need society (Fine Society) from Heirok part II on June 20 while conducting an inspection drive personally,  at government schools and centres at various areas of Heirok part I, II, and III.

S, Bhanubati, supervisor of Anganwadi centres opened at Heirok, part II said that there are 35 centres in the area. She added, in each centre, children from 3 to 6 years are supposed to be provided with non-formal education, not formal education.  The main focus is to make them socialise with other peers before actually going to schools, make them learn about personal hygiene like washing hands before taking meals. Their schooling is provided in play way manner, where helpers are kept to watch the children.

She further said, Anganwadi centres are trying to provide the children with healthy meals but unfortunately, the government has built only 3 centres presently in Heirok part II area, and ignored the rest. Since the children must be provided education, the angalwadi workers have resorted to turning their own private sheds and outdoor storages into classrooms. She appealed to the public the find out the issues and help the Anganwadi centres to thrive.

Meantime, the workers of fine society have found similar situations at Heirol part I and III. The supervisor of the said area, S. Aruni said that there are 25 centres where only 4 have been built. One Anganwadi worker expressed the urgent requirement for the government to build centres and drew attention to the needs, like funds for the workers and timely delivery of nutrient items for the children. The worker also urged the parents of surrounding locality to send their children at the centres

The president of Fine society, Kh. Nimai has expressed unhappiness upon finding the condition that angalwadi centres of Hierok do not have their buildings to run classes and said that they will try their best to take initiatives to draw attention of the local MLA and authorities concerned.

The inspection drive was conducted by the general secretary, Kh. Romio, vice-president M. Doren and other member of the club.

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Monday, 03 July 2017 00:00

Flood maniac of Manipur river basin

Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh

The Manipur River Basin has been encountering triple folds of flooding beginning with the month of May 29 to 30, June 10 to 14 and June 30 to July 2, 2017. For every month we are fascinating with the festival of flooding all throughout the Valley of Manipur during this year of 2017. Lastyear-end part of July and beginning of August there was an occurrence of devastating flood all along the Thoubal River valley damaging huge paddy fields in the district.

The frequencies of flood are intensifying in the region. The frequent flood may co-relate with the analysis report of Scientist Hui Su of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA, in the US. Globally, rainfall is not related just to the clouds that are available to make rain but also to earth’s “energy budget” including energy from the sun compared to outgoing heat energy. The amount of rainfall in the earth’s tropical will significantly increase as our planet continues to be warm, a new national Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) study warns.

Climate Change and its impact are global phenomena. But in a hilly state like Manipur with its natural landscape and drainage systems and occurrences of frequent flood may directly link with the impact of degradation of its natural ecosystem of the state. It is also observed that the natural riverine ecosystem of the Manipur River has been completely altered and degraded with irreplaceable conditions.

All the watershed zones in the catchment areas of the Manipur River and its tributary systems were lost by human interferences. Simultaneously, all the wetland complexes lying in between different interfluves areas of the Manipur River drainage systems were continuously reclaimed and encroached upon. Ultimately the carrying capacity of the Manipur River riverine ecosystem is lost. This may be the major factor for occurrence of flood in the basin.

The present day model of development, practiced in the state neglecting the role played by the natural landscape and its corresponding role is also a culprit.  In the recent past whatever amount of rainfall received in the state was absorbed to the wetlands and lakes, providing ample scope for enhancing endemic bio-resources in the state. We may site a glaring example with the construction of Ithai Barrage across the Manipur River. The Ithai Barrage obstructing the monsoon river flow in the valley directly causes frequent flood in the Valley. When the river water rises up to the mark of danger level with maroon like situation the level of water in the river will not recede until the Barrage is open.

There are many wrong concepts of planning in the wetland water management. Without the indebt analysis of the wetland eco-system and the role played by them the Loktak Development Authority (LDA) constructed many structures, which debar the natural channels that were working as in-flow and out-low of the monsoon water of the rivers to the Pumlen, the Ekop and the Loktak Lake etc. Thus the excess monsoon water of the rivers was constantly impounding and causing flood in the River Basin. The planners and developers of the state of Manipur should make a new approach with the idea of River Basin as a unit of Development/Management Planning in the state. It will be wiser on the part of the government of Manipur to study the river system and its associated watershed/catchment areas and the wetland component scientifically first for any step of developmental planning and its implementation.

(The writer is an environmentalist)

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Monday, 03 July 2017 00:00

RPF, MNRF claim Ukhrul IED attack

IMPHAL | July 2

The banned Manipur Naga People’s Front and RPF have claimed that the IED blast that occurred at the check post of 27th Assam Rifles in Ukhrul Lambuikhul on June 30 was carried out by a joint force of the outfits.

 In a joint press release, signed by assistant secretary and publicity, Revolutionary People’s Front, Bangkim and Thomas Numai, assistant publicity secretary, Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) said since 2013, Revolutionary People’s Front  (RPF) along with PLA have been working together with Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) under the belief “United we stand, Divide we fall,”.

The release continued they had planned and carried out many attacks from 2014 to 2016 against Assam Rifles, Gorkha regiment and Madras regiment etc.  The joint forces of PLA and MNPF will continue to carry out such attacks in the struggle for freedom, it said adding, their unity and strength continues to grow each day.

The war office of PLA and MNPF also expressed their commendations to the soldiers who carried out the attacks and gave their gratitude to the people who have helped them, it added.

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Monday, 03 July 2017 00:00

AMUCO appeals for urgent flood relief

IMPHAL | July 2

Expressing serious concerns over the frequent flood occurring in the state, All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has appealed to the government to take urgent measures to prevent flood and provide relief centres to the affected areas.

In a release it urged the authorities from IFCD, Forest and Environment, Minor Irrigation, Fishery, Agriculture to perform their duties promptly and said that FCS department must open fair price, mobile shops to the affected areas, adding, PHED department must provide clean, drinking water timely.

Private hospitals and clinics must take part in serving the people, it added.

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Monday, 03 July 2017 00:00

MPP hails Md Mahmood

IMPHAL | July 2

Manipur people’s party has expressed happiness over the publication of Md. Mahmood’s book ‘Soil Nematodes of Grasslands in Northern China’ by academic press of Elsevier Publication, said a release.

Md. Mahamood is the 2nd son of Md. Habibullah and (L) Bashira Begum of Keirak Muslim, P.O kakching Manipur, it said. He did his schooling from Sanatombi Singh High School and graduated from DM College of science, and did his M.Sc, M.Phil & Ph.D Degree from Aligarh Muslim University, it said.

He has been a recipient of several scholarships and served his Alma Mater as a faculty before joining the Chinese Academy of Science, Shengyang China as a visiting faculty. Presently, he is serving as an assistant professor at Glocal University, Shaharnpur, Uttar Pradesh, it added.

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