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IMPHAL | June 5
Forests & Environment minister, Thounaojam Shyamkumar today flagged off a cycle rally on the theme ‘Recycle for Greener Tomorrow’ from the LDA (Loktak Development Authority) office at Secure Office Complex, AT Line, Imphal.
A release said the rally was organised by LDA in partnership with Toubul Youth Development Association (TYDA) & Global Science Club Khoijuman (GSCK) and Centre for Conservation of Nature and Cultivation of Science (CCNCS). The cycle rally culminated at Toubul, Bishnupur district.
A function was held at Yangoi Ningthou Community Hall, Loktak Khongban Toubul attended by L Radhakishore Singh, MLA Oinam A/C, Chairman MPCB & KVIB, L Bhagaton Singh, project director, LDA, Th Ithoibi Devi, Adakshya, BPC Zilla Parishad among others, it added.
 As part of the function, saplings were planted ahead of the function.
Prizes were also distributed to the winners of spot painting competition held at the Toubul Government High School in the morning. Traditional Rongmei and Meitei dances were highlights of the observance, it added.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

Tree plantations mark Environment Day

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | Jun 5
Royal Riders Manipur observed World Environment Day at Kangjabi Lampak, Nagamapal Kangjabi Leirak which also coincides with the closing day of ‘Mahousha Ima Ningshingtha 2017’.
Royal Riders has been observing Mahousha Ima Ningshingtha every month since its formation, and this year it has been observed from May 6 to June 5.
The day is observed on the theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’ and a motorcycle rally with sticker and poster campaign was conducted at major places of the city. Tree saplings were distributed for the public in an encouragement to plant more trees and to keep the city green.
Essay competition and spot painting competition were also held for students from classes 3 to 10. Prizes were also distributed to the winners of spot painting competition and essay writing competition. The prizes include a certificate and cash.
Green concert was conducted at the later part of the day at Kangjabi Lampak by Tapta and budding musicians.
Word Social Forum also observed World Environment Day at Manipur Press Club today.
Speaking on the occasion, chairman, World Social Forum, Manipur, L Sotinkumar said as the countries are developing all over the world deforestation is also increasing.
Many forests have become extinct. To save the world from global warming the day is organised all over the world. Main objectives of World Social Forum, Manipur is to bring back the green environment in order to overcome the environmental pollution and reduce the effect of global warming.
Professor Chinglen Maisnam, Manipur university, Ksh Santa, Trade Union Leader, CITU Manipur, Y Iboyaima, chairman Manipur Tourism Development Society and Kh Jibon Singh, advocate attended the function as presidium members.
On the occasion a special issue on environmental crisis “Mahousha lairembina tengthaba” was released.
To mark the day Kakching Runners organised tree plantation programme and 'a run' in the evening.
Speaking on the purpose of 'run' on this day, Arjuna Awardee, Mayanglambam Bimoljit, joint secretary,  Kakching Runners said the run signifies the need of healthy natural environment to keep human both physically and mentally healthy.
"It is to spread awareness of the natural bondage with living beings," said the Wushu master.
Around 150 runners took part in the environment awareness run which started from and ended at Irabot Park, Kakching bazar.
Earlier in the morning volunteers of the group planted around 100 saplings at Kakching bazar area, Jivan Hospital campus and DC complex.
World Environment Day observed at Oriental College
Oriental College Student’s Union and Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) observed the day at Oriental College, Takyelpat.
M Angamba Meetei, president of DESAM said that the effects of global warming have reached Manipur and therefore people should be careful and start conserving nature and forest.
He stressed that using plastics is one of the main reasons of soil pollution and is a threat to human existence. Government should make good policies to tackle use of polythene and plastics, he added.
M Okendro, president of AMCTA and Th Brojendro Singh, national awardee and vice-president of OCSU, also and the function as presidium members.
As part of the function and the day, tree saplings were planted at the campus of the college.
The State Legal Services Authority (MSLSA) in association with the All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA) observed the day at Lamphel Court Complex, Imphal.
The observance was attended by High Court of Manipur Judge and MSLSA executive chairman N Kotiswar Singh, High Court of Manipur Judge and High Court Legal Services Committee chairman Kh Nobin Singh and AMBA president senior advocate H Chandrajit Sharma.
As a part of the observation trees were planted in the court complex.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

Before all gets toxic, act

June 5 is remembered as World Environment Day. Manipur too observed the day with practically every VIP worth the name officially planting tree saplings to show their concern. While these symbolic shows of solidarity with a cause that belongs to not just any community, place or country, but to the entire humanity, is excellent, we must add, this is hardly enough. A lot more needs to be done. Let it also not be forgotten that tackling our immediate environmental challenges is also a way to contribute to the global fight to save planet earth. Perhaps a good way to have a sense of the dangers is to read anthropologist Jared Diamond’s 2005 book, “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed”. One of the important pictures that emerges from his well-written and well-researched book is, more than wars and pestilences, it is the unpreparedness to adapt to ecological shifts that resulted in the deaths of civilisations and peoples. The Greenland Norse, who made this arctic landmass their homes in the 9th Century became totally exterminated by the 15th Century because of their unwillingness to abandon their old lifestyles as shepherds and farmers they brought from their ancestral home in Norway and therefore became complete misfits during the Little Ice Age, leaving them marooned and exposed to starvation and death. They also did not fraternise the native whale and seal hunting Inuits to learn from them, hence while they perished by the latter survived. The disappearance of the Polynesians of Easter Islands too continues to mystify, but studies have revealed that they too perished because they neglected their environment, and wasted precious resources, especially timber so much so that after a point, there were no wood left for this sea-faring people to build new boats, and therefore became marooned. The fall of the Khmer civilisation in Camobdia’s famous Ankor Wat has a similar tale of environment turning unsustainable. To cut the story short, Manipur, as indeed every community on this planet needs to be concerned about environment preservation and climate change and ought to go much farther than VIPs planting a few saplings each year on June 5.
What must then be done? Much of the dangers posed by environmental degradation are so obvious to even laymen, although ultimately involvement of experts will be crucial in overcoming these challenges. There are also too many strategies to be considered, because the issue is large, but the mantra is to begin the intervention where the pinch is felt most immediately, while larger and more far reaching policies are being formulated by the government. Take for instance the plastic menace. Our rivers are getting choked with plastic, and slowly but surely, Loktak lake too will follow as most rivers, except the Barak and its tributaries, drain into it. With our water resources thus strangulated, life would understandably become much harsher. Besides, they are such an ugly sight, and they are today omnipresent. It is also known plastic will take at least 400 years before they degrade and nature reclaims them back into its organic order. In 400 years, we can only imagine how much damage would have already been done. The government could therefore begin by banning all disposable plastic bags and bottles. Complete ban of plastic will be impossible for so much, starting from computers, cell phones, spectacles frames and a million other paraphernalia needed in daily modern life are made of plastic. However, people don’t generally dispose these other products on a daily basis. One way to ease the pain of such a ban would be to have plastic bags and bottles which are durable, reusable, therefore more expensive can replace the disposable versions. Manipur better do it now, for as it is, it will probably be compelled by some central law to meet the challenge sooner than later. Many states even in India have already led the way, and Manipur should join this progressive league now. Let the Chief Minister, N. Biren recall that while he was the state minister for forest and environment in the then Congress government, there was such an effort to clean up Imphal city so it will be a matter of picking up where he left off.
Another danger, and much graver than plastic, comes from the fact that Manipur’s rice bowl, the Imphal valley, has lost its natural flushing system. All rivers bring in their residues and deposit in the valley and Loktak, but few rivers drain out of the valley. Once upon a time, the Manipur River flowed out of the valley to join the Chinwin river system in Myanmar, but the Ithai Barrage now obstructs this drainage system. Of course, water from Loktak is now diverted to another direction to flow out via the three tunnels of the Loktak Hydro Electric through the Lamdan mountain ranges and join the Barak river system. Is this enough to flush and refresh the soil in the valley? If not, with and increasing volume of fertilisers and other chemicals continually being introduced into the soil, it is not altogether unimaginable that in the decades ahead, the toxic content of the soil here as well as Loktak would become unsupportive of life. We hope the government takes note. We also hope our concerned expert departments have data on these looming dangers so appropriate interventions can be chalked out.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

IAS officer PK Singh given no post

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | June 5
Former commissioner of Health and Family Welfare and presently under order of transfer as commissioner of Veterinary and Animal husbandry, P K Singh (IAS) has been given no place of posting, according to an order issued by the department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms. His status is on ‘compulsory wait.’
The order was passed on June 3 by Neeta Arambam, joint secretary of DP. Further, Sumant Singh (IAS) presently under transfer as secretary of RD and PR,IT, Health and Family Welfare has been transferred as secretary of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, IT, Health and Family Welfare.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

IPAK destroys gambling materials

By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL | June 5
Indigenous People’s Association of Kangleipak (IPAK) today burned gambling materials seized from three mela venues from Patsoi Takyel Kolom Leikai, Khagempalli and Tera Bazar.
General Secretary of IPAK, W Shanta addressing media persons near its office, said that warnings were given to those mela organisers before the inspection that there should not be any gambling items in the mela sites.
But these three places did not pay heed to us and were caught with the said materials. Therefore their mela houses will be closed from today until further understanding has been brought between IPAK and the three mela houses, he added.
The leader of IPAK also said that they will not tolerate any kind of entertainment like gambling and housie games at mela playhouses. He also urged the general public that gambling and housie games should not be included in their games whether it may be for social purposes or not.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

NEFIS denounces woman labourer killing

IMPHAL | June 5
North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) held a candle-light vigil at Arts Faculty, Delhi University, to condole the recent incident of brutal shooting of labourer Arambam Shanti in Moreh town.
A release said NEFIS petitioned the President of India, demanding investigation of the case by an independent probe team. It urged the President to consider the issue as a matter of urgency.
The investigation should be handed over to an independent Investigation Team to ensure   that the Assam Rifles’ involvement should be probed thoroughly in a time bound manner, under the direct supervision of the President’s office, it said.
The Assam Rifles station at Moreh should be removed immediately, it read.
 It may be recalled that on May 22, at around 4.00 PM in Ward No 4 Premnagar, Moreh, two masked men on a bike brutally killed Shanti by shooting at her. The shooting took place near an Assam Rifles camp, thereby indicating strong suspicion as to the role of Assam Rifles personnel in the shooting, maintained the release.
NEFIS has also pledged to intensify movement against such killings in the Northeast region allegedly by armed forces, it added.

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From Our Correspondent
The unfinished Slab Culvert constructed in the heart of Motbung town has been strongly condemned by Motbung local bodies and CSOs of Kangpokpi district.
The Slab Culvert reportedly constructed by PWD National Highway Division at two locations along the National Highway 2 at Motbung bazar vicinity was left incomplete and has become a threat to many commuters and vehicles.
A woman named Tingnu Kipgen lost her life last year and many other unreported accidents had occurred in the past owing to the unfinished Slab Culvert.
Motbung local bodies including Motbung Village Authority, Motbung Area Women Union and CSOs led by Motbung chief Kaikhosei Lhouvum and local MDC of ADC Sadar Hills inspected the unfinished Culverts this noon.
Speaking to media, Kaikhosei Lhouvum said that even after numerous assurances by the government in the past for completion of the unfinished Slab Culvert, nothing has been materialised till today.
The village chief, who is also the local MDC urged the state government and concerned department to complete the unfinished construction work of the two Slab Culvert within this month considering the untold grievances of the people in larger interest.
He further said that if the construction work is not completed within this month the people of Motbung in collaboration with its adjoining areas will carry out intense form of agitation against the state government and authority concerned.
Meanwhile, CSOs of Kangpokpi also expressed its sincere endorsement to the decision of Motbung local bodies in the larger interest of the people and conveyed that it would support any movement taken up by the local bodies.

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From Our Correspondent
THOUBAL | June 5
The outraged students of Samurou government High School burned the effigies of Wangoi assembly constituency MLA, Oinam Lukhoi and Education minister, Th Radhesyam for not keeping their promises in taking out the incompetent teachers in the school.
The students boycotted the classes and carried out agitation today against government’s carelessness on the demand made for transfer of head mistress and six other teachers of the school.
According to the students, they met the MLA and the minister earlier wherein promise was made from the government’s side to take care of the issues in the school and take up necessary actions for the welfare of the students by June 1. But they failed to keep their words, said the students.
The students also enquired about the transfer order of the headmistress which was made on May 25, however there was no copy of the order in the Directorate of Education (S).
Today, the room of headmistress and A-Block of the school was locked down and slogans like ‘no politics in school’, ‘incompetent teachers must be out of school’ and ‘ministers who do not keep their words should resign’ were raised.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

Liquor and illegal fuel seized

CCPUR | June 5
Churachandpur District Police carried out drive against alcohol and other illegal items as per order of the DGP. During the drive, police seized liquor and fuel (petrol and diesel) from many areas of the town and the culprits were taken to court.
The OC of Churachandpur Police Station said that police will take action against the petrol pumps in the district for are not maintaining the deputy commissioner's order of opening and closing of petrol pumps  from 7 am to 7 pm.

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Monday, 05 June 2017 05:30

UNLF cadre held

IMPHAL | June 5
The Imphal West district police commandos reportedly arrested a cadre of UNLF today from Pishumthong Bridge.
The arrested cadre has been identified as one Warepam Milan Singh alias Tayai, 30, son of W Rajendro Singh of Haobam Marak Ngangom Leikai.
Police said the UNLF cadre was arrested around 8.30 pm by a team of commandos led by its Officer in-charge, P Achouba under the supervision of Dr S. Ibomcha Singh. The sources said that he joined the outfit in October 2014 and received training at Taka, Myanmar, with army number 2418 of 41 batch.

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