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IMPHAL | Nov 7

All Opposition Political Parties against Demonetisation is set to observe “Black Day” against demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes last year on November 8 by Modi-led BJP government.

Govindas Konthoujam, chairman of the Organising Committee of All Opposition Political Parties against Demonetisation today said in a press meet at Congress Bhavan that the participants should gather at the Congress Bhavan at 10:00 am. From there they will head to the starting point of the rally Khoyathong, and then march together towards Minuthong, pass through Hatta and then Konung Mamang to culminate at the Lamyanba Shanglen.

There will be several academicians as guest speakers to deliberate on the effects of demonetisation, he said.

Govindas also urged people and other interested people to take part in the rally.

The organising committee is drawn from 10 opposition political parties including Indian National Congress (INC), Communist Party of India (CPI), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) among others.

A booklet was released on the after effects of demonetisation called “Protest Levied against Modi-Led Disaster” by the organising committee.

Representative of CPI, Moirangthem Nara Singh during the press conference said that demonitisation is a big blunder and should have been implemented if at all, after through discussions in the Parliament but all these due process was skipped. Instead, Prime Minister Modi and his coterie imposed it on the country, making him the ‘new dictator’ of the country, he pointed out.

He also said that demonetisation is not a reform to fight black money but a reform to induce trouble to the poor majority of the population.

Demonetisation is in fact a diplomatic reform for the big corporates of the country who are actually the culprits in generating black money, he asserted.

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IMPHAL | Nov 7

Reaffirming State Government’s determination and efforts to preserve and protect the endangered ‘Manipuri Pony’ breed, Chief Minister chaired the first meeting of the Manipuri Pony Development Board held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.

 The meeting thoroughly discussed the issues regarding the rehabilitation, long term sustainability to preserve and conserve the Manipuri Pony. During the meeting, Chief Minister Shri N. Biren Singh said that there is a need to develop more habitation area in various areas so that we could breed and increase the population of the Pony in the State. A breeding farm would be developed and maintained by the State Government so that the rare and precious gene of Manipuri Pony breed is not diluted at any cost.

Stating that Polo game plays an important role in protecting the state’s rare breed of ponies from extinction, Chief Minister opined that we should develop Polo fields and grounds in rural areas of the State too and grazing fields will be identified soon.

Discussing about the stray ponies in the street, the meeting unanimously decided that every Pony owner of the State needs to register their Ponies to the Government. Owners would be given some incentives for maintenance and care of the Pony. If the owners fail to register their ponies on time then necessary action will be taken up and the Ponies will be auction in public. The meeting also discussed about the procurement of dry fodder like straw etc in the post harvest period and to maintain fodder storage for the Ponies.

It may be mentioned that ‘Manipuri Ponies’ are among the seven recognised breeds of horses found in India.

Minister for Agriculture and Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Shri V. Hangkhanlian, Parliamentary Secretary (Agriculture) Shri Awangbow Newmai, Principal Secretary Shri Vineet Joshi, IGP Dr. S. Ibocha, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri K Angami, Commissioner (Revenue) Shri Th. Chittaranjan Singh, Director (Veterinary), members of Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association and officials of various departments attended the function.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Nov 7

Village authority of Mapao Keithelmanbi, Kangpokpi district appealed to the government to arrange for posting of mathematics teacher at the earliest at Mapao Keithelmanbi High School.

Speaking to media persons today at Manipur Press Club, Imphal Mapao Keithelmanbi village’s headsman, Pungnaoyo Zimik alleged that there is no mathematics teacher in the school so the students are left with no means of learning mathematics.

Moreover there are only 10 teachers in the school though the government has created 17 posts for teachers in the school, he added.

During the last matriculation examination, six students appeared from the school but five of them got failed in mathematics as there the post of mathematics teacher still is vacant in the school, continued the headsman.

He said in the coming matric examination 12 students are to be appear but all of them are left with no hope of passing the mathematics subject.

Regarding the difficulties and problems face by the students in their education, a memorandum was submitted to the education minister on August 14 but till today the government has not taken up any affirmative action, added Pungnaoyo.

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 00:00

HC warns of contempt against interference

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Nov 7

The High Court of Manipur has issued a notice advising any person or organization not to interfere with the functioning and administration of justice so as to avoid attracting legal proceedings under the law.

A public notice was issued by the HC signed by the registrar general, in the wake of a statement issued by the Democratic Students’ Alliance Manipur (DESAM) strongly opposing selection of five non-local candidates for Manipur Judicial Service-III under the High Court (HC).

Demanding the authority concerned not to allow the five non-locals to attend the DPC, DESAM cautioned to take extreme steps if the demand is not comply with.

The notice stated that HC has considered the matter and has taken serious note of the same and is of the view that while one may be free to express his or her opinion/view on any public issue as part of his/her right to freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed under Article 19 of the Constitution of India, it is to be remembered that such fundamental rights are also subject to reasonable restrictions.

It asserted that if such acts or deeds interfere or tend to interfere with the administration of justice in any manner, it may attract criminal contempt as provided under the Contempt of Courts of Act, 1971.

The notice pointed out that publication of similar articles which is contemptuous or scandalizes or which lowers the authority of the High Court by any newspaper or media may also attract the provision of Contempt.

It maintained that the HC is the highest judicial authority in the state of Manipur discharging the sovereign judicial power of the state and the judiciary is an indispensable part of the democratic institutions, upholding the rule of Law.

“The independence of judiciary has been also declared to be a basic feature of the Constitution of India and every citizen and organizations or institutions or authorities functioning in this country are to uphold the rule of Law and the Constitution of India and respect the independence of judiciary, as otherwise it will seriously undermine the rule of Law and the Constitution.

“The High Court of Manipur is the custodian and is primarily tasked with the responsibility of upholding the rule of Law in the state of Manipur and cannot countenance any such act by any person or organization to with the functioning of the HC”, it said.

Subsequently, it urged that if person or organization is aggrieved by any action of the HC or with the recruitment process in issue, it is open to them to approach the appropriate forum for redressal of their grievances but not by issuing any public statements containing threat/intimidation or warning the Court.

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 00:00

Tripartite talks on Nov 10

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The next ‘tripartite talks’ on Manipur district creation imbroglio has been fixed at 12:30 pm on coming Friday, November 10, at Senapati district headquarters. As usual, Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India will chair the talks.

Meanwhile, the United Naga Council (UNC) has expressed its disappointment today on the alleged “dilly-dallying tactics employed” by the State Government of Manipur and the Central Government on the district creation issue.

After holding an emergency meeting today over the district creation issue, UNC President Gaidon Kamei accused the Government of ‘managing’ the tripartite talks and not intended to resolve the problem. He further said that the Naga body “knows very well that the Government is not seeking to resolve the problem but managing the tripartite talks”.  Gaidon Kamei warned of an “explosive situation” because of the manner in which the Government is treating the issue.

The Government of India and the Government of Manipur should understand the nature of the issue and treat it accordingly. However, as per the records of the tripartite talks the Government is not serious about the issue,” the UNC chief further alleged. He said that the issue is very much a political one and that, “the Government should act accordingly.” Gaidon Kamei urged the Central Government and the State Government of Manipur to be “sincere and show commitment” to the issue.

 In the last ‘tripartite talks’ held on October 6, the UNC had demanded the State Government of Manipur to make its “concrete position” on the district creation issue. The UNC also demanded the nullification of the Manipur State Government constituted ‘Boundary Commission’. The State Government representatives had agreed to place the “objection” raised by UNC on the constitution of the Boundary Commission before the State Government of Manipur for “further consideration”. It can also be noted here that the October 6 talks  “agreed that the previous proceedings will be upheld by the parties concerned”.

It is worth mentioning here that the November 10 talks will be the fifth one. The first one was held on March 19, and the second one on May 19, the third talks on August 11 and the fourth one on October 6.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Nov 7

Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) minister, Th. Shyamkumar, today inspected the ongoing repair works of the three market complex of the Ima keithel damaged during the 2016 earthquake.

Th. Shyamkmar, during the inspection met with official of the works department, contractor and representatives of the women vendors of the Ima keithel.

The women vendors highlighting their grievances drew the attention of the minister to give strong instruction to the concerned contractor and works department, to complete the repair work.

Subsequently, Shyamkumar interacted with the contractor, works official and enquired on the reason for the delay in completing the repair works of the markets despite availability of funds.

The minister told media persons that the repair work although initiated under works department is funded by the MAHUD and added that a sum of 21 crores have been deposited with the former.

The implementing agency reportedly clarified the technical shortcomings the reason behind the delay.

Nevertheless, it assured the representatives of the women vendors to hand over the completed building to MAHUD on January 22 in the presence of the minister.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Nov 7

Manipur joined the world wide celebration of the creation of the Soviet Union on the ideology of socialism and equality on November 7, 1917, with a function at the Rup Mahal Theatre organised by Manipur State Council, Communist Party of India (MSC/CPI).

The centenary day of October Socialist Revolution dates back to 1917 when Vladimir Lenin with his army of labours, peasants, and workers among others succeeded in overthrowing the Tsarist autocracy of that time and formed a socialist state.

In the key note address, deputy secretary of MSC/CPI, L. Sotinkumar Singh narrated the achievements of the October revolution. He said that the result of the revolution brought equality and development in one of the most underdeveloped countries in a short duration of time. The revolution changed the face of world’s history and ideology, he added.

Sotinkumar explained that the impact of capitalism and globalisation reached and brought the country environmental degradation, farmers’ suicide, inequality in society, decrease in farm produces and so on.

Considering October revolution as the remarkable incident in world, state secretary of MSC/CPI, M. Nara Singh, said that socialist group was formed with an aim to fight against the rich and powerful elite.

He further mentioned that the true meaning of democracy in India is fading away after the coming of the Modi-led BJP government to power.

He said that in the present scenario “the nation is dividing into many groups on the basis of caste, class, religion etc.” He compared the present situation of the country to the Capitalist Imperialist developmental stage of neo-liberalism.

“In order to save the most disadvantaged group and bring equality in our society, it is high time to bring back the ideology of socialism in India,” he asserted.

The function was also attended by state deputy secretary (organisation) L. Thoiren Singh, secretariat member of the party, A. Lala Singh, secretariat member Kh. Surchand Singh among others as presidium members. 

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 00:00

18th foundation day of Herbert School held

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Nov 7

Works Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh, today, encouraged the students of the Herbert School, Imphal, urging them to be patience and hard-work for only these qualities will lead to success.

Speaking as the chief guest at the 18th foundation day function of the school held at the school’s Changangei campus, the Minister appealed the students and staffs to be patient and work hard to bring changes in the state.

He further said that said a nation cannot develop without education. Human Resource is the most important resource today, if we are patient and hard-working, everything is possible.

There are many potentials and resources available here in the state but the only thing is that we are yet prepared to explore them.

If we strengthen out today, we will be able to enjoy our tomorrow he further encouraged the students.

He further assured to black-top the approach road to the school from the main Tiddim Road saying there can be no development without connectivity.

The Minister applauded the school’s staffs and members for producing prestigious students.

Prizes were distributed to rank holders and subject toppers of the school as part of the celebration.

In the celebration, Manipur University, Department of Chemistry Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh and Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur chairman L.Mahendra Singh were among the dignitaries.

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From Our Correspondent


Kanggui Youth Union (KYU) has congratulated Grace and Jangdeilhing for successfully cracking MPSC recruitment examination for the post of assistant professor in government colleges.

Grace Lhaineikim Chongloi (32), daughter of (Late) Haokholun Kipgen, ex-councillor of ADC Sadar Hills of Kangpokpi Ward No.7 got a post in Zoology department, while Jangdeilhing Misao (27), daughter of Henkholun Misao of Kangpokpi Ward No.6 in in Sociology department.

Grace is first among the Thadou-Kuki community to complete Ph.D from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and was conferred Doctor of Philosophy in Faculty of Science by the institute. She is currently pursuing post-doctoral studies in Molecular Genetics at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. She is supposed to work on ‘Rice Flower Development’ for about 3-4 years with funding from the institute.

Jangdeilhing completed her graduation at St. Xavier College, Mumbai and finished her Master in Sociology at Mumbai University. She got her JRF in 2015 and serve as lecturer in Ananda Singh Higher Secondary Academy since 2016.

When IFP correspondent spoke on the phone, Grace said that she is yet to decide upon her achievement while Jangdeilhing told that she will opt to work as assistant professor.

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 00:00

PAC demands CBI enquiry

IMPHAL | Nov 7

People Action Committee against the Brutal Killing of Pravish Chanam of Uripok Achom Leikai at Greater Noida, Utter Pradesh has appealed the government to immediately hand over the case to CBI.

A release said the government must provide answers regarding the case by November 11.  If the government cannot provide the truth behind the case within the said date, then the case must be hand over the case to CBI, it said. The UP government has failed to provide any report regarding the alleged killing of Pravish Chanam for more than two months, the release continued. PAC has met the chief minister twice on September 14 and October 7 regarding the issue, it said.

On the meeting that took place on October 7, the CM shared to PAC a letter forwarded by the chief minister of UP which said the UP government will investigate on the issue and make a report on the case, the release continued. The letter also mentioned that if the findings in the report are not satisfactory, then the UP government have no problem in handing the case over to CBI, it further said. The release also appealed the governor, Najma Heptulla, who had assured PCA that she will provide necessary assistance regarding the issue, to help in handing over the case to CBI. The organisation is prepared to take up extreme measure to meet their demands unless the demand is made, it added.

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