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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Rongmei film premieres


The 2 nd State level Haitung Memorial Quiz competition was held at indoor stadium, Tamenglong, organised by Haitung Goodwill Foundation in collaboration with ALS IAS coaching institute, Delhi. A Rongmei feature film titled ‘Nang ta na de zianmei’ (I love only you) was also premiered during the programme. The film caught the interest of many people who were part of the programme.

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From Our Correspondent


Election observers for six revenue districts were appointed on October 2 for the fifth Manipur state panchayat elections to be held on October 7 under Manipur state election commission.

At every location, come rain or storm, the candidates are visiting every single house to persuade the voters.  Election offices are visible at every existing lanes and streets. Posters of the candidates are splattered everywhere leaving no spaces behind. One can easily notice tell-tale signs that the candidates are expending excessively to get the voters.

An order was also released by the commission in this regard. The officers elected by the commission as election observers are joint secretary, MOBC and SC, Mannuanching for the Imphal East revenue district, director of census M. Harekrishna for the Imphal west revenue district, special secretary, revenue/MAHUD, M. Joy Singh for Thoubal, director TA/HILLS, Ningam chamroy for Bishnupur, joint secretary, finance, A. Radhabinod sharma for Kakching and director, YAS, Naorem Praveen for Jiribam revenue district.

The order mentioned that the appointed observers will stay at their duties of counting votes until the counting is completely done.

On the other hand, at Thoubal and Kakching revenue districts, the elections campaign is being conducted in full swing by the respective candidates. The candidates are doing everything they can in preparation of getting more voters.

According to report, a total of 1, 29,444 voters alone from Thoubal revenue district will be casting votes to their desired candidates. At the panchayat areas of Lilong sub division, there are 17,155 male voters and 18,496 female voters making a total of 35, 651 voters.

For Thoubal sub division, there are 45,421 male voters and 48,372 female voters making a total of 93,793 voters in the panchayat areas.

Under Thoubal revenue district, there are 10 zilla parishad assembly constituencies, 27 gram panchayat pradhan and 310 gram panchayat members. The 10 Zilla parishadassembly constituencies are Lilong Turel Ahanbi Atoukhong, Leisangthem, Maibam Uchiwa, Wangkhem, Charangpat, Khangabok, Heirok, Sangaiyumpham ,tentha  and Langathel Zilla parishad.

The first three zilla parishads comes under Lilong sub division and the remaining 7 comes under Thoubal sub division.

For Lilong sub division, the seat for Turel ahanbi atoukhong  zilla parishad has been reserved for women. For Thoubal sub division, Wangkhem,Tentha and Langatel have been reserved for women.

There are 10 candidates for zilla parishads of Lilong sub division which has 3 seats. 23 candidates are standing for pradhan and 178 candidates for GP member. 23 GP members have already won uncontested for the division.

23 candidates are standing for the zilla parishads of Thoubal sub division which has seven seats, 56 for the post of pradhan and 346 for GP member. 64 members have won uncontested for the division.

The report further said six polling personnel and 10 police personnel will be stationed at each polling station. Out of the 10, six will be armed while four will be unarmed. 

To avoid unwanted incidents during the election, Thoubal district, deputy commissioner, L. Nabakishor have released an order that those under the district, who possess licence guns should bring them to the nearest police station.

Section 144 under Cr PC, have been also implemented under the district from September 6.

There are six zilla parishads constituency for Kakching revenue district and 15 gram panchayats.  Three assembly constituencies namely Pallel, Wabagai and Sekmai come under SDO/RO Kakching. There are seven gram panchayats, Pallel, Irengband, Keirak, Wabagai, Sekmaijin, Hayel Hangoon, and Arong Nongmaikhong.  

16 candidates at 6 zilla parishads, 41 pradhan candidates at 15 gram panchayats and 68 out of 168 sets for ward member have won uncontested.  212 candidates are fighting for the remaining 104 seats. There are a total of 61,170 voters under the district.

It may be mentioned that the votes will be counted on October 11 and the overall election will be completed on October 16.

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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Remembering Oja Kanhailal

Manipuri theatre doyen Oja Heisnam Kahailal, in an interview, when asked about his comment on a critical remark made by a theatre critic, who kicked up a storm by calling Rabindranath Tagore a ‘second-rate playwright’, made a typical reply true to his self. Oja explained that the said critic belongs to the class of fashionable gods of heaven, like Indra or Varun, who cater to other’s tastes, whereas Tagore appears to be of earthy Siva whose ways wait for no other. In the same interview, Oja, acknowledging his deep respect for the playwright thus explained. He said Tagore, unlike modern Indian playwright who remained Eurocentric in form and style, is deeply, exceptionally, rooted in his soil. “He creates his plays in a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment while responding to the tension of the times. He never follows any canon,” Oja observed. The interview is one of the chapters of the book ‘Theatre of the Earth’, published by Seagull Books last year. In his introduction to the book, Prof. Shiv Prakash maintains,   “Kanhailal’s theatre need to be understood in the framework of his individual philosophy of a collective theatre deeply embedded in the annals of a region and its people … Kanhailal’s universalism is not imposed from above but built up from solid ground”. This rootedness of Oja in the soil and treasure trove of traditional performance arts of Manipur is evident in his plays. This rootedness flowered a unique approach to creative expressions. As Oja puts it, “Ours is entirely different kind of awareness, reflecting on the past and the present … we breathed new values into the empty shell of theatre.”

This rootedness into the native firmament which desires universal communication is what makes any form of creative expression unique. It may be in literature, music, dance or cinema. In most of his public deliberations, Oja has been critical about ‘packaging’ the art forms, particularly the Manipuri traditional art for the purpose of ‘catering’ it to a wider global audience. He outrightly denounced the suggestions made by ‘well-read’ individuals that ‘our artists should at least learn English language communication skill along with basic knowledge of computer’ to be able to cope with the changing world. Oja argues that our ancestors who have developed Sankirtan in its own unique form and style have created it without knowing the Bengali language well. Our artists should not waste time honing English language skill or computer, rather more time should be devoted in ascending the artistic height, which is not always easy, Oja puts it. Moreover, Oja’s anxiety was the lack of rigorous scholarly research on the varied traditional performances of the soil. In most of his public lectures Oja cited the example of the State of Kerala where vibrant research works are encouraged by the government as well as their private cultural forums. “None of the gurus in Kerala either speak English or know computer skill, but their art shines”, Oja would often remark. Besides having decorated with titles and awards for his contribution in theatre, Oja is one rare gem whose work will be found alongside the names like Oscar Wilde, T. S Eliot, Bertolt Brecht and Herbert Blau. His is the lone Asian name to be included in the 100 critical essays written by 20th century’s most influential playwrights, directors, scholars, and philosophers – in an anthology, ‘Theatre in Theory’, published by Blackwell publishing house.

Oja’s passing away completes one year today. The previous state government was shamelessly indifferent when help was sought towards Oja’s treatment. He was diagnosed with lungs cancer. Oja was not at all surprised by the government’s response then for he knew well how artists are treated. But help came in from different artists and individuals from across the country and beyond. Even in his last days Oja remained worried about the future of Manipur and humankind. Lying on the bed, he would chide those around him with his trademark sarcasm. Going through tough regimented treatment of chemotherapy, Oja would take solace listening to the sankirtan of Wangjing Khomdonbi and Thanghaibi Amusana, songs of Tagore and songs from Bali. Oja lives.

Leader Writer: Senate Kh.

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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

AR rescues accident victims


A father and son were rescued by 23 rd Assam Rifles posted at Khongsang on NH 37. The victims were severely injured after the bike (Pulsar) which the father was riding along with his son was hit by a civil Tata truck.

Sources said that the truck which was moving from Jiribam to Imphal, hit the bike moving from Awangkhul to Rengpang in between Khongsang and Irang bridge.

The injured persons are identified as Gaituanlung Malangmei (35) of Rengpang village and his 7-year-old son. The father and son were given first aid by medical team of Tamenglong battalion and were sent to Nungba community health centre and given further treatment of their injured legs. Later, they were again sent to Imphal.

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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

ATCAM condemns

IMPHAL | Oct 5

All Tribal Contractors’ Association, Manipur (ATCAM) has condemned the state government for scrapping of the concessional provision of 50 percent deposit of the standard amount of security for any contract work under the preferential to SC/ST.

A release said, ATCAM had its consultative meeting on October 3 at the residence of its president, L. S. Asheli at Poumai Colony, Imphal and the condemnation was made during the meeting.

The act of the government is a total mockery of reservation and privileges of backward societies with suppression of rights, said ATCAM in the release.

ATCAM has urged the state government to revive the concession system as per mandatory provision. Further, ATCAM decried for not releasing liabilities to the hill districts of Manipur since the year 2000 and stated that every hill district has more than 10 crores of payable liabilities in PWD alone. ATCAM will take up democratic agitation against the state government if the fund is not released, it added.

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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Rally to promote Mission Indradhanush

From Our Correspondent

MOREH | Oct 5

In connection with the campaign on Intensified Mission Indradhanush on October 7, the primary health centre (PHC), Moreh and Moreh Government Higher Secondary School jointly organised a rally at Moreh town today.

The rally started from school passing through Moreh bazaar and the road of PHC to Moreh Ward No.1 and then concluded at the same school. During the rally, awareness was given on the streets regarding importance of immunisation for children and to keep them healthy for a better future.

The rally was kicked-started by medical officer (in-charge) of PHC, Moreh, Kh. Shantikumar, principal of the school, Prempiyari and 2 nd OC of Moreh olice station, Md. Akbar.

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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Free eye medical camp held

IMPHAL | Oct 5

As a part of 9 th Youth leadership training cum social service camp that was held from September 30 to October 2 nd, a free eye medical camp was held today at Changangei Youths’ Union Club (CYUC) campus, Changangei.

Around 300 people came and took the benefits of the free eye medical camp organised by Changangei Youths’ Union Club (CYUC) and sponsored by R.K. Fortune Developers Private Limited. Young and old of Changangei area came for free eye check-up and also availed medicines free of cost.

Free eye screening and cataract surgery camp was in close association with National Health Mission (NHM), Shija Eye Care Foundation and Manipur State Pollution Board (MPCB). During the camp many events were organised including cleanliness drive, competitions for students like painting, dance, singing amongn others.

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IMPHAL | Oct 5

Information and public relations minister, Th Biwsajit today distributed free LPG connections to 64 beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) scheme at Okram Chuthek, Imphal East, Manipur in the presence of deputy manager (LPG-S), I.O.C., Stephen Chinkhanson Guite and members of the civil voluntary organisations. 

Biswajit asserted that the Central government has launched more than 106 schemes meant for the poor people. He also draws attention of the gas agencies and elected members of the panchayat to sort out the rightful people through Socio Economic Caste Census Data to avail this scheme since it is meant for all the right beneficiaries belonging to the BPL families.

Under this scheme, the present BJP led government aims to reach out to all the poorest of the poor who are still deprived of using LPG as cooking fuel and have to rely on firewood, coal, dung-cakes, he added.

Minister further observed that the main aim of the scheme is to reduce the hardship faced by the women folk. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana will surely safeguard the health of women and children by providing them with a clean cooking fuel – LPG and that they don’t have to compromise their health in smoky kitchens or roam around in unsafe areas to collect firewood.

The problem of deforestation leading to natural calamities like landslides, mudslides will also be curtailed once this scheme reaches to all the household as there would not be unnecessary cutting down of trees for firewood. 

He also asserted that Pradhan Mantri Ujjala Yojana was launched with an aim to save energy and our income. And under this scheme one can buy LED bulbs and tubes in subsidized rate with three year warranty. PMAY (G) was launched with an aim for providing shelters to homeless people. Beneficiaries who are included in the list of SECC 2011 can avail this facility. He also appealed to all beneficiaries of central sponsored schemes to open bank account as payment of all schemes is made DBT.

Biswajit also stressed on the need of sensitisation of the various schemes particularly in rural areas. Under information, education and communication programme the state government is planning to erect hoarding regarding various central sponsored schemes written in various dialect in every nook and corner of the state.

He observed that each and every one has to play important role in bringing development in the state.He also called upon members of the club to strengthen their activities for the betterment of the society.

Addressing the gathering deputy manager (LPG-S), I.O.C., Stephen Chinkhanson Guite stated that beneficiaries can register their names for the scheme by providing Aadhar card, bank details with BPL proof document. He also said they are planning to start home delivery system for the scheme and regarding any complain customer can dial to toll free number 1906. The Free LPG Connection were issued through M/S Bashikhong Indane Gramin Vitrak, Bashikhong,Imphal East.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Oct 5

The chief engineer works department (civil engineering-National Highways), Nongmaithem Noren, will deliver a speech on usage of geotechnical textile during a workshop convened at Atira auditorium, Ahemedabad.

The workshop under the theme “usage of geotechnical textile” organised by the Ministry of textile will be held on October 7.

Speaking to media persons Nongmaithem Noren, revealed that he was invited to attend the workshop for his successful initiative in introducing geotechnical textile in the northeastern region.

According to him in 2015 the Ministry of textile introduced a project called “scheme for promoting the usage of geotechnical textile in northeastern region” with a total sanction of Rs. 500 crore.

Under the scheme geotechnical textile was first used in the state during the expansion of Tiddim road (airport road), he said.

Following the success of the Tiddim road (along the Imphal-Airport stretch) expansion which remained intact despite having endured extreme weather the department was conferred with an award by the Ministry, said the chief engineer.

He said that the geotechnical now is being used in construction of roads in different part of the state including Bishnupur-Nungba road and 18 similar projects under the PMGSY.

Usage of Geotechnical textile is the best way to improve the road condition and also prevent landslides in the region prone to landslide, he said.

He further suggested that using the same technology in construction of the important roads would improve the connectivity in the state.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Oct 5

Lifetime president of Manipur State Shumang Leela Council, Ph. Gunachandra said present Shumang Leela is different from Jatrawali and not inferior compared to the olden ones. It only has a different taste.

Gunachandra made the statement during 21st foundation day celebration held today at Kwakeithel Kongjeng Leikai, Kounathabi, Imphal.

Speaking on the occasion, Gunachandra said shumang leela that stood in first position is might not be the best leela compared to other position holders but all the leelas are beautiful at different areas under different themes.

President of the council, M. Purnimashi said Sanaleipak Nachom Artists has been staging leela since establishment of the troupe. The troupe played many leelas and all of them had huge public demands. But the troupe faced downfall in between but now it is becoming popular again. The troupe should be cautious not to face the doom in future for a new taste of shumang leela, she added.

Giving keynote address, former secretary of Sanaleibak Nachom Artists, Sougrakpam Hemanta said there is lots of difference between present shumang leela and jatrawali. In Jatrawali each character was known as jatra and each jatra has a unique feature.

In Manipuri tradition the word jatra is an important word, in many occasion jatra is used that have the most responsibility including in ritual occasions.

One jatra in jatrawali has a unique character and jatrawali is played by combining with different jatras, he added.

Hemanta said Snanleibak Nachom Artists was established on October 5, 1997. Since the establishment of the troupe many leelas have been presented at different parts of the country. The leela has changed a lot due to change in society’s taste.

People do not bother the profession, but people should understand that due to the profession the artists are not able to take up other professions. People should not humiliate the artists due to the profession, he added.

Chief advisor of the council, Dr. M. Nara Singh, former president, Information Centre for Hill Areas Manipur, N. Rajendro Singh, advisor of the council, L. Tarpon Singh attended the function as presidium members.

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