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THOUBAL | Oct 14

U-17 FIFA World Cup players of Manipur who attended the cup hosted by India, which began on October 6 at New Delhi arrived back at Imphal today.

When the players arrived at Imphal at 11 am by an Air India Flight, they were warmly received by their families and members of several clubs, organisation. They were garlanded by supporters and well-wishers.

However, the goal keeper of the Indian team, Dheeraj was not amongst them as he and his family would be coming from another flight.

After the players were received by the crowd, they were escorted back to their respected homes by the people.

Meantime when the Indian team captain, Amarjit Kiyam and Jeakson arrived at Thoubal Hoakha, they were warmly welcomed by the residents.

In a ceremony held at the community hall of Thoubal Hoakha, organised by well-wishers, Thoubal district, captain Amarjit and Jeakson expressed their disbelief at the unexpected hospitality, saying it was like a dream.    

They expressed that they will cherish the moment forever, and said they will not let the love and affection shown to them, go to waste. They also expressed unhappiness over the fact that there is not decent play ground in the State for the players.

The welcoming ceremony was attended by MLA, Wangkhem Assembly constituency, K. Meghachandra, president, District Football Association, Thoubal, L. Chandrakshwor, vice president, Shyamo, M. Mani and A. Kesho Kumar.

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IMPHAL | Oct 14

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed before the High Court of Manipur against the prolonged scarcity of non-judicial and judicial stamps (court fee stamps) in the state.

The PIL was filed by advocate Athokpam Indrakumar Singh, former president of All Manipur Bar Association, before the division bench comprising of acting Chief Justice N. Kotiswar Singh and Justice Kh. Nobin Singh.

The division bench has directed the advocate general (AG) N. Kumarjit, to take necessary steps to ascertain the causes of the non-availability of the stamps maintaining that the scarcity is causing serious inconvenience to the public at large, not only affecting the judicial system but also in other areas of official activities where judicial/non-judicial papers/stamps/documents are required.

While notice was also issued to chief secretary, commissioner (finance), commissioner (revenue), the director of treasury, the case is to be listed in November 17.

Advocate A. Jagjit represented the petitioner while the AG who represented the state was assisted by P. Tamphamani.

The petitioner in his submission pointed out that prior to the filing of the said PIL, repeated requests have been made from various section of the public including BAR associations, public individuals and litigants, however the government remained adamant and failed to supply adequate quantity of the judicial/non-judicial stamps.

It further mentioned that although the smaller denominations of non-judicial stamps are not available with licensed vendors, the same are readily available with the street vendors, pan stores and oath commissioners, who are teeming in an around the Cheirap Court Complex sans control of any authority.

It claimed that the non-judicial stamps of Rs. 10 are sold for unwarranted premiums of Rs. 140, Rs. 20 at Rs. 90 and Rs. 50 at Rs. 140.

Steps have been taken to find out the reason behind the scarcity by inquiring with the concerned authorities of the government but no satisfactory explanation has been given thus far, it lamented.

The petition claiming that scarcity of the legal documents has been lingering since the last four to five years without any reasonable explanation, and this is what compelled him to file the PIL in the interest of the state.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017 00:00

CM mulls translating Puya scriptures

IMPHAL | Oct 14

Chief minister, N. Biren Singh has said that educating the masses about the philosophy, implications and components of Lai Haraoba can do wonders in strengthening the sense of oneness among the people of different communities of the State. 

He was speaking as the chief guest at Mera Meepham (Annual Conference of Umang Lai Haraoba) organised by Umang Lai Kanba Apunba Lup (UKAL) at Maharaja Chandrakirti auditorium, Palace Compound, here today.

Mentioning the brilliance and achievements of Manipuri people in different fields, chief minister said that the world would acknowledge the ancient high civilisation of the Manipuris if the Puyas (ancient scriptures of Manipur) are translated into English and Hindi.

Biren said that tranquillity remains elusive in the State due to paying less attention to the common history, culture and origin shared by the people of hill and valley for quite a long time.

Stating that the present State government has been giving due importance to preserving the age-old traditions and culture of the State, Biren said that within a few months after the present government  came to power, the joint interrogation cell was shifted from Kangla. 

He asserted that the sacred Kangla is now free from all forms of impurity and it has regained its real essence.

Informing that the government is making cost estimates for the construction of a bridge over Imphal river to enable opening of the eastern gate of Kangla, Biren said that he had studied the old map of the fort for the said purpose.

Speaking at the occasion, L. Jayantakumar said that every community of the world has the tendency of tracing their origin and blood relations.

Stating that the philosophies and meanings implicated in Lai Haraoba are so significant in terms of studying the origin of the universe and the life cycle of human beings, the minister opined that utmost care must be given to avoid alteration of its original form due to addition of alien components.

Art and culture minister, L. Jayentakumar and organising committee chairman, Prof. Ng. Kangjiya Mangang were the guest of honour and president of the function, respectively.

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IMPHAL | Oct 14

Revenue and CAF & PD minister, Karam Shyam Singh today said that school students transporters are another set of guardians beside the real parents and the teachers, and can impart moral lessons to the students outside the classroom.

He was speaking at the function of 2nd observation of All Manipur School Students Transporters’ Association (AMSSTA) day at Naharol Sintha Kanglup community hall in Wangkhei Keithel Ashangbi, Imphal East as chief guest.

The minister appreciated the efforts of the transporters as they are lessening the rate of unemployment in the state. He advised them to take pride in their profession and work sincerely by inculcating civic sense in their job.

He stressed on the association’s motto “Children are the pillars of the future generation and AMSSTA are the carriers of the pillars,” saying that they have a big contribution in the society and development of students. “You are grooming the real future leaders and sowing humanity,” he said.

He appreciated how AMSSTA is a refined association in the way that they pay respect to their former workers who have expired. He encouraged the widows of expired members to be strong and not lose heart but rather work for a bright future of their children.

The minister citing his own life as an example said even he was raised by his widowed mother.

The minister also said that policies and programmes are approved and implemented keeping the welfare of the people as the primary focus. He asked the association to submit names for recommendation to be included in the Social Security Scheme, Chief Minister gi Sottharabasingi Tengbang (CMST) which was recently passed by the State Cabinet.

Gifts were presented to the families of the expired by the present working members during the function led by chief guest.

Speaking as guest of honour, B.K. Sharma, joint director of transport department said the department is re-examining the Transport Policy passed by the cabinet in 2015. He urged the association to send in with their proposals which can be included if feasible.

President of AMSSTA, Maibam Kennedy Singh, joint director of transport department, B.K. Sharma, president of AMWJU, Wangkhemcha Shyamjai and secretary of All Manipur Students’ Guardian Association, Sougrakpam Sumati attended the function as presidium members.

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IMPHAL | Oct 14

The proscribed umbrella organisation CorCoM, of various UG groups operating in the state has called for a total shut down of entire Manipur on October 15, otherwise known as “National Black Day” when King Bodhachandra was kept captive at Shillong and forced to sign the merger agreement in 1949.

As a part of the “National Black Day” observations, the total shut down will begin at midnight tomorrow and will end at 6 pm, said a release signed by media coordinator, Ksh. Yoihieba.

CorCoM appeals to the people of the State that all business activities, official duties, travelling, sports and games, and all festivities be relieved for the day to join the observation of National Black Day, it said. However, the shutdown will be relaxed for emergency services, media related work and matters related to faith, it added.   

Before India had its own constitution, Manipur already had created one and started implementing it by holding elections in 1948, it further said.

However, without the consent of the elected council of ministers and the people, the leaders of the India, under the pretence of ‘democracy’, kept the king of Manipur as a captive in the least democratic manner at Shillong and forced him to sign the treacherous “Manipur Merger Agreement” on September 21, 1949, it said. And consecutively on the October 15, India forcefully encroached upon Manipur and took it under its shadows, it added.   

Therefore, Manipur, which had been an independent kingdom, with its own unique history at South East Asia, was lowered down to the status of a hill district and turned into a colony of India, it said.

The people of that time were against the forceful merger of Manipur into India, it said. The people had been standing against the merger and ever since, the war to regain the freedom of Manipur had been going on for generations afterwards, it added. 

Massive public meetings were held at every nook and corner of Manipur declaring the merger as a forced annexation and the protest were raised against it in one united voice, it said.

Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947, international laws and other related papers were carefully studied in several meetings and declarations were made that the merger actually was an annexation and cannot be taken as valid, it continued. Above all, several resolutions were made with intellectuals of the State for regaining the sovereign status of Manipur, it added. 

The revolutionary war being waged against Indian colonisers is based on its true intentions to relieve the people from slavery, it continued. The purpose of this war is to bring us in into the global race of development, it said adding freedom is progress and progress itself comes from freedom. The organisation urges the people to join in the struggle to regain independence which was lost on October 15, 1949, it added.

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IMPHAL | Oct 14

The proscribed NLFT, KCP and KYKL have jointly called for a total shut down in the entire region of Manipur and Tripura from the midnight of October 14 to 6 pm of October 15, as a resistance to the Indian colonial rule “imposed” on October 15, 1949.

This shut down will not cover essential services such as medical, water supply and religious activities.

A joint release signed by chairman, KYKL, N. Oken, president, KCP, Laba Meitie, president, NLFT, D. Yamrok said, the refusal of Tripura Merger Agreement (TMA) and Manipur Merger Agreement (MMA) signed respectively on September 9 and September 21, 1949 have been at the very heart of people’s struggle for freedom and change, which we have witnessed in the last 5/6 decades in Tripura and Manipur.

This is also more than clear that we have consistently invoked the same to politically mobilise the people against Indian occupation and to charge them with the spirit of freedom, it said.

It is a fact that the king of Manipur refused to sign the pre-drafted Manipur Merger agreement being supplied to him by the agents of the dominion of India without consulting the council of ministers in whom the real sovereign power lies, for Manipur, at that time, have had a democratically elected government with a written constitution adopted under the Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947 thereby reducing the king of Manipur to the status of a mere constitutional head of the state, it continued.

If a treaty is concluded by using threats or force, it will be taken as void and null as it has violated the principles of international law enshrined in the charter of the United 2 Nations, it said.  This is what the Article 52 of the Vienna convention on the law of treaties, 1969 precisely puts down, it continued.  Cutting into the Manipur merger Agreement, 1949 through the lens of Vienna convention, one will never find a reason not to say MMA, 1949 invalid, it added.

Here what can be observed crystal clear are the plain facts that all they did were nothing but making things invisible whichever they considered obstacle to their elephantine venture of constructing India, where the mainland will imprison the periphery, particularly the people of WESEA, it continued.

What is more, the Manipur merger agreement through which India has been riding roughshod over us for more than 6 decades had never been subject to a plebiscite under the supervision of a neutral party like the United Nation, which has been a universally democratic norms to ascertain whether the people in a particular territory want to remain 3 independent or join another country, it said.

On the same page, the regent queen Kanchan Prava was taken for a ride by the newly born fascist India to sign the Tripura Merger Agreement in the name of protecting her state on September 9, 1949 to come into effect from October 15, 1949, the same day on which Manipur’s administration was handed over to India, it continued.

The independent-minded people of Tripura, however, stood against the merger, it said adding tens of thousands Borok people took to the street protesting the perfidious agreement, raising their voice that spoke the Borok spirit of independence and justice.

Understanding the truth that the two independent states of Manipur and Tripura were annexed into India through a treaty without binding characters when viewed from different aspects, we have to stand up as a single entity to break the chains of slavery and throw off the shackles which India put us on, it said.

It is worth remembering that these princely states were not even annexed to British India, but the merger agreements they were forced to sign had pushed both of them to the lowest status of Part C state within India disrespecting their sovereign political status they enjoyed before being merged with India, it added.

The fate of national extinction is not exclusively for the Borok and the people residing in Kangleipak, but all the struggling communities inhabiting WESEA region, it continued. To face this juggernaut of Indian colonialism that has slowly rubbed out all the Mongoloid people living in the region using both the soft and hard tools, unification of all the oppressed people of the region is highly called for, it said.

 Therefore, we, the KCP, KYKL and NLFT appeal to all the subjugated people of Manipur and Tripura to show the unity and solidarity to our struggle for national emancipation against Indian colonial occupation, it added.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017 00:00

KCP (PWG) claims mela blast

IMPHAL | Oct 14

The proscribed Kangliepak Communist Party, People’s War Group has claimed responsibility for the mela blast, calling it as an attack against a mela run by ‘foreigners’.

A release signed by secretary, central media co-ordinator, Lenin Meitei said the attack was carried out as a first of its kind against fairs which are now run on pratically every street with the intent of making money through gambling games.

The party said it had put restrictions to Apunba Manipur Mela Lup (AMML) against such fairs which include gambling, it said.

When the party had put forth the restrictions to Mukta Leima, who runs North East Mela Association against holding such fairs that include gambling and suggested an alternative that is based on the indigenous community, she rebuked the leader of the party, chairman Lamyanba Khuman alias Pibarel through a phone call, and invited the organisation to come out in the field instead, it added.

The party expresses heartfelt sorrow for those who were hurt in the blast and said all responsibility should be taken by Mukta Leima and Lukram Leirak Youth Club, adding they should acknowledge their mistakes in the public.

The party is putting restrictions on such melas which include gambling until Apunba Manipur Mela Lup (AMML) creates strict rules and regulations for conducting these fairs.

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IMPHAL | Oct 14

Swiss Cooperation has assured to provide technical support in revising the Manipur State Action Plan on Climate Change, 2013. Swiss Cooperation is working in different Himalayan States on their respective State Action Plan on Climate Change.

Head and Counsellor, Swiss Cooperation Office, India, Embassy of Switzerland, Marylaure Crettaz, speaking to the media said she found Manipur as a very natural and green State with a pleasant weather condition.

She said Swiss Cooperation will help the Manipur government in reviewing the State Action Plan on Climate Change, accessing the results of the plans taken up so far and finding ways to improve for making a revision. Plan revision is necessary to combat frequent floods, landslides and variation in weather condition.

Once the State Action Plan is revised there will be list of things which will be taken up as projects and the last step will be to acquire the finance/fund for the project. Swiss Cooperation will support in terms of capacity building and training to assure that many State actors sensitise on the issue.

State officials at national, state and district level will be given training on ways to deal with the issue so that every sector/department is equipped to respond to climate change. Numerous studies like risk and vulnerability assessment will be prepared to make a better plan for which both fund and technical support is needed.

  1. Nabachandra Singh, director, directorate of environment, said the department is focused on various plans to conserve wetlands and water bodies in the State. He said the department is checking and monitoring the water quality under the research and development projects apart from water rejuvenation and conserving lakes.

Community participation is encouraged for conserving wetlands like done in Yaral Pat. All together 19 wetlands have been identified for eco-development which will be taken up in phase-wise.

He said, once the Manipur State Action Plan on Climate Change, 2013 is revised this year, State can work on making a state policy on climate change. With support from all corners swift action can be taken to save the ecology, he added.

Ahead of leaving Imphal today, Marylaure Crettazz visited the Panam Ningthou Garden at Andro, Imphal East and Sendra tourist resort, Moirang, Bishnupur district accompanied by the delegates of Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IHCAP) and officials of directorate of environment.

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IMPHAL | Oct 14

Old weavers were felicitated during Wangkheiphee Mantri’s Handloom’s “Sinnai Leichal” organised today evening at Wangkhei Meihoubam Lampak, Imphal East.

Speaking on the occasion, arts and culture minister, L. Jayantakumar said to promote the indigenous clothes of the state proper research is needed. One of the indigenous clothes of Manipur “Wangkhei Phee” has a rare quality but due to lack of marketing knowledge the clothes have hardly reached the global market.

The concerned department needs to research thoroughly on the raw materials needed in creating this exquisite textile to increase productivity, he said. The state is not sound in technology but some advanced state print the textures used in the indigenous clothes by using advance machine, the minister pointed out.

The clothes are imitated and imported back into the state at much lower prices than their original, which is now affecting the market of the genuine ones, he maintained. 

The department concerned should take care and to save the indigenous clothes, necessary action should be taken up as early as possible, Jayenta added.

As a part of the programme some old women weavers were felicitated with mementoes. Later a fashion parade was presented on indigenous dresses manufactured from Wangkheiphee Mantri’s Handloom.

MLA, Heikham Dingo Singh, MLA, Th. Satyabrata Singh also attended the function as guest of honour and president, respectively.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017 00:00

Bomb found at Dingo’s residence

IMPHAL | Oct 14

A Chinese hand grenade was found this morning at around 6.30 am at the residence of Sekmai assembly constituency’s MLA, Heikham Dingo. Police bomb squad arrived at the spot and retrieved the bomb safely from below a tree inside the premise of the MLA’s residence. No militants’ organisation or individual has claimed responsibility for the act yet.

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