RPF alleges state government is a puppet

17 July 2017

IMPHAL | July 16

The proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has alleged that Maniupr governments are puppets of the government of India and this is true  ever since Manipur joined India in 1949. The situation is now at its worst, it claimed.

The three months old BJP government led by Narendra Modi is now taking a long march to take over the control of the local institutes lying under the peripheral states, like education and culture, said a release yesterday.

Steps are taken to build cultural nationalism i.e. Indian centric nationalism by controlling education and culture, it said adding many agenda of an oppressive hegemony are nurtured to strengthen the existing imperialist democracy of India. Key appointments are made in the state as per the policy programmes to further continue the neo-imperialist democracy of India, it added.

Loyal puppets are being installed here so that they can pull the strings remotely and continue the oppressive rule, alleged the release. It is not surprising that they have appointed their remote agents at the post of CM’s advisor, chief secretary, chief justice of high court, deputy commissioner, vice-chancellor of university and other heads of institutions with non-Manipuris, it said. This was all started by the Instrument of Merger, September 21, in 1949, it added.

On the other hand, MLAs, bureaucrats, contractors and high ranking police officers have made a coalition and embezzled funds provided for the public and turned it into a profit making business, it charged. No wonder, these practices are actually helping the foundations of the imperialist democracy, it charged adding this has caused many obstacles on the struggle for “freedom and revolutionary goals.”

The former governments at Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand have been toppled to install puppet governments, the same fate is being faced by Manipur and Goa, it charged.  Some of the signs of “colonised puppet” government are: making the state government a helpless onlooker while the Centre is getting its hands at the land resources like undertaking oil explorations etc; installations of many black laws to practice genocides and causing inter ethnic conflicts; breaking down of state boundaries under the divide and rule policy, it claimed.

Complete obliteration of right to self determination; causing demographic terror by the influx of non locals and illegal immigrants; termination of local industries like state domestic products and small scale industries to create a captive economy, the release alleged.

RPF urged the people to realise that Manipur will be wiped away from the face of earth by becoming a completely colonised state of India, and stressed that it is the responsibility of the people to save their motherland.

Therefore, the front has appealed to the people to support the “war of freedom” against India, it said.


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