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Awareness programme on PMAY-G held

MOREH | Aug 21

An awareness programme on Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) was jointly organised by Autonomous District Council, Chandel and ADC/BDO, Moreh at the conference hall of Autonomous District Council, Chandel today.

The programme was attended by ADC chairman, Lukhosei Zou, vice-chairman, Joy Lamkang, additional deputy commissioner, Moreh, N. Gojendro, sub-divisional police officer, Lawrence K. Munlou and other ADC members along with community leaders and people of Moreh.

Speaking on the occasion, Lukhosei Zou said that the awareness programme is organised to aware the people about the new guidelines of PMAY-G and the benefits provided by this schemes to BPL beneficiaries.

An interaction programme was also held with the resource persons, Keisham Herojit and Leishangthem Jimi.

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Newmai News Network

AIZAWL | Aug 21

Mizoram Minister of State for Sericulture and Fisheries Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma resigned on Monday in protest against the denial of medical seats to four Chakma students who have qualified in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) this year for studying MBSS under Mizoram state quota. Chakma submitted his resignation to Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla.

In his resignation letter, Dr. BD Chakma said that four Chakma students namely Darshan Chakma, Nibir Chakma, Mini Chakma and Nibhir Tongchangya have qualified in NEET for pursuing MBBS under Mizoram state quota and accordingly they were called for counseling on July 20, 2017 by the Higher and Technical Education Department of Mizoram government.  But on the same day, just after the completion of the said counseling and without providing any reason thereof, the whole process of counseling was cancelled by the Commissioner, Higher and Technical Education Department and called for a fresh re-counseling, the date of which has not been declared by the concerned department.

The four Chakma students were among 38 selected to study MBBS and bachelor of dental surgery under Mizoram state quota through NEET. Two of them, ranked 9 and 23, are from Tuichawng, the assembly constituency in Lunglei district that Dr Chakma represents.

“On 26 July, 2017, Mizoram Higher & Technical Education Minister R. Romawia clearly stated in his press statement that the state MBBS’s quota would be reserved exclusively for Zo-ethnic people of Mizoram. From his statement, it is clear that he is not going to give any MBBS seat to non-Zo ethnic students and it indicates a clear denial of MBBS seats to those four meritorious Chakma students and this is not acceptably by me,” Dr Chakma said.

Dr Chakma, however, claimed that it is his bounded duty as a minister of state to serve the people of Mizoram with equality irrespective of caste, creed and religion and felt sorry if he had hurt the sentiments of many innocent people while discharging his duty as a minister.

“I fear that my presence as a minister of state in your esteemed ministry, may create uneasiness to maintain the glory of democracy of our state where all of us should feel at home under your dynamic leadership irrespective of caste, creed and religion and I, with my full conscience, do hereby tendered my resignation from the post of minister of state,” Dr Chakma wrote in his resignation to Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla.

Mizoram NGOs such as Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), representing the Zo ethnic groups, alleged that most of the Chakmas are outsiders who migrated from Bangladesh.

Mizoram civil bodies and student bodies were demanding the resignation of Dr Chakma on the ground that he is responsible for "instigating communal tension" in Mizoram. Earlier, all NGOs also threatened statewide total shutdown if Dr Chakma was not sacked from his post and agreed to wait the government action till August 25.

The NGO Coordination Committee, a conglomerate of all civil bodies and student bodies alleged that Dr Chakma had been indulging in anti-government activities on several occasions and was responsible for the arrest of MZP leaders in 2014 in the wake of protest against the construction of “Zofate Chawlhbuk” (Rest house for Zofate) at Borapansury village in Chakma area.

The committee also alleged that  Dr Chakma was one of the prominent figures among people who boycotted MDC election in 2014 in protest against the construction of ‘rest house’ at Borapansury.

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By Finding the Voices

As we are nearing the completion of five years of FindingTheVoices, I was reflecting on moments that made FindingTheVoices real, moments that gave meaning to my quest and vision to continue FindingTheVoices.

Yesterday I shared a picture in Facebook sharing a moment “It broke my heart to see the crumpling condition of Three Mothers Art Gallery in Imphal, Manipur.”

Then I shared another picture of another moment “I was truly touched and felt connected by the way Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma, sculpture artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery calling me “Sana” instead of my name. Sana, literal meaning is gold but it’s a way of addressing someone with love in Manipur. And I had forgotten this beautiful way of addressing.” I remember my mother fondly sharing about her childhood “Oh, when I grew up, I was Ebemma at home.”

Staying away from Manipur for 25 years now, I have missed experiencing many of the beautiful ways of life in Manipur. The journey of FindingTheVoices have been very fruitful and enriching to me as a person, striking a deep chord in taking pride of my origin and roots.

Moments I was truly touched and felt connected by the way Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma, sculpture artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery calling me “Sana” instead of my name. Sana, literal meaning is gold but it’s a way of calling someone with love in Manipur. And I had forgotten this beautiful way of addressing.

Sir Laba Yambem commented on the post sharing the news about the passing of the main artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery.

I got confirmation of the sad, very sad news that Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma passed away on August 12, 2017. He was born on September 24, 1955. The news filled me with such grief, regret and anger. His passing is a big loss to Manipur, a big loss to the community of sculptor artists of the world.

It is my deepest regret that we have failed him in recognizing his talent and giving him the support to nurture his inborn gifted talent. It gave me goosebumps when he shared about seeing the vision of what to carve when he sees the raw roots at nights and hence he worked mostly at nights. He didn’t have a blue print for any of his sculptors, it was all in his mind which he carved.

I saw a true artist seeing the blessing of such talents in Manipur. His sculptors conveyed the deepest meaning in art form with important relevance to the history and people of Manipur. But it broke my heart to see the crumbling gallery, the beautiful artwork smudged with dust from the fallen ceiling. It made me think of the art gallery in other places where artwork are kept with such value, boxed within glasses, guards closely monitoring the many lined up visitors from touching the artwork.

His vision of what he wanted to carve is truly inspirational but we have failed him to provide a platform and nurture his talent.

If you haven’t heard about Three Mothers Art Gallery, that is the first failure point. Why haven’t you heard about it ? Why don’t you know about the artist? Where are the visitors lining up to see his artwork? Why is his artwork not promoted? Where are the promotions? Why is his gallery crumpled? Shouldn’t his artwork display be one of the main display for tourist spot in Manipur?

Gurumayum Shyamsunder Sharma (September 24, 1955- August 12, 2017) gifted sculptor artist of Three Mothers Art Gallery, Manipur passed away. He was just 61 years old. He had dreams, many unfulfilled dreams. I have failed him. The people have failed him. Manipur has failed him. India has failed him.

I implore you to visit Three Mothers Art Gallery, Wangkhei, Thangapat Mapal Palace Compound, Imphal East, Manipur.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

False illusion of peace

Last week in Manipur was newsy. Among those that made banner headlines was the surrender of 68 underground cadres to the government. The ceremony was understandably timed for August 15, the day in 1947 India achieved its independence. All 68 surrenderees, many of them women, belonging to several valley-based underground organisations, in brand new, starched and ironed military camouflage fatigues were paraded before the public and the media in the presence of the chief minister, N. Biren. Also present were important office bearers of the Art of Living, a Karnataka based ashram movement founded and headed by the one and only Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is now learnt that it was the peace building effort of this organisation which finally delivered some result. Though still miles to go before any semblance of a vision of peace can be said to have dawned on this beleaguered land, it was nonetheless significant. There were of course a great deal of scepticism raised by onlookers and newspaper readers that the surrendered militants virtually brought along no arms, and displayed on a single table for public viewing were just three dilapidated handguns and three rifles. It must be said the scepticism cannot be dismissed as unwarranted, for indeed in the ultimate analysis, it is weapons in the hands of the insurgents that the government should worry about most, for here we are not talking about non-violent civil demonstrations, but of violent challenges to the legitimacy of the state.

Be that what it may and let the benefit of the doubt be with the government when it clarified that not all weapons surrendered were displayed on the day, for there are weightier questions to be addressed. They can be gauged somewhat with these rhetorical questions: What is the blueprint for comprehensive peace that the government is thinking of? Or more pertinently, does the government at all have such a blueprint? Is it thinking in terms of weaning away militant cadres by the offer of livelihood packages? Or to rephrase this last question a little more aggressively, is it hoping to deplete the ranks of the UG organisations by working to fragment them? The disturbing premonition is that the answers to these questions all point to a directionless and ad hoc approach to this issue, so vitally important to the general welfare of the state and its people. What the people are longing for is a lasting and justiciable resolution to a vexing problem that resulted out of factors that have to do with, among others, history, economy, culture, identity and a sense of purpose to living in the changed paradigm of nationhood and peoplehood. Against such a backdrop public angst, it is almost a foregone conclusion that 68 militants calling it quits to bite the government’s amnesty bait will do little or nothing to reassure people that the peace train is on its way. Moreover, they have seen that engineered splinters in militant organisations can only result in creating more loose cannons deepening and complicating the crisis at hand, and multiplying their harangue and agony. It is not surprising then that despite the banner headlines, the surrender by the 68 militants was generally met with public indifference. A week after the event, nobody even cares to remember it, not to talk about celebrating it.

Lasting peace can come about only by a more comprehensive settlement of the problem, the complexity and dimension of which we have already briefly sketched above. Perhaps it would be to the purpose for the government to facilitate an autonomous peace mission. Such a mission should not be its puppet, merely doing its bidding, but independently working to set up a negotiating forum. This mission could visit the leaders of the underground movement wherever they are and find out what can be the consensual way forward. What the UG leaders must be offered is the possibility and hope for the return of peace to the land and definitely not government stipends and new uniforms for their cadres. The government should first and foremost know that the issue is much larger than what the latter offers can buy. Anybody who understands the soul of the place will know such a policy will never work, just as it has persistently not worked in the last half a century and more. Let those who wish to come quit the fight be welcomed and provided with these little material compensations on humanitarian grounds, but let such peripheral activities not fool the government or anybody that peace is on the way.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

LGP distributed to BPL beneficiaries

JIRIBAM | Aug 21

Free LGP distribution programme for BPL card holders was held today at Babupara, Jiribam by M/S Emoinu Gas Agency.

ADC of Jirabam district, Sivadas and manager of M/S Emoinu Gas Agency, K. Gobadhon today distributed LPG at free of cost to 47 family under BPL under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Scheme .

Speaking on the occasion, Sivadas said that the LPGs along with stoves are being distributed to the BPL family to improve the condition of women.

He said that using LPG will prevent them from facing difficulties of smokes while cooking.

Manager, K. Gobadhon demonstrated on how to use the LPG to the beneficiaries.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

Manipur Health campaign

IMPHAL | Aug 21

Noney Battalion under the aegis of Red Shield Division organised Manipur Health campaign at Noney today.

A release said, during the health campaign, 50 students along with teaching staff of St Joseph School, Khumji joined the troops of the battalion for a combined yoga and meditation session. The students were encouraged to adopt a habit of healthy lifestyle.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

AMMDC appeals

IMPHAL | Aug 21

All Manipur Muslim Development Committee (AMMDC), Lilong has appealed the higher authority concerned to revoke the transfer order of officer in-charge of Lilong police station, Md. Riyajuddin by the Home department.

A release said that under the leadership of Md. Riyajuddin, the local clubs nabbed individuals involved in drug related crimes by forming women groups in different localities in Lilong areas. Eventually, crimes in Lilong area are minimised by 60 percent and is accepted by the people of Lilong.

It further said that AMMDC expressed gratitude to chief minister N. Biren Singh for instructing the social welfare department and police department to apprehend individuals who use drugs and keep them in rehabilitation centres.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

DCOMAC foundation day organised

From Our Correspondent


The 4th foundation day of District College of Musics, Arts and Culture (DCOMAC), Keinou was organised today at Keinou Bazaar community hall. The college, which is affiliated to Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith University, Lucknow, is the only centre for art and culture in Bishnupur district. The occasion was attended by the pradhan of Keinou gram panchayat, W. Homeshwor, principal, H. Bhagirat and singer Chakthekpi along with other ward members.   Bhagirat said that such centres for art and culture will help to carry forward the rich traditions and culture of Manipur.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

NIPCO health camp at Mongjarong khunou

IMPHAL | Aug 21

National Identity Protection Council (NIPCO) Manipur under the directorate of Health Services, have organised a health camp at Power house (Rengpang Village) Mongjarong khunou, Noney district from August 17 to 18. Around 602 patients from the area came for receiving health consultations and treatments, said a release. The camp was organised with the help of various doctors along with medical and sales representatives association and all Manipur chemist and drugs association.

In the camp Indian Medical Association RIMS and JNIMS Hospital Pharmacy Association provided medicines along with transporting facilities. NIPCO expressed its thankfulness to those who provided financial help, especially to the members of village authority, Mongjarong village and members of woman society who gave assistance in making the camp successful, it added. 

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00

AMGSU declares written quiz result

From Our Correspondent


All Manipur Gorkha Students’ Union (AMGSU), Manipur Irang Part-II today declared the result of written quiz competition held on August 13.

Kapil Thapa and Rebicca Tamang of T. Waichong Government High School bagged first and second positions respectively, followed by Nisha Karki of Irang Pt-II Government High School in third position in Category A, while Suman Kadariya, Satginlal, Janggoulen Kipgen, Letginthang Lhangal and Geeta Khadka received consolation prizes.

in Category B, Sitaram Bhattarai of T. Waichong Government High School bagged first position, followed by Sajina Begha of Irang Pt-II Government High School and Ngamminlun Baite of T. Waichong Government High School in second and third positions respectively, while Raj Mishra, Amit Limbu, Sumit Paudyel, Dhanan Karki, Bishal Poudyal received the consolation prizes.

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