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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 13

The chief minister Nongthongbam Biren Singh today announced that the joint interrogation cell at Kangla Fort will be shifted out, so as to to maintain sanctity of the fort. He was making this announcement while addressing the Patriots’ Day function at Bir Tikendrajit Park.

“The joint interrogation cell is being shifted from Kangla fort to another place as per the wishes of the people. This is to maintain sanctity of the fort and I don’t want to hear cries,” Biren said.

The joint interrogation cell was opened inside Kangla fort when the Assam Rifles was headquartered here. The Assam Rifles was remov ed from Kangla in 2004. After the Assam Rifles left the place the joint interrogation cell continued to exist.

However Biren did not give any hint where the joint interrogation cell will be opened.

He reiterated that the “Nongpokthong” which is an important gateway according to “Puya” will also be installed in the campus area of Kangla. Study of maps and the process will be started soon, he added.

He also warned civil organisations or any individuals not to pollute the minds and thinking of the public with vested interests and disturb the harmony between the people of various indigenous groups. It will only create misunderstandings, he added.

He also requested the general public especially the student community to focus on studies rather than just beating around the bush and going for strikes and bandhs. He made a big appeal that a solution be achieved through dialogue rather than violence.

Patriots ‘Day is observed to pay respect and honour to the martyrs of the 1891 war between the Manipuris and Britishers. Twenty two leaders including Maharaja Kulachandra were exiled for life and five were hanged to death on this day and the other five were hanged to death on different dates on the false charge of waging war against the British Empire.

The governor of the state Najma Heptullah, during the occasion said that series of battles in 1891 showed the courage of the Manipuris who fought against the strongest force of the then world and it showed that freedom is more important than their lives.

In the present situation of the state facing many problems, she commented that “we should amicably resolve all our differences to make our state strong rather than harping on our differences.  

Bandh culture, economic blockades etc at the drop of a hat even for minor incidents has harmed the pace of development in the state and such acts need to be avoided. The administration and the population must go hand in hand to ensure that divisive forces do not have an upper hand and that peace is the hallmark of the state, she remarked.

Floral tributes were paid by the state officials at Shaheed Minar, Kangla western gate before the main function at BT Park.

Prestigious award of Manipur Chief Minister’s Police Medal for Gallantry and Manipur Chief Minister’s Police Medal for Outstanding Devotion to Duty were given to five police personnel each during the function.

1) Kh. Henery Singh, SI of CDO unit IE, 2) Thangkhochon Haokip, MPS, Dy. SP (Ops) Imphal West, 3) Micro Wahengbam, Hav.No. 2nd MR attached with CDO Unit/IE, 4) P. Achouba Meetei, inspector, OC-CDO/IW and 5) L. Rocky Singh, SI of CDO unit Thoubal were conferred Manipur Chief Minister’s Police Medal for Gallantry.

For the Manipur Chief Minister’s Police Medal for Outstanding Devotion to Duty, 1)Thahgen Khaikhojam, JC No.584, Subedar,1st IRB, 2) S. Joychandra Meetei, head constable, IW, 3) Y. Robindro Singh, head constable, Bishnupur 4) Ng. Sanakhomba Singh, head constable, IW and 5) K. Ranjit Singh, inspector of police, narcotic cell, IW were named.

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Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Second blast rocks Imphal

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 13

Breaking security measures taken in view of the 70th Independence Day celebration a bomb blast rocked Imphal.

The blast occurred at around 9: 40 am this morning at Kakwa Naorem Leikai under Singjamei police station in Imphal West. The bomb believed to be improvised explosive device (IED) was planted near the base of a transformer located beside Nongpok Panthoibi community hall, Naorem Leikai.

The impact of the blast damaged the barb wire fence around the transformer. However, no one was injured. It is said that at the time of the blast some second hand dress dealers were selling their products just 20 metres from the blast site.

SP Imphal West, commandant of 6th AR and personnel of Singjamei PS inspected the site. Police bomb squad collected samples of fragments. Experts said, it is suspected to be a timer IED.

A similar bomb exploded yesterday at the border on Myanmar side opposite to Sunrise playground, Moreh at around 5.15 am but no causality has been reported.

Police picked up Naorem Bhume (55) son of late N. Komol.

Cordon and search operation have been carried out in different parts of the state.

Today at around 5 am to 7 am CASO was conducted at Thingkangphai, Churachandpur by district police teams led by Add. SP L. Khongsai, SDPO Churachandpur, SDPO Thanlon and women police.

Thoubal police conducted cordon and search operations at Yairipok Huidrom Leikai from 4.15 am to 6.00 am. Three persons were picked up for further verification at Yairipok police station.

Similar operation was conducted today at Kakching Lamkai under the supervision of Kakching SP and the teams of OC Pallel, Hiyanglam, CDO Thoubal, along with female personnel between 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

More than 120 persons were verified on the spot and 19 persons were found without any identifying documents and they were handed over to Kakching police station for further verifications.

Later, house to house search and verification of households was also conducted at Kakching Ningthou Pareng and nearby houses of the place of function.

Women folks of Naorem Leikai staged a sit-in protest condemning the today’s bomb blast infront of Nongpok Panthoibi, Naorem Leikai.

Eyewitness said that the spot of the blast was a place where Assam Rifle personnel came and usually have lunch.

Today’s blast took place just a few minutes after Assam Rifle personnel left the spot, added the eyewitness.

Speaking to media persons, Singjamei to Lilong Meira Paibi, advisor, Naorem Dasumati said that in their locality bomb blast has never occurred in the past.

Such action brought a big terror to the people of their locality, she added.

The advisor said that the person or organisation who is responsible for the blast should clarify within three days.

The women folks asked the government not to deploy Assam Rifles in their area as it become unsafe for the general public.

The women folks claimed that Norem Bhumen (55) son of N. Kumol of Naorem Leikai which was arrested by the Imphal East commando just half hour after the blast from his residence is innocent and asked to released him without any condition.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 13

The North East Catholic Community of Delhi has expressed shock over the denial of an honourable burial of one Rita Haorei, wife of Yangmi Haorei, who passed away on August 7, by villagers of Leingangching under Kamjong district, as she was a Catholic Christian.

A release signed by the president of NECCD, Philip Thanglianmang said ‘this inhuman behaviour and gross violation of basic human rights is not only condemnable, but it has shamed and tarnished the image of all Christians.’

At a time when building Christian community and brotherhood is gaining ground through inter-religious dialogues, such incidents of dividing people on the basis of their religious practices and denominations by so called Christian leaders is most unfortunate, it added.

It may be mentioned that Leingangching hamlet is predominantly a Baptist Christian village. In 2009, a group of families approached the village authority to allow them to embrace Catholic faith. But their request was turned down by the village authority.

According to a reliable source, these families have been facing many hardships ever since they announced their conversion to Catholic faith. In May 2010 their houses were ransacked by the villagers and they have been remaining as outcasts since then in their own village, it continued.

A peaceful march on August 9 to the Leingangching village from Litan village (where the dead body is kept) with the coffin of the dead body was vehemently resisted by the Leingangching village who came armed with weapons. Sensing the danger the protesters were persuaded by the police to withdraw but the sit-in-protest continues, said the source.

Further the source maintained that burial of Catholic followers were denied by the same villagers in 2014 and 2016 when deaths occurred. Attempts to solve the problem through customary laws had also failed, and moreover visits and appeals from organisations like Thangkhul Naga Long, All Manipur Christian Organisation and Tribal Christian Leaders Forum have fallen on deaf ears.

In this regard a case before the CJM of the Ukhrul is also pending continued the source, adding the response from the DC of Kamjong has been very casual.

The All Manipur Christian Organisation, (AMCO) in a release has appealed to the village chief and authority concerned to look into the matter with Christian love and human dignity. The Tangkhul Christian Fellowship Delhi has condemned the incident and urged every right thinking individual to rise above sectarian and parochial mind-set and respect one’s right to freedom of conscience, according to a statement.

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Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Rivalries among two NPF camps continue

Fear of law and order collapse in Kohima

Newmai News Network

DIMAPUR |Aug 13 

Rivalry between the Naga People’s Front (NPF) led by Dr Shurhozelie Lizietsu and the other NPF led by Neiphiu Rio is becoming tense day by the day.

Yesterday a large number of NPF Youth Wing members from Northern Angami-I assembly constituency came to the temporary office of NPF (Rio group) at Hotel Legacy Complex, Bayavu Hill in Kohima and served an ultimatum to close down the office by August 13. However, the Rio led NPF did not pay heed to the ultimatum.

Following this development, tension is fast mounting in Kohima as there is apprehension of law and order issue if things are not checked on time.

“It has come to our notice that an office said to be NPF office has been inaugurated at Hotel Legacy, Bayavu Hill, Kohima, which was unauthorised and illegal, by so-called Interim president Neiphiu Rio on August 10, which falls under the jurisdiction of 10 Northern Angami I Assembly Constituency,” said the NPF Youth Wing of Northern Angami-I assembly constituency.

It also said that the NPF has only one president, and he is Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu “who was duly elected in the general convention on November 26, 2014 and the same was reaffirmed on April 30, 2015 and there is no other president, Interim or otherwise”.

Meanwhile, the NPF led by Dr Shurhozelie said, “It is simply amazing how stubborn some people can get repeating ad nausea that majority of the MLAs had elected Neiphiu Rio as the interim president of the Naga People’s Front party”, adding, “These people have obviously learned nothing from the 2015 crisis when majority of NPF legislators elected Noke Wangnao as the president of the NPF and moved the Election Commission of India for the party symbol.”

“Did the ECI recognize Wangnao as the NPF president then and allot the group the party symbol?” it asked.

 Just as in 2015, majority of the Central Office Bearers and the Central Executive Council members along with, in the instant case, twelve out of thirteen Division Units, are with the party and President Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu, it added.

So, it brings us to the question of how the illegal party of expelled NPF legislators and the political gypsies could claim that the interim president elected by the legislators on July 31, has any legal backing, it added.

According to the statement, party workers/ supporters elect the legislators, and not the other way round. “And once these legislators are elected, they cannot be replaced at one’s whims and fancies before expiry of their tenure, namely, five years, even if they make fools of themselves, gallivant in Kaziranga or shift their allegiance to the highest bidder just as persons in the world’s oldest profession do,” it stated.

It continued, “Having shredded legalities into tatters with the Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly acting like the main villain, and the governor of Nagaland playing the role of the Godfather in the whole sordid affair, this group of illegal persons had presumed that they could do anything and get away scot free, like setting up an illegal office, appoint someone to a non-existent post as interim president, and also make absurd demand to the legally-elected president to step down within fifteen days and hand over the properties of the party to them!”

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 13

Chingai MLA and parliamentary secretary, planning and transport, Khashim Vashum on yesterday inaugurated the M/S Chingai K.K Indane Gramin Vitra as a part of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) at the Chingai village community hall.

The scheme was launched in the presence of elders from different villages under Chingai block, SDO Chingai, Jessami, ADC members of Ukhrul, officials of IOC.

As an initial part of the scheme the Khashim Vashum handed over consumer kits to seven beneficiaries.

The PMUY which aims to provide LPG cooking gas for BPL family, apparently will not be able to fulfill its objective anytime soon in the absence of bank in the sub-divisional head quarter.

To avail with banking facilities in the sub-division the Vijaya bank agreed to open a branch inside the campus of yet to be inaugurated SDO Chingai, office complex.

However, due to the deplorable condition of the bank building the authority (bank) was forced to retract its decision twice. The bank authority has visited Chingai and inspected the bank building twice but they expressed its disappointment over the condition of the building, said a local source.

The MLA along with officials of the sub-division, ADC members of the block also inspected the building and excoriated on the condition.

“It pains me to see the condition of the entire infrastructure within the campus of the SDO office complex particularly the bank building in the wake of the PMUY and other similar schemes which requires bank accounts to avail the benefits”, said the Chingai MLA said.

Chingai remains one of the underdeveloped blocks despite being one of the oldest blocks next to Ukhrul, he lamented.

The bank building inside the SDO campus resembles an incomplete abandoned building with new paints.

All the important compartments inside the building particularly the supposed strong room was no more than a mere four corner room.

Set aside safety features, the room have no door and has a small window reinforced with iron rod usually found in an old fashion house.

There were tell-tale signs on the poor quality of the works as most of the floor tiles have also damaged and cracks appearing on the ceilings and walls.

Most of the infrastructures inside the SDO campus were in similar condition covered in overgrowth bushes.

The SDO complex was constructed by the previous government and was left un-inaugurated following a boycott.

For being one of oldest sub-division, formally inaugurated in 1971, Chingai is still lagging behind in every aspect when compared to sub-division in other districts.

It is found that there has been no market shed in the sub-divisional head quarter and construction is undergoing for the same. The new PHC building inaugurated in 2003 was found to be run by only one doctor (MO).

Of the total 10 staffs only four individuals were found at the station including the MO, two nurses and a grade four officer.

Roads leading to the sub-divisional headquarter is also in deplorable condition.

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By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Aug 13

Haobam Paban kumar’s ‘Loktak Lairembi’ – Lady of the Lake, has received yet another feather in its cap. The acclaimed Manipuri feature film has been invited to be screened in the 15th Anniversary Open Russian Festival of Film and Theater to be held at Blagoveshchensk city, Russia.

The festival will be from September 16 to 24 this year. It features both national and international competition sections. Pabankumar’s ‘Loktak Lairembi’ will compete with nine other films from around the world. 

The film before its screening in the Russian city in September, it will have a stopover at New Delhi for The Fresh Lense: New Cinematic Voices from Northeast India screening. It will be held from August 18 to 19, organised by the by India International Centre and North East Media Forum.

 According to the organiser this festival presents some significant voices among a new generation of filmmakers who following in the footsteps of veterans like Aribam Syam Sharma, Jahnu Barua and the late Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia, have made a mark at the international and national level.

Far away from the glamour world of big budget Hindi cinema – and consequently the gaze of the usual film goer in the Indian heartland – filmmakers in Northeast India have, over the years, been consistently telling their stories in an artistic and grounded manner.

Speaking on ‘Loktak Lairembi’, Paban kumar maintained that gun – a symbol of authority and ownership regimen others. “We forget that fear and anxiety instils further worries resulting in cross violence! I sincerely believe in resumption of our cultural values that propagates an inclusive society imbued with love, trust and tolerance and my film symbolically delves into the ‘fear psychosis’ that leads to mistrust and irresponsible conflicts”, he opined.

‘Loktak Lairembi’ has travelled as many as 19 international film festivals so far. The debut feature film of the director has garnered prestigious awards like: German Star of India Award – 14th Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart 2017, 26th G. Aravindan Puruskaram for the Best Debut Director 2016, FIPRESCI India – Critics Award – 9th Bengaluru International Film Festival 2017, NETPAC Award (Asian Select) - 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival 2016 and Golden Gateway Award - 18th Mumbai Film Festival 2016 among others.

It may be mentioned that Paban Kumar came to limelight with the film AFSPA 1958 winning the FIPRESCI and Jury prize at the 9th MIFF 2006. Some of his other notable films are ‘A Cry in the Dark’, ‘The First Leap’, ‘Mr. India’ and ‘Floating Life’ etc.

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Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Tikendrajit’s bust unveiled at Hojai

IMPHAL | Aug 13

The 126th patriots’ day was observed today at the Manipuri Kala Mandir, Dhalpukhri, Hojai district, Assam. A statue of Bir Tikendrajit was unveiled as part of the function organised by the Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Assam, district committee, Hojai.

A one minute silence was observed as a mark of respect to the supreme sacrifices made by the martyrs of the historic Anglo-Manipuri War, 1891. Floral tributes were also paid to the martyrs.

Speaking as the chief guest of the function, Yumnam Khemchand, Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly, recalled his days spent in Assam for more than a decade as the founder president of All Assam Taekwondo Association promoting the martial arts in various districts of Assam.

He said people now trust the government led by chief minister N. Biren Singh which believes in performing action rather than just making statements. He concluded his speech by expressing his desire to attend more such functions in the future.

Guest of honour at the function, Thounaojam Shyamkumar, minister MAHUD, town planning, forests and environment and horticulture and soil conservation talked about the visible changes in Hojai since his maiden visit in 1991.

Stating that costumes of Meitei women are the reflection of the rich cultural tradition which has survived for many years, he requested the women to keep the tradition alive. He also said it is an emotional experience to witness the Meiteis living in Hojai for their contribution in keeping the traditions and culture alive.

Minister Th. Shyamkumar said he has been specifically advised by the chief minister N. Biren to visit Hojai to look into the problems faced by the Manipuri diaspora and promised to extend all possible help.

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Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Push for meat slaughter house

By Thomas Ngangom

IMPHAL | Aug 13

Raw meat shops in the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) area mostly sell “uncertified meats.” The certificate they have is only for retail sale or whole sale. Certified meat can be brought for consumption after creation of slaughter houses in the state.

Commissioner of IMC, Th. Harikumar told IFP that meat shops are holding certificates for opening shops. The state needs slaughter houses and creation of meat inspector’s post.

He said MAHUD minister Th. Shyamkumar’s decision not to allow sale of meat without license from IMC and veterinary department is a good initiative.

According to the rules and regulations governing the licensing of meat shops in Imphal, meat shops should be regulated as per the directions of Manipur Municipalities Act 1976, Prevention of food Adulteration Act 1954 and related bylaws (municipal license byelaw) named The Municipalities or Nagar Panchayats (Regulation of market) Model Bylaws 1998 and the Sale of Meat Bylaws 1987 framed under provisions of the Manipur Municipalities Act 1976.

He said “meat shop” means any premises used wholly or in part for the wholesale or retail sale of raw meat for human consumption. “License” means licence granted to an owner or a keeper of meat shop.

As per Section 163 of the Manipur Municipalities Act 1976, no place shall be used for any of the purpose listed in the section in the limits fixed by the Municipal Board without a license.

It is said that in the reply to an RTI application the Municipal Board said meat shops require license. As per the byelaw, no meat shop shall be established or run or continued in the Imphal Municipal Area except under the order of a licence.

According to the reply, IMC is the supreme body in its area regulating licenses and the executive officers of IMC is the authority to issue the license. Veterinary and animal husbandry department also has a key role in licensing the meat shop.

Under Manipur Municipalities Act 1976 the meat shop must follow the conditions that is “meat should be brought from the licensed butcher. No slaughtering of animal is permitted in the premises of the shop. The shop should be properly walled. The meat should be kept in a properly arranged place or box where flies cannot enter. All articles such as scale, knives and others should be properly washed. No person shall be employed in any room who is not cleanly clad or who is suffering from  any  infectious,  contagious or  loathsome  disease  or  who  has  recently  been attending  upon  any person  suffering  from  such  disease  nor  shall  any  person  be permitted to enter any meat shop who is known to be suffering from any infectious, contagious or loathsome disease. The premises of the meat shops shall not be used for residential proposes or as eating house. No animal should be killed in the premises of the shop and the meat to be kept for sale should be from a licensed slaughterhouse.”

Harikumar further said, IMC has completed survey of 80 percent in IMC area. During the survey IMC collected data on number of meat shops with licence and  without licence.

He appealed to the concerned minister and the government to take initiatives for creation of slaughter houseand appointment of meat inspector. Before the appointment of meat inspector a veterinary doctor can be deputed, he added.

Director of veterinary and animal husbandry, H. Chaoba told IFP that a slaughter house is a must for selling certified meat. Only after having a slaughter house people can get certified meat for healthy consumption. The department is ready to co-operate with the initiatives taken by state to bring a healthy society, Chaoba asserted.

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Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Gun fight between ZUF and NSCN-IM


A fierce gun battle between Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) and National Socialist Council of Nagalim - Isak Muivah (NSCN-IM) reportedly took place today at around 12 noon at the Namdailong village which is approximately 5 km towards North from Jirighat Bazaar and lies under Lakhipur sub-division of Cachar District.

According to report received that the gun battle lasted for half an hour in which an alleged cadre of ZUF was apprehended by NSCN-IM. The apprehended ZUF cadre was identified as Malek pao Gangmei (24).

During the gun battle, the NSCN - IM destroyed a kitchen, office and prayer centre of NNC/FGN and few bags of rice which was stored in the kitchen was burnt down.

Later, after the gun battle a team of Assam Rifles and police went to the spot and investigated.  In the queries of media person about the reason of gun battle, the local reported that NSCN-IM and ZUF are enemies and draws gun on the sights of each other.

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Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Congress observes Patriots’ Day

IMPHAL | Aug 13

The 126th Patriots’ Day was observed today at Manipur State Congress Committee office at B.T. Road, Imphal to pay tributes to the martyrs of the state.

Speaking to media persons, former chief minister, O. Ibobi Singh expressed the hope that the people of the state and the future generation will have the spirits of the martyrs who gave their lives for the motherland in safeguarding the motherland.

He appealed to the people to unite as was done by the fore-fathers and firmly stand for integrity of the state.

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