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IMPHAL | Nov 6

 As a pledge to keep Imphal city clean, All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) in co-ordination with Manipur Police undertook a cleanliness drive within and around the vicinity of Manipur Press Club.

 A release said, under the supervision of director general of Police LM. Khaute IPS, the initiative was led by AMWJU president, Wangkemba Shamjai and City Police Station officer in charge, Sudhir.

AMWJU expresses their gratitude to City Police Station OC, Sudhir and all the police personnel who participated in the cleanliness drive, it said.

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IMPHAL | Nov 6

Legends tell everything, Meiteis and Anals has inseparable centuries-old bond and close connection. During an undisclosed pre-historic era, Ibudhou Wangbren Khana Chaoba, the Meitei deity, who manned the southern frontier of Manipur, dared to compete with strong Anal youths to claim the hand of Shangnu Shanghra (also known as Shangkhurembi), the only daughter of Anal chief Mongyam Ngamba.

It is widely believed among the Anals and the Meiteis that Ibudhou happily settled with the beautiful lady after coming out victorious in the competition.

Centuries have passed and civilization gone, but this legend never gets ruined with the passing of time. It still remains in the rich folklore of Manipur with relics believed to be connected with the legend are still standing tall as testimonies at a picturesque place known as Hungke-pa in Anal Khullen village in Chandel district.

Chief minister N. Biren’s maiden visit to Chandel district headquarters recently, this legend came forth once again with a new vigour when Anal Naga Taangpi (ANTA) requested him to develop a tourist resort at Anal Khullen to commemorate the inseparable age-old hill-valley relationship.

Chief minister, who has championed in forging hill-valley ties, while speaking at a grand reception function attended by thousands of people of different communities at Chandel’s Maha Union Ground on November 4 declared that his government would leave no stone unturned in developing the sacred site no matter how much money it required.

Within 48 hours, N. Biren announced through the media that Rs. 2 crore had been earmarked by the government for the said project. 

Speaking at the same function, N. Biren said, “I was almost in tears when I went through the memorandum submitted by Anal Naga Taangpi. The Anal body requested me to develop the sacred site of Ibudhou Wangbren at Anal Khullen. We can’t overlook such realties and common history that we share together.”

Disclosing that the request was made in a memorandum of the apex Anal body, the Chief minister pointed out that the representation merits attention because it traces our forefathers, and history tells that hill and valley people have common ancestors.

The Chief minister said that his government’s ‘Go to Hills’ slogan is a sincere effort towards identifying the cause of hill-valley divide and resolve all forms of discord through understanding and egalitarian development.

“We can’t solve any problem without going to the root cause”, he opined.

Biren contended that he takes the request as an effort to trace the common forefathers of hill and valley people. “We can’t be united if we don’t know about our ancestors”, he added.

The Chief minister invited the Village Authority of Anal Khullen to meet him and discuss the details of the proposed project.

ANTA’s memorandum said, “We the Anal tribe are one of the most populous tribes in the district, also having firm relationship with the Meitei brethren from time immemorial when ‘Wangbrel’ God of water had a nuptial ties with Anal damsel called Shangnu Shanghra of Anal Khullen village where till now the monolith and some Anal legend still exist. We propose you to construct a tourist resort at Anal Khullen with proper pucca roads for better connectivity from Chakpikarong and Chandel district headquarters.”

Anal Khullen is located at a distance of around only 20 km from Chandel district headquarters. The village can be reached from Chakpikarong as well. The road distance from Chakpikarong to Annal Khullen is around only 8 km.

Expressing hope that Ibudhou Wangbren’s sacred site would become a tourist destination in the near future, N. Biren said that promotion of eco-tourism is a must at places like Chandel, where people’s hospitality is so fine and the landscape is serenely beautiful.

The Chief minister, who also holds Tourism portfolio, stated that many tourism projects are in the offing across the State including Chandel district. The State may earn huge revenue if tourist destinations are developed, he opined.

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 00:00

Back to the Future

It is funny but when we looks back, many of the proposed solutions to northeastern problems, including that of the Nagas, are actually experiences that form prominent chapters of Manipur’s history. The federal relationship being proposed between the putative Naga state (envisioned by the NSCN-IM) and Union of India, whereby the new state is allegedly to be allowed separate flag, separate army etc, but with India as its bigger brother, controlling its currency and foreign affairs, etc, was with a few variations here and there, the status of the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur prior to its merger with the Indian Union in 1949. From records available, there is no denying that Manipur was wedded to the idea of India in very many ways even before the merger, and its sovereignty then was in this way something akin to what is being proposed as a settlement formula for the Nagas. Again the idea of asymmetric federalism, another feature of the proposed relationship between the would-be Naga state after the settlement and the Union of India, is nothing new to Manipur. In fact, it is a political relationship already in practice in the state in matters of administration of its valley and the hill districts. As for instance, in land tenureship and administration, Manipur virtually has two radically different laws, one for the hills and the other for the valley, existing side by side. There no doubt have been plenty of hiccups as expected, but the fact remains that the idea of asymmetric power equation is not new to Manipur, and despite the hiccups, and despite perhaps the need for adjustments to suit the needs of the times, it is a system that has withstood the tests time in the state.

The implication is clear, if and when the insurrection in Manipur decides on exploring the possibilities of a lasting settlement, it does not need to go farther than its own history to look for a model. It also means that if the peace model here is also one of asymmetric relationship similar to the one being proposed in the NSCN(IM)-GOI talks, it should be far easier for Manipur and the Government of India to accommodate its provisions, for it would be just a matter of modifying and improving on what essentially was a historical experience, and nothing like a new world that either should be apprehensive of stepping into. But the all-important question that remains hanging like a millstone around Manipur’s neck is whether the reigning chaos in the state would ever permit such an exploration. At this moment, there is no easy answer to the question from curious and bewildered observers from outside that so many of us often confront – what exactly is the goal of the insurrection? For gone are the days, when insurgency was essentially about a war of a different kind. In those days the news headlines were about fierce encounters between the state forces and insurgent armies.

Today the story is being increasingly told through shutdowns and strikes to protest extortion demands, and often also newspapers remaining off the stands unable to withstand contrary pressures from mutually hostile splinters of atrophying insurgent groups. We cannot even answer honestly to the queries that this is a war any more, for all the characteristics of a war are being swallowed by ever magnifying attributes of terror. The only reason that prevents many of us from saying with any certainty that this is no longer a war is that this answer too would not be altogether honest, for somewhere, even if feebly, the initial fire that ignited this insurrection is still burning. This fire once addressed the people’s own outrage at the injustice of the establishment and history, and in this sense insurgency was as Frantz Fanon described in Wretched of the Earth, a “mailed fist” of the people – a delivery system of its anger at the chaos, injustice and corruption that the establishment signified to them. The chaos, injustice and corruption of the establishment are far from gone, but the “mailed fist” is losing its moral strength. There is no doubt the people are disenchanted with the militants at this moment, but this does not mean they have shed their disenchantment with the establishment. Because the latter is true, even if the present insurrection is quelled, a new one would sprout sometime or the other again. This is why, we still insist on a lasting and honourable resolution to the present turmoil in which nobody is the loser. In this project, the responsibility will have to be shouldered equally by the authorities on either side of the conflict.

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 00:00

Imphal Evening debate competition result

IMPHAL | Nov 6

Thokchom Sanathoi Singh, son of Th. Shyam Singh, Class XII, JNV Bishnupur, has won the 1st prize of the debating competition held on November 5, at Kangla.

A release said, meanwhile Haobijam Geetanjali, daughter of H. Dhiren, Class XI, MECI and Ningthoukh Nobin, son of N. Lakpati, Class XI, Johnstone Higher Secondary School won the 2nd and 3rd prize, respectively.

Along with the above positions, 5 consolation prizes were also handed out, it said. The debate was organised by All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union under the sponsorship of MAHUD Department, the release continued.  “Imphal Sahaar Lu-nanna Thamnabagi Thoudang (Daita) Ashi Sarkargini” was the topic of the debate competition, it added.

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 00:00

MMM distributes food items


Manipur Muslim Mirror (MMM) distributed edible materials to the children of families under Below Poverty Line (BPL).

The children were given foods under the nationwide food drive campaign of Starland Foundation and MMM covered the areas of Lilong Haoreibi Chandakhong, Haoreibi Makha Leikai Salam Manung, Haoreibi Mayai Leikai, Hayellabuk and Irong. The same campaign was also carried out at Hatta and Kshetrigao of Imphal East district.

It may be mentioned that Starland Foundation is a Delhi based NGO and initiated another nationwide campaign earlier on the need of education for children, for which a drawing completion was organised by MMM under the theme ‘Shades, Colours of Humanity’.

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IMPHAL | Nov 6

Haomee Research Guild opposes STDCM’s demand for Meitei community’s inclusion or conversion to scheduled tribe (ST) category, said a release from vice-chairman S Robin.  

The release added that the executive committee of the guild feels there might be some hidden agenda behind the demand.

Asking the state government not to entertain the “unacceptable demand”, the guild said STDCM should respect the rights of tribal people and refrain from building any tension with a contentious issue.

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 00:00

BCTA clarifies

IMPHAL | Nov 6

Biramangol College Teachers’ Association (BCTA) has provided clarifications regarding the allegations made by a proscribed organisation in the local dailies today.

What has been stated about the failure to create a governing body of the college for the last three years is true, said a release. However, it has been the wish of BCTA that a governing body of the college be created, it said. Many appeals have been made before to the directorate of education (U) by BCTA to bring an agreement between the opposing parties and create the governing body, the release further said. Many press releases have been also published regarding the matter, it continued. Unfortunately, the directorate expressed the inability to come to decision due to an existing case, it added.

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IMPHAL | Nov 6

The sub-divisional officer, Imphal West has decided to carry out eviction of encroachers who occupied government and public lands around the deputy commissioner office complex.

According to sources, an official team led by SDC, Imphal West (Central) had recently conducted enquiry during which the team has ascertained that a total of 35 unauthorised shops and other establishments were found around the DC office complex, Lamphelpat by encroaching the public land which includes pan shops, grocery shops, office of BJP, Lamsang Mandal, tea stalls, rice hotels and rice mills.

The court of the sub-divisional officer, Lamphel, Imphal West has served notice to all the owners of the shops and establishments to appear before the said court on November 13 to give reasons as to why the standing structures should not be removed as it would be directed by the court.

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IMPHAL | Nov 6

The High Court of Manipur today has directed the authorities of Regional Institute of Medical Science (RIMS) to submit reports on the alleged irregularities as complained by one of the PG students of the institute to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) recently.

The single bench of the High Court, acting chief justice, N. Kotiswar has taken up Suo motu PIL case under PIL no. 37 of 2017, based on the recent news report about the same complaint published in the local dailies.

During the hearing of the case, the court has directed to constitute three members committee for the thorough investigation of the case and submit the report to the court and has fixed November 20 for the next hearing.

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IMPHAL | Nov 6

NHPC will organise a state-level painting competition on national energy conservation day on December 14 at Raj Bhavan, Imphal.

Held under the aegis of union power ministry’s bureau of energy efficiency (BEE), the competition will have two categories. Category A will be for students from fourth to sixth standard and category B for seventh to tenth standard.

The objective is to propagate the message of energy conservation among the public as well as various sectors of the economy.

Governor Najma Heptulla will be the chief guest at the event, which will begin at 9:45 am. Guidelines issued by BEE can be found on

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