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Khuga battalion painting competition

IMPHAL | Nov 14

Khuga Battalion organised a painting competition at Rayburn high school in Thinghat on the occasion of children’s day today, said a release from PIB defence wing.

580 students participated in the event, held to reach out to children residing in remote and far-flung areas, increase awareness and nurture a sense of bonding with the nation and its cultural heritage.

The celebrations commenced with a lecture by unit RMO about the day and its significance to the nation. A theme-based painting competition began thereafter.

The event ended with a prize distribution ceremony for the first three winners in each category.

Similar competitions were also organised in Khuga and in the border villages of Theigothang, Zoukhonou and Hingtam Khounou to spread awareness and learning through art.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Looming future shock

Of all the north eastern states, Manipur must rank as the most problematic. This story is not just about insurgency and the complex maze of conflicting interests it has created, but also very much about a singular lack of leadership commitment to steer the state out of the troubled waters it is trapped so miserably in, although it is common knowledge that if allowed to remain in this condition for long, the entire ship may sink. There are those who believe in their false sense of complacency that this ship is unsinkable. They better climb down from their ego and remember the words of the onboard engineer in the Titanic, a ship once thought unsinkable, after it hit the iceberg on that cold fateful midnight of April 15, 1912 and suffered a deep gash in its steel hull. To the confident retorts from many of the crew that she cannot sink, in cold, scientific certainty, he simply said: “She is made of iron. She will sink.” We are not interested in making any self-fulfilling prophecy of doom, but we are definitely interested in urging one and all to be wary that catastrophe is not an impossibility for any individual or community, not the least Manipur. Manipur is a dangerously rocking ship in a tempestuous sea as of today, and nobody is willing to do anything to rescue it. As a matter of fact, those who are rocking it (which is almost everybody), are continuing to do so, unmindful of the danger they are putting everybody, including themselves in. This is so because the immediate returns for being unmindful of this danger is too addictive – corruption lucre. Every act of official corruption, adds to the residue of ill will against the establishment, and this residue is at a critical point today. The new BJP government has made a pledge that it would fight corruption but it is unwilling to set up the instruments needed for the onerous task, other than introduce pet projects which can at best make mountains out of isolated official misdeeds while ignoring the mountains of corruption edifices as molehills unworthy of attention. We do agree however that all of what are the talks of the town are not necessarily true, but it is also equally true that all of the talks of the town cannot be fiction either.

While an organized looting of the state exchequer by those who wield the levers of state power is the most obvious form of corruption, it is not all. Corruption today has become a state of mind whereby everybody is on the lookout for ways to enhance private benefits from public projects. Indeed, practically everybody is guilty. The most immediate example would be the manner in which our government schools and colleges have been allowed to decay in all the years because their custodians abdicated their responsibilities with impunity. It is even more frightening that the present custodians of these institutions still continue not to be bothered. No points for guessing that these are onerous responsibilities too, for these are the veritable foundries of the future. Their success or failure will determine the very survival chances of the society as a whole. Imagine what the future would be like if for the next few generations, these institutions continue to produce young job seekers not fit for the new world order. The disparity between those fortunate enough to have afforded private schools and colleges and those who had no means to avail these will have widened beyond bridging too. The magnitude of unemployment, the scale of unproductive activities young people are trapped in, the exodus of job seekers away from the state etc, would also be nothing less than frightening. Manipur then may become the home of only the few who have managed a government job sustained on Central grants. Since these jobs are not earned through sweat and enterprise, the parasitic dependence on Central grants would also only have been perpetuated further. Besides these few, the other denizens left to keep the state populated would probably be geriatrics, well pass their primes and beyond employability. Indeed, the grim picture ahead is probably the prospect an unprecedented implosion. That is, if nobody makes the move to make things improve fast.

This is the challenge before all today and everybody must be willing to take it on not out of any feigned sense of consideration of anybody else, but for their own sake. For like the Titanic, if this boat sinks, all of us will sink with it without fail. While everybody must thus realise that sacrificing opportunistic selfishness in the long run amounts to “enlightened self-interest”, those in power must take it upon themselves to eradicate official corruption – the worshipers of unearned money, as well as those government servants who forget that the justification for their jobs is the services they provide to the people. The latter project must begin with an urgent effort to straighten out our government schools and colleges to make them perform. If this can be dealt with velvet gloves on, nothing can be better, but if it becomes necessary to remove the gloves to deliver bare knuckle blows, so be it. We cannot allow our future, our only future, to vanish for the want of such measures. One cue is, as of today students flock to only a few government schools and colleges and abandon the rest. The government can begin by asking why this is so, and then come up with the answer to take corrective steps for a start.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Red Shield Division Senapati medical camp

IMPHAL | Nov 14

Maram Battalion of Senapati Brigade under the aegis of Red Shield Division conducted a medical camp at Khabung village in Senapati District on November 12, said a release from PIB defence wing.

The camp was conducted by CMO along with the battalion’s medical team. More than 90 people including 24 children were treated and provided free medicines, the release said.

A lecture on health awareness was also delivered, emphasising maintenance of hygiene and sanitation as well as preventive measures against various deadly diseases.

The occassion was also used to test ‘Maitri van’, a Tata 407 vehicle-based platform to spread awareness about employment opportunities for youth and government schemes for former servicemen and locals. 40 solar lamps were distributed to the villagers.

A library was also set up at the venue and students were informed about various job opportunities. Notice boards highlighting job notifications, upcoming recruitment rallies for enrolment in the army and Assam Rifles were also put up. A volleyball match was also organised for the youth.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

RIMS observes pedodontics day

IMPHAL | Nov 14

Paediatric and preventive dentistry department at RIMS dental college observed the national pedodontics day on college premises in Imphal today, said a release.

RIMS director Dr A Santa Singh, who was chief guest at the event, said children are the future of our generation and we need to take care of their health, it said.

Sharing the dais with him were medical superintendent of RIMS hospital Ch Arunkumar Singh, dental college principal Dr Praveen Reddy and head of the college’s orthodontics and dentofacial department Dr O Brajachand, it added.

Parents and children were given tips on oral health and a painting competition was also organised.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

BBU decries electric load shedding

From our Correspondent

JIRIBAM | November 14

Barak Brothers’ union (BBU) criticised the load shedding of electric current between 4:30 pm and 9 pm occurring since October 7 in Barak circle, Jiribam and requested the authorities for remedial measures.

BBU general secretary D. Lomsang said the shutdown of electric current supply to the area has led to a number of problems affecting the army, state police, students on the verge of their final examinations, certain religious programmes and the daily market of the circle.

The union said the people of Barak circle welcomed the BJP government but are taken aback at unwanted and unexpected blackouts, adding that  there were no such trends under the Congress government.

It asked the concerned higher authority to look into the matter as soon as possible before trust in the BJP government is darkened.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Children’s Day observed at Jiribam

From Our Correspondent

JIRIBAM | Nov 14

Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI), Jiribam organised “Observance of International Children Day 2017” today at CFC, Jiribam Chingdong Leikai, HRDI, Jiribam branch office to celebrate Children’s Day which is observed widely in the world today. 

Pradhan of Dibong GP, R.K. Nobisana attended the occasion as chief guest, secretary, Manipur Sahitya Parishad, Jiribam, Sarat Thokchom as president and retired DI of school ZEO, Jiribam, Ch. Sunamani Singh as guest of honour.

Giving the keynote address, advisor, Human Resource Development Institute (HRDI), Ksh. Biren Singh expressed why the day has been observed all over the world. He said the budding youth of today will become the pillars of tomorrow’s society. It is our biggest responsibility to nurture and protect them. He also stated the importance of organising similar programmes with the people. Several of the invitees in the function also gave speeches. 

Ch. Sunamani Singh said Jiribam had stopped observing children’s day for a long time. By the efforts of HRDI Chingdong leikai, jiribam the celebration of the day seems to have returned anew. He also expressed immense happiness for the celebration.

He further said the government of India have brought new changes that go along with the changing times and schemes like Sarbha Shiksha Abhiyan have been introduced to make the children become good citizens.  We must give importance to children so that the goal is completed. We must not discriminate amongst children, even if they are illiterate or orphaned, all must treated as equal.

The chief guest stated there is no children’s park at Jiribam. Such parks are necessary for the children and since Jiribam have become a district, it requires one. He further stressed upon the issues of students facing lack of teachers in schools and asked how quality education can be achieved under such conditions.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Children’s day celebrated in Ukhrul

 UKHRUL | Nov 14

27 Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) organised various competitions at Ukhrul outpost, Wino Bazar on the occasion of children’s day, a release said.

 The aim of the event was to inculcate sportsmanship in the children through fun and entertainment and to promote budding talent, it added.

 The competitions were an amalgamation of games, educational and extra co-curricular activities. A number of games such as jalebi race, musical chair, sack race, lemon spoon race were organised.

 An exhibition of arms and equipment titled ‘know your army’ was displayed to motivate the young minds to join the armed forces, the release added.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Kikhonbou Newmai felicitated in Tamenglong

From Our Correspondent


 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Tamenglong Mandal and BJP Tamei Mandal today organised a felicitation programme for Z. Kikhonbou Newmai, on his induction to the post of BJP vice-president Manipur Pradesh, in a mammoth gathering at Shekinuh Inn, Tamenglong.

 Vice-chairman Autonomous District Council Tamenglong, PR.Guisinang, along with ADC members, namely G Apoukhui, Ramwangdin, Pouluanthui, Poukhiaklung, Hatling Doungal, Santhuiyang, Zino Kamei, and Kaniangmei attended the said programme.

They were joined by prominent BJP leaders like president BJP Tamenglong district, M Daniel, BJP Tamenglong Mandal, Phunggan Phaomei, BJP Tamei Mandal, Humaliabou, president BJYM Tml district, Gaila Pamei, president BJMM Tml dist, Akhuana Gonmei, along with several cells leaders.

 In the said felicitation, president BJP Tamenglong district, M Daniel, BJP Tamenglong Mandal, Phunggan Phaomei, president BJMM Tamenglong district, Akhuana Gonmei, president BJP Tousem Unit, ND Kadenbou, spoke on the occasion and they extended their wishes to the newly elected BJP vice-president Manipur Pradesh, Z Kikhonbou Newmai, for a grant success in life. Along with that, gifts were presented to him by different cells and units of BJP Tamenglong district Mandal.

On the occasion, the newly elected BJP vice-president Manipur Pradesh, Z kikhonbou Newmai, expressed his intent to work with sincerity, diligence, along party principles, and also to strive for strengthening the party in Tamenglong district.

 He further stated that BJP is a good party which works from booth level for free corruption and development. That BJP is not anti- Christian but follows true principle of secularism. It is only people with some vested interests who are tagging BJP as anti- Christian.

 He also urged all party leaders and booth level leaders to make sure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's schemes reach to the deserving people.

 Lastly, he remarked that BJP is the only party with the slogan ‘Go to Hill people’. That chief minister N. Biren Singh seeks to amend the gap between the hill and valley in Manipur.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

World diabetes day at Khurai

IMPHAL | Nov 14

 Lions Club of Imphal East has today observed the World Diabetes Day at Khurai Heikrumakhong, Imphal East district, with the theme, “Women and Diabetes - our right to a healthy future”, said a release.

As a part of the observance, one day diabetes detection camp was conducted at Khurai Heikromakhong Ima Imachingjoibi Shanglen from 8:30 am till 1:30 pm, it added.

The release further mentioned that out of the 105 patients examined during the camp, 37 were detected with diabetes. The said patients were provided with medical advice, as well as medicines, free of cost, the release added.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 00:00

Constable candidates demand DPC results

By A Staff Reporter


The joint action committee of All Manipur D.P.C completed re-recruitment candidate of police constable, male 2013 batch appealed to the government to declare the results before 7th December.

Speaking to the media at the Manipur Press club the JAC president A. Bijoy Singh said that a meeting was held today at Keishampat leimajam community hall along with the candidates giving their opinion on the issue. The matter has been assured to look after by the government and have given a positive response and ensured that it will be declared at the earliest, he said.

The committee will take a decision to take up strong agitations if the government fails to fulfil the demand of the committee before December 7, he mentioned.

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