By Amar Yumnam The present government in Manipur has one public manifestation of governance orientation which is a fresh air to the people of Manipur. This is the endeavour to address the inherited disconnect with the public and thus attempting to put in place a mechanism for converging with the interests of the people and without violating the rules of law and rules of ruling. Though it would demand a sustained approach to evolve into a system from the present periodic mechanism, a beginning has been made. One area where this attempt to evolve into a spontaneous regulated system in lieu of the present one of enforced controls is the robust
By Oken Jeet Sandham When the news of Chief Minister TR Zeliang becoming a net-savvy by 21 August came in, I was instantly happy for the simple reason that he would only strengthen his connection with the masses through Social Media sites. The information coming in said he would formally launch his various Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube on 21 August in presence of State dignitaries and media persons. The good news coming along with the launching of his Social Media sites was his biographical documentary movie would also be released during the program.  The fact is every person in the street has Facebook Ac

The struggle so far…

By A. Thoudam  “Then in that case, let the result be declared”… This was a sentence that cut deep wounds. I still remember sitting in the front row of the visitor’s area inside the court. Yes, I am talking about the ongoing case against MPSC. I can still recap the look on the judge’s face while he was giving his statement, though he was not directly looking at the audience.  Let me clarify here, that the case was due and the merit of the case was still left to be discussed. The hope that we aspirants had on that morning was shattered. Allow me to take you down the memory lane and enlighten you on some of the struggles we faced si

The spreading emergency in the Indian Union

By Garga Chatterjee The Bihar state of the Indian Union has just witnessed the most serious post-election reversal of its people’s electoral will. In it’s last assembly elections, the citizens of Bihar had delivered a direct reversal of the electoral mandate of Lok Sabha 2014 that had enabled the BJP to do a near sweep of Bihar’s Lok Sabha seats. It is quite likely that this was no reversal at all. It was the 2014 Lok Sabha results that were a fluke of sorts, the results of a forward caste centric formation winning when the backward groups are divided. In fact, in 2014, the RJD and JD(U) fighting separately, won many more votes than th

Mapithel Dam Controversy Forest Perspectives

By: Jajo Themson Introduction Almost all the development interventions especially mega projects interweave dimensional devastation of forest and its resources. There is intrinsic relationship between Forest and indigenous people in terms of social & cultural and economic that sustains their survival throughout different stages of their life. Nature produces the grass we use to feed livestock, the food we eat, the water we drink, and also the medicine we need. It inspires our culture, our traditions, our science and almost all walks of life. This is why there has been incessant struggle of indigenous people for conservation of nature, pr
India is at 70. The year also marks the 70th anniversary of Magnum Photos  By Suvendu Chatterjee Henri Cartier –Bresson’s relationship with India goes back to the early days of the nation. Soon after the founding of Magnum Photos in 1947, Cartier- Bresson, one of the founder members, became its Asia correspondent. He began a journey that lasted for three years throughout the continent and he loved being in India. He and his Javanese poet-dancer wife, Ratna Mohini, landed in Mumbai just a few months after India’s independence, and made their way to the capital, Delhi. He visited the country several times and has left a brilliant pho
By Sanjoo Thangjam One day, a Brahman happened to meet the Buddha and he could not believe that the Buddha was a human being. He asked, “Are you a God? The Buddha said, “NO” He then asked, “Are you a supernatural being” The Buddha said, “I AM VERY NATURAL!” In the end he asked, “Are you an ordinary human being?” The Buddha said, “NO.” The confused Brahmin asked, “Then who are you?” The Buddha answered, “I am the Buddha” (The Awakened one).” Thought- Systems advanced by religion and by philosophy are not cognizant of the truth Religious traditions based on faith in an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipre
By Amar Yumnam Some recent developments, besides many others, demand critical attention. First, for the first time as far as I understand, a top leader of the country and as well holding the top constitutional position of the country mentioned the Aryans, the Dravidians and the Mongoloids in his speech to the nation on the eve of his completion of the term of occupation of the post. Second, another leader holding the second highest constitutional position spoke of the feelings of uncertainty of life among a section of population of the country. Third, the person leading the reformative agency of India – the agency created in lieu of the Pl
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