By Amar Yumnam
The Economist is a highly respected magazine globally. This credibility was not achieved in a day but generated over the decades since September 1843. It has never vitiated from its principle of vanguard upholding of classical principles of liberalism as it claims itself as ”...a product of the Caledonian liberalism of Adam Smith and David Hume”. With a circulation of about twenty lakh copies per week, it is one of the most influential magazines globally in this “age of mass intelligence.” No commentary in it is taken lightly by anyone whether agreeing or dis

By Garga Chatterjee
The period of apparently peaceful coexistence between the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha led Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) and the West Bengal government seems to be over, for now.  When the West Bengal ordered a financial audit of the Gorkha Territorial Administration during it’s Cabinet meeting in Darjeeling to look into financial transactions, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha raised the issue of separate Gorkhaland state again. The official reason was making Bangla a mandatory language in schools of West Bengal though Mamata Banerjee has since clarified that t

Fire Safety and Prevention

By Rajkumar Babloo Singh
A fire can happen at any time at any place irrespective of its occupancy status. You can expect a fire at any structure, may be at your home or at your workplace or in a hospital or in public places like theatres, malls, etc… Fire in any occupancy has the potential to cause harm to its occupants and severe damage to property.
On an average, in India, every year, about 25,000 persons die due to fires and related causes. Female accounts for about 66% of those killed in fire accidents. It is estimated that about 42 females and 21 males

By Amar Yumnam
Manipur has a tradition, particularly in the Valley, of social and familial emphasis on education as the primary focus. It has been the most significant foundation of social, political and economic strength of Manipur. But unfortunately this critical contributor to Manipur’s strength has not been getting enough and right attention of the government of the land for quite a few decades. Of course, the attention was given in the late 1970s and early 1980s in terms conversion into government institutes (I do not want to use the term nationalisation as the national purpose

Delhi must rethink OBOR stand

By Garga Chatterjee
The One Belt One Road (OBOR) mega project, now renamed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is arguably the greatest trade connectivity and infrastructure project in the history of mankind. It aims to connect all of Eurasia and also Africa in a well-knit zone where trade, industry and commerce will not be bogged down by infrastructural and political bottlenecks. The main force behind this initiative is the People’s Republic of China but it is much more than a Chinese project – it is veritably the network on which future economic development of much of Eurasia will

Bio-political control of the ‘other’

By Kh. Ibomcha
Beef ban signifies Indian bio-politics over a section of its population whom they consider ‘other’ in the union. It is via this means essentially tied to disciplinary power that Hindu right wings extend their power over the physical and political bodies of beef eaters.
Words never communicate ideas in vacuum. So, the words ‘beef ban’ and the tenet ‘cow is sacred’ are closely linked to a power. As important as what is banned, who decides what is banned, for whoever determines what is to be banned, exercises its power over the bodies of those toward which

Needs and June

By Jinine Lai
The rain of June cannot flush out the ethnic scum and rather the air around June 18 breathes like toxic again. Groups are grasping every bargaining straw in such sultry summer. Sudden emergence of new Chief Minister from BJP has endeavored to ease the bad weather yet showdown seems unpredictable.  A couple of delusions come in my mind; “delusion of grandeur” of the valley and “persecutory delusion” of the hills.
Perhaps it is rather of the delusions because we, the stakeholders are not able to see real things with us. The Meeteis feel more Manipuris, more i

Feet that sets off explosions

By Joshy Joseph
It's better to stay away from poetics to present in prose someone who wrote in verse that his poems have no forewords, critical studies or words of adulation. My patron saint in this endeavour is writer N S Madhavan, who dribbles with words when he writes on football,a style interspersed with quotes and blows of vuvuzela. One can take it or leave it.
'For men, hitting at objects before them with feet seem to be a predisposed genetic trait, like the webbing gene in spiders'
The poet and I were reminded of ringworm infections when the 2010 world cup football was

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